Pike River Coal Mine Astrology: Explosion #2

This is the chart for 2.37 pm local time NZ ( GMT/UT +13 hrs) on Wednesday 24 Nov 2010 when a second & clearly unsurvivable explosion occurred to finally define the status of the 29 trapped miners
Clearly, Mars is exact on the midheaven with an exact square to the ascendant and Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces surround the ascendant. The Moon has just entered the family sign Cancer and will conjunct the Moon's south Node this evening, thus opposing the north Node & Pluto. The combination of Mars being the ignition and Pisces being the gas, Uranus, pumped up by Jupiter was able to exert one further knockout punch. Gas poisoning, primarily carbon monoxide is believed to be the primary cause of death.
Pluto in Capricorn describes the underground mine. Combined with the North Node in Capricorn, it speaks too of group karma


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