Facing the Future

Those who are keen to track the timeline of future climate/environmental events are understandably keen to know dates to plan around since the effects upon us all are anticipated to be major, unprecedented and therefore exceed our known experience.

I have a holistic view of how systems work which means I believe that there will be more than one indicator of things changing for our planet. In this context I would suggest that there will be other planetary behaviour in our traditionally known solar system, that reinforces, backs up or contributes to the effects expected to come about through the actions of any one factor including the mysterious Planet X interacting magnetically with earth.

By looking at what other planetary activity there is expected over the next few years specific times of challenging and disruptive energy effects can be timetabled. These effects impact us on earth and therefore are worth contributing to the overall picture.

With this in mind I have searched the records of future planetary transits, to look in particular at the effects of the  planets known historically to be involved in major events on earth – Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Mars, the asteroid Chiron, as well as eclipses of the Sun and Moon, the Moon’s Nodes, interactions with the Galactic Centre and the interactions any of these have with the Sun.
For the sake of simplicity for the everyday reader I have omitted a lot of detail in order to provide the bare bones analysis of what I understand to be likely times and effects experienced on earth:

We have truly entered into powerful times

NOTES:  dates are approximate: effects often begin before and continue after key date or time frame
Period surveyed from July 2010  to end of 2012.
The focus here is primarily on earth changes.
By looking for the key themes you will see a pattern of unfoldment.
As per the Zetas (http://poleshift.ning.com/ ), The Great Equalizer is a term for the Pole Shift. The period November 2009-October 2012 reflects this theme through other contributing planetary patterns.

July 2010- January 2011 and with late Sept-early Oct 2010 emphasised: a major emphasis on peoples home, families and capacity to nurture others. We have already begun to see homes and families destroyed in great numbers.

Global conditions continue to be challenged by stress resulting in earthquakes, destruction by natural elements and extreme conditions of imbalance,
 The signature magnetic field patterns resonate with vulnerable regions (and people) on earth.

Excess fire/heat and excess water themes continue till Jan 2011, after this fire/heat is dominant till June 2011.

SEPTEMBER 2010:  more unusual/sudden flooding or water events

OCT 1st   Homes, families, responsibilities towards others emphasised again

NOVEMBER– collective/mass karma or destiny events

November 2010-July 2011 unusual water events, flooding deluge highly likely in this time frame


JAN 4   the fate of America is emphasised and may indicate the New Madrid Event. 2011 puts America in the spotlight for sure

JAN 23-MARCH 13 2011    HEAT & FIRE. = hot/volcanic zones heat up much more

March 29-31     4 big stresses affecting earth including Galactic Centre activation. Prior research suggests earthquake activity and related massive earth events

APRIL 4  strong activation of  fire/heat energy

JUNE 26-27th - - OCTOBER turbulent destructive forces; impacts upon homes, families, people’s relationships; imbalances of all kinds need correcting

JUNE 30 - AUGUST 31      the dangerous destructive pattern involving fire and earth is prominent.  People born 29- 30 June, October, Dec, or April of any year please take precautions; you may need to make major changes to get through this period

SEPT onwards  -  the energy of transformation is enhanced, due to resumed destructive earth changes extending into 2013

DECEMBER 23 powerful activation. Possible mass transformational time


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