Pike River Astrology: Destinies

How often do we hear of people who missed a date with death by running late, changing their mind - or due to acting on a deep sense of dread. Conversely the determination to meet that terminal appointment is also clear: the pieces all slot into place as smoothly as the tumblers in a lock.

For others death is a sudden, unanticipated event and for many one that is resisted. Having a life philosophy that embraces death as part of the ongoing cycle of incarnations enables us to have far greater acceptance of the rightness and perfect timing of everything.

For most people that is far beyond their capacity. Traditional Christianity talks of heaven or hell options as if they are the enduring afterlife we can either look forward to or dread. In comparison, Eastern religions have a sense of a continuum - in Buddhism it is the mind-stream that endures beyond the physical incarnation, capable of reliving in another body.

The astrological significance

Death is the keyword that relates strongly to the energy of Scorpio., so not surprisingly in November death and other transformational issues arise. In addition, sex is called "the little death" due to the loss of self or singularity, as well as deep changes that can occur during or as a result of, sexual union.

Power - empowerment and disempowerment -  is an issue often thrashed out during Scorpionic times, so abuse, abusers, rapists & predators are examples of the negative use of Scorpio energies. In contrast, those who undergo massive transformations within one lifetime are tapping into the power of Scorpio's planetary force - Pluto. Having a makeover is an example, as is changing from a criminal to a humanitarian.

Ultimately Scorpio is about recognition of the non-physical, or metaphysical planes of existence. We live on a planet (Earth) which has a strongly physical,material emphasis. This makes it hard for people to believe in or even explore the unseen realm of energies, including the psychic or clairvoyant, vibrational and resonant energies - how things feel energetically - as opposed to feeling using the sense of touch.

The physical plane is the territory of Scorpio's opposing connected sign, Taurus.
Through Taurus we learn grounding through the 5 senses. Through Scorpio we can explore the "6th" sense and more.

The Pike River coal mine explosion occurred on Weds 19 Nov 2010 with an estimated time of 3.30pm.
This date was in the buildup period to a Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon.
The issues related to these 2 signs become very significant in this event - the physical life, death, transformation, attachment, security and ultimately one's capacity to connect to life beyond death.

Every year we revisit these issues in November but in the year of this event, complications impacting on this full moon concern the effects of the planet Saturn.
This planet is known to correspond energetically to the nature of rocks and geology.
It also is known to indicate delays, impediments, struggle, loss and tragedy -ultimately a bad omen when other factors indicate this.
This full moon had a stressful aspect to Saturn in terms of exact geometric alignment.

In addition, the planet Pluto - as already noted, channels the energy of Scorpio - is in a powerful position during November 2010, being aligned exactly with the North Node of the Moon. Both Pluto and the Node remain this month in the sign Capricorn - which is the channel for the effects of Saturn - so a powerful double-whammy of Pluto-Saturn provides the depth of the event.

The explosion occurred with the Moon in Aries - the fire sign related to heat, fire.
At 3.30 pm the sign Pisces was also prominent ( rising or ascendant sign) with the planet Uranus - indicating a sudden event - also in Pisces, in exact conjunction to the ascendant point. Pisces, through its planetary channel Neptune, relates not only to water - but also to gas. This combination of factors easily portrays a sudden gas explosion and with Saturn and Pluto involved ( Pluto relates to the Underworld) the location of a coal mine completes the scenario perfectly.

Since the event, the amount of "bad luck" and difficulty - delays, impediments, breakdowns, slowness - causing immense frustration & suffering, has been an intense, over-riding theme.
These are all common keywords for the influence of Saturn in this scenario. But all things are under constant change, so a resolution must eventually arise.
In the wished for outcome, the mine will be accessed and the men to some degree recovered.
By 3.30 today Weds 24 Nov, five complete days will have passed since the event. Since Monday, news, web chatter have been prominent with the moon in Gemini. By 3pm today the Moon will be in Cancer - the sign of families. This family factor looms large in an event like this: there are 29 miners in the mine - all connected to someone. The Cancer/family energy will intensify: this sign is paired with Capricorn and has strong resonance with that energy. When the Moon progresses through the sign of Cancer on the evening of Weds 24, it makes exact oppositional contact with the Pluto-Node combination in Capricorn.

To me this marks the point of climax in this drama. The Node speaks of collective destiny, Pluto of death and transformation in a Capricornian place -a mine, underground.
The Sun has left Scorpio and entered Sagittarius. People's faith, beliefs, or spirituality will be fundamental to their capacity to work through this intense process.

Update Nov 17 2013
In 3 years there has been remarkably little progress and defeat at every turn for the families of the Pike men
The degree of negative energy associated with this mine has been somewhat unmoveable
Processes are underway in November 2013 to create conditions for entry into the mine
This is another glacially slow procedure, with a timeframe of months involved.
The NZ government has declined to offer compensation to families in view of the Pike River mine company being financially incapable of meeting the court adjudged reparations to families.

NZ Herald extract:
The Pike River coal mine should have been shut down well before the devastating explosion which killed 29 men three years ago, says the author of a new book on the tragedy.
Department of Labour inspectors could have forced the mine to close solely because it had no alternative escape route if the access tunnel was blocked, said Rebecca Macfie, author of Tragedy at Pike River Mine: How and why 29 men died.
The author asserts that the company repeatedly cut corners and government inspectors failed to take action.


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