The URANIAN connection

For those who like to add in the larger solar system data to the scenarios of big changes, I'd like to mention the impact of planet URANUS, which has spent the past 7 years activating PISCES people/things/places, in particular, as well as others of the same mutable mode ( Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius). In almost a year's time URANUS will have finally left these signs to move onto fully impacting upon the cardinal group ( Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) Important to note though, that in the critical period late May-mid August 2010 URANUS will strongly energise those cardinal people born close to/on March 20, June 22, Sept 24, Dec 22 (any year). This is a once-in-a-lifetime, full on burst of electrical energy which will enable those recipients to be more psychic/intuitive/guided. Involved with that expect BIG CHANGES, new directions, new beginnings. Also watch out for electrical risks (lightning, electrocution, accidents) Body areas at risk/under stress are ankles, Achilles Heel, nervous system/ electromagnetic field of the body as well as the weak areas related to each zodiac sign - eg. Aries is the head, wounds from fire & weapons.
For me this burst from Uranus led me to the Ning Network, confirmed several "senses" about the future, confirmed the true purpose of my solar sign to be a messenger.
I would expect and advise now, that anyone born in late mutables-early cardinals, which covers March 16-21, June 17-22, Sept 18-24, Dec 17-22 are all being highly activated to tune in to what is going on and coming ahead, particularly in the first period - up till late August 2010. This may not be you, it may be your friend, relative or child who has a message/vision/intuition. The more knowledge we can gather the better. This is just one potential source of 'knowing" that can manifest through people in 2010. The more we share the more we know.


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