YOUR NAME is a giveaway

You probably don't know it but the name you announce to everyone tells them a lot about you before you say or do anything else. The spanner in the works is that most people don't know this secret language and so they miss out on important personality clues that may be useful in assessing an employee, a partner, housemate or first date.

Firstly look at this number grid -each letter of the English alphabet is given an equivalent number  -this means the letter and the number have in common a particular resonance or vibration. There are far more complex ways to analyse names and words, but start with these 2 simple steps:
Check out your own name and firstly look for the first letter of your first name. Then look for any letters that repeat a lot in your first or last name - for example William Riley contains 3 "i"s and 3 "l"s -refer to the number to the left of the letter you wish to analyse The letter "i" is a 9, the letter "l" is a 3.
Here is what each number can tell you:
1. Assertive, confident, independent.       Lots of 1's : may be selfish, aggressive
2. co-operative, partner oriented, not a leader.     Lots of 2's: can be too dependent
3. Mentally active, clever     Lots of 3's  talkative, lives in the mind
4. Seeks power, authority    Lots of 4's - a worrier, negative, abuses power
5. Emotional, sensitive         Lots of 5's - too affected
6. Home and family type        Lots of 6's - self denial
7. Spiritual, wise                  Lots of 7's escapist, isolated
8. Executive, top dog           Lots of 8's very driven to succeed in business
9. Humanitarian                   Lots of 9's  martyrdom

Names which feature particular letters repeated have added emphasis on that number meaning -this is especially strong if the first and last name both start with the same letter -eg.  Marilyn Monroe and in cases such as Hillary Barry - which not only has double L and double R, but also repeats of A and Y and another R.  ( Names with doubles - where a letter occurs twice as a pair eg pp, ll, tt, bb, dd, ff, gg etc get that added boost from the vibe of the relevant number -but often you come across a first and last name with a double letter as in Barry Hillary -this person you could analyse as an assertive confident leader ( H, A) who has strongly humanitarian urges but needs to watch out for the tendency to be a martyr (R, I); likely to enjoy partnership despite independent urges ( B, A); intelligent and articulate ( L)  & with spiritual/philosophical awareness (Y)

Also note that all letters across the top row CLU FOX IR  give mental strength and activity
All letters across the middle row:  BKT ENW HQZ  operate more on the emotional/ feeling plane
All letters across the bottom row AJS DMV GPY  have strength in practical and material matters
so if it's a matter of first impressions and out of a group you have just met - if you want to have a good chat and probably a laugh head for the person called Lucy or Luke or any name with C L or  U prominent. If you want to meet a helpful co-operative person look for lots of B, K T, I R; a sensitive, family type: F O X W E N  ( Wendy can be too sensitive!)
This is just a taster -but my prior blog on the name DAVID goes into greater depth. (see link below)
There is heaps of info on names and numerology on the net -and lots of differences in interpretation/meaning - so just experiment and see what works - could be a laugh or could really pay off for you: forewarned is fore-armed

April 1 2012
Adam Alter of New York university Stern School of Business looks at how fluency of names -their easy pronouncability and simplicity -  vs the reverse -  affects their impact  podcast via Radio NZ 

Joel Rosenthal, professor emeritus at the State University of New York at Stony Brook talks with Amelia Nurse about historical developments of names and surnames. Common developments such as 'son of' [Richardson] plus occupational as in Fletcher, Cooper as well as regional names as well as the shift away from patriarchal dominance in naming children.
podcast via Radio NZ  

Aucklanders will be interested to know that our Mayor's numbers are as follows:
 Len  - 13/4   Brown = 27/9  add 4+9 = 13 = 4 
Brown gives Len a humanitarian side but the repeated 4's bring him lots of worries in his demanding role where difficulties are on the daily menu. Gains are made by lots of hard work but defeats are also common
As for PM John Key
John is a 2 but contains strong letters 1 and 8
Key starts with a 2 and totals 14 = 5 giving a total of 2+5 = 7 = the philosophical side we frequently see, shrugging off problems. The emphasis on 2 is shown in the hi profile of his wife as part of his team. 
David Shearer
The name is full of 4's and totals 22 -the higher vibration of 4  - showing a high level of accountability and public responsibility is demanded -otherwise a severe fall from grace. Davids love being in positions of power and have to avoid abusing it. 
Shearer totals 38 = 11 = another hi vibrational (aka Master number) and leads with a one as well as another one, an 8, two 5's and two 9's - this is a great name combining strengths and sensitivity. When added the total is 33/6 which has a warm cosy homely feel about it and this is the low key side we have seen so far -  but it is the two power names which will enable him to gradually grow into his job, taking time with the enormous responsibilities entailed. It is his destiny to have significant roles and the current role as leader of NZ's Labour Party offers him another chance to be of great value.

Further reading:
DAVID  an in depth analysis


  1. Yeah... this is bogus. Not only are some names not covered completely, (Names that start with K, ect.) But this is just ridiculous. Your name may tell you something about the people that names you, but it is just crazy to think that it actually describes you.

  2. Sorry to see that you were unable to find anything useful when you visited on July 17. Maybe later....


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