What is Space Weather? Why do you need to know?

SPACE WEATHER is what is coming at us from space – since we are all bathed in an electromagnetic energy field that is generated by our own planet and which interacts continually with charged fields from the sun, the gravitational pull of the moon and the energy field of the rest of the galactic planets – we experience effects from all of those changing forces. They shift us up, down, sideways , they alter our reality, by serving up a continually changing set of circumstances, by altering our moods and responses, yet we also know that our lives are subject to cycles, where circumstances return or repeat: we seem to revisit the past and we are not alone in this. Everything in nature is cyclic, in fact everything goes around in circles. Everything from the trillions of subatomic particles that comprise you and all matter, to the water exiting your bath is moving in a cyclic, spinning system. How is it possible for you to feel separate from this? Only by forgetting or denying. You live on a spinning globe, which spins around a much larger spinning fiery sphere, a star we call the sun, which dominates our solar system of planets spinning in a gravitationally connected domain of space.


This is a system dominated by spin, meaning movement in circular patterns, with inherently repetitive cycles –as obvious with the movements of the sun and moon in relationship to earth, enabling day-night-day-night continuing and the seasonal changes. The whole solar stem is not only gravitationally connected, but also energetically connected in an electromagnetic way. One form of that energy we call Light, but that is only the visible portion of the radiated spectrum. The sun calls the shots in terms of being the major influence over conditions in the rest of our solar system. We on earth, as well as everything else in our system of planets, are exposed to a charged field called solar wind, emitted from the sun. No one really knows how the complete system works. Scientists are yet to resolve the pathway opened by Einstein: physicists are still puzzling over the link between gravity and magnetism in order to reach the Theory of Everything.


Astronomy and physics tell us a lot about our natural and unseen worlds, so their research is very useful in contributing to the findings of other investigators who observe the impacts upon people, society, culture and planet earth. All of these aspects are quite specialised areas of enquiry and all are contained within the assessments made by astrologers who study past, present and future cycles in order to make sense of the experiences we have day to day, on our passage through time, living on a turbulent planent.


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