NOW we are in the MARS phase of the Sun, in the sign of ARIES - plus Mercury & Venus also in Aries means a lot of thoughts about ME what do I want. An opposing energy from SATURN in LIBRA means relationships are under stress -any that are shaky may not handle the opposing forces and conflicts. especially March 21-23. Impatience, irritation and selfishness are being offset against calm, balance and fairness, so try to make it a clean and dignified break not a messy one.
For those who can handle it this is a time for taking on that sort of commitment to a partner which involves outgrowing so much of the All About Me agenda. Tiger Woods take note.
With 6 planetary energies in ACTION signs ( the Aries-Libra-Capricorn-Cancer group) only Cancer is inactive currently and that's the least assertive anyway - so expect the other three to be pushing you to ACT if your personal energy pattern resonates with these signs ( i.e. your whole pattern as displayed when you were born - not just your Sun (Zodiac) sign). The tension, pressure & friction could be high with conflicting emotions, indecision so outbursts of a dramatic kind are on the cards, with the influence of Leo coming through Mars.

WATCH OUT for March 25-27 when another player in this group, heavy-hitting PLUTO has a big say in what goes down. Sadly this will come through as violence, abuse, physical harm for some, within the context of wanting to leave a controlling partner or change a relationship. If you are at all in fear of someone make plans now to be out of reach before the 25th. In others, this energy has the capacity to transform childish ways into responsible adult practices. How each of us responds is down to our own personal makeup and potentials

Full Moon March 30 continues this relationship theme for another lunar month. How we relate to others - fairly, selfishly, abusively, responsibly - all these options are under the spotlight, for you to make your choice


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