Julian Assange -happily subversive

Julian Assange is currently the global talking point and not just in the English speaking world. Twitter has been deluged with commentary in many languages, mainly from supporters, though, like many other key links in the chain, the US government has chosen to take a heavy handed approach to try and crush wikileaks in response to potentially damaging leaks of information.

At this stage the drama is truly a cyberwar with online systems pressured to withdraw support for wikileaks, whether financially or concerning information distribution. In response, hacktivists supporting Assange are systematically disabling his opponents sites. One commentary likened it to the game Whack-a-Mole but this is a multidimensional game with the viral and exponential capacities of the internet meaning that constant reinvention and reincarnation are at wikileaks' disposal. The Bank of Iceland is happy to take supporter donations while PayPal buckles to decline.

The Mountain Astrologer website has obtained birth data for Assange and as he is a very uranian and scorpionic Leo ( go the fixed signs!)  he would be a happily subversive dealer in secrets.  The linked site has a chart & commentary posted

Here is Assange's Interpol page with birthdate

As we approach a powerful lunar eclipse before Christmas ( Sagittarius-Gemini) with Jupiter and Uranus locked in, this story may be set to gain avalanche proportions, mirroring the massive energies being unleashed within the environment ( particularly extreme weather at present -but more intensity is on the way and a mass exodus of people displaced by water conforms to the signature unfolding


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