DAVID... what it means to be called

All words and sounds have a vibration and the study of numerology assigns a number energy to each letter. DAVID has a number total of 22 -called a master number indicating the capacity for high achievement and significant karmic responsibility to humanity - so many Davids become well known -David Beckham, David Bowie  - but there is the potential for fame or infamy  - several high profile murderers or accused in New Zealand are called David.  One, David Bain denied killing his whole family; he was first convicted, then later acquitted in a second trial.  ( trial evidence included  a rape fantasy Bain wrote about). Another, David Tamihere denies killing two Swedish tourists. He served a lengthy time in prison. Where does this problematic energy come from? The energy of the letters D and V which feature at the beginning, middle and end of this name. These letters all have a number 4 vibration which connects to the energy of the planet Saturn
Saturn both gives high achievement potential but also difficulties, struggles. The letters D and V (along with M) all bring a tendency to worry. DAVID as a name contains a triple whammy here with D-V-D.

The song Psycho Killer was written by David Byrne
David Birnie was an Australian serial killer  http://tinyurl.com/2bdlvvm
David Berkowitz, David Maust ( http://tinyurl.com/26uc7wa ) David J Carpenter, David Leonard Wood, David Ray Parker, David Bullock, David Allen Lucas are American serial killers
David Fincher has directed several serial killer genre movies - Zodiac, 7, Mindhunter
David Tua is a NZ boxer who has aspired to but struggled to make the big time
David Chapman shot John Lennon
Sicko davidsowerbutts has a youtube video featuring his favourite killer "pitchers" 

Ultimately David is a vibration that seeks power or authority so many seek political life -David Cameron, David Cunliffe, David Carter, David Lange, ministers, prime ministers, senators are found with this name but the potential for infamy is also there as seen when you google "david scandal" - and sex comes up as the vice in question when linked to Beckham, Letterman, Arquette, Copperfield (magician), Smail (golfer) and many, many more.

So if it is power craved, but power denied, frustrated, the inclination of the DAVID vibration is to turn to seeking power over others through sex or violence: rape, torture, murder and serial killing then enter the picture.

Artists or creators called David may channel these urges through their films, painting etc.-eg David Jacobson writer/director of a film about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer

So not all David's kill or get infamous, and not all killers are called David. More factors can come into play that provide checks & balances. Urges can be restrained, sublimated, projected onto others or simply visited in terms of fantasy, but there is an intriguing association with this name and the striving for power, by any means, literally or by proxy.

Next time you meet a David, keep this in mind....

Check out this site for more DAVID info


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