Why the June 2010 Eclipse is a worry

This is a highly active eclipse which will have numerous unprecedented consequences in political, social and environmental spheres - so few people globally will fail to notice big changes in their situation from late June to Dec 2010.

People born in these time frames,  24-27 June, Sept 26-29, Dec 24-27, Mar 24-27 in particular, any year,  will have very noticeable dynamic and challenging changes. The effects on particularly responsive people could be, at the least,  difficult, upsetting through to dangerous. Be alert if you are in these time frames as to what conditions are developing in the days up till 26 June. Don't take risks or aggravate people; avoid confrontations or facing your enemies; be alert to danger; don't push your luck. The intense energies linked into this eclipse bring out the best or worst in people so many will have a chance to be heroes or simply look after others. You have to choose whether you are a giver or a taker: both sow the seeds of your future life/lives

Graphic demonstrates a basic lunar eclipse, but this one in June 2010 has links to at least 5 other major planetary forces 


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