These Coming MONTHS & what can manifest

Viewing the unusually potent configurations of planets over the next few months has prompted me to place some public advisaries: the impacts are not universal, in that particular people and places resonate the most, and the rest on a continuum away from maximum to minimum, but we are all affected in some way or another since we are all energetically linked.

APRIL destructive earth changes in vulnerable zones, especially in last week

MAY destructive earth changes continue, accentuated by BIG WATER energy which is expected to manifest as any or all of these events: floods, big seas,
tsunami, tidal bore

JUNE energy shifts to FIRE element which can manifest as fire, heat, burning ( and aggressive people) End of June the energies are extremely activated with
6 forces in dynamic ‘chain reaction’ mode.

JULY turbulence continues. July 4 extra active. Eclipse is activating home/family energies. Late July extreme forces – 6 of them again in dynamic, active mode. Looks nightmarish to me, as month ends, for
those people/places resonating
with same frequency. Especially people born March 21-24, June 22-25, Sept 23-26, December 22-25, (with a
day at either end sensitive as well) need to take extra care, precaution and
protective measures against any natural, environmental or human/animal forces
or threats. This is a dangerous collection of forces.

AUGUST Warnings continue as for end of July. Extreme forces in conflict. Dangerous manifestations of numerous powerful, highly active, destructive energies, especially affecting resonant people/places/beings. August 11-13th = 8 energies connected, FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER. The powerful effects, extra strong by 20th, remain so through to end of August


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