Mass Evacuations Theme -likely to continue

March 2015 total Solar Eclipse at 29PISCES27 has strong relevance to the theme of mass movements of people, mass evacuations, the element Water being very connected.
This has coincided with an extreme situation of refugees leaving regions including North Africa to cross the Mediterranean and from Burma and Bangladesh to cross to South East Asia
Movements out of Northern African regions tripled in 2014 compared to 2013; this trend continues into 2015
The next opportunity for a significant retriggering of the theme of mass movements involving water is in the last 2 weeks of June 2015

October 29 2011
The nation most relevant to this theme of mass evacuations at present, is THAILAND -where a critical flooding situation has developed since heavy precipitation and flash flooding are reported to have become problematic since July 31 2011.
This date is critical in linking to the precursor eclipse noted below, which occurred on Dec 21 2010  involving Sun-Moon-Jupiter -Uranus all in mutable signs, 25-29 degrees - giving a midpoint position of 27 degrees. We know that eclipses with powerful patterns -i.e. linked planets - can last far longer than the usual cycle of 6 months, until the next eclipse event. A super-powered eclipse can be re-activated by further triggering.
On July 30, Mars, a strong activator, reached 27 Gemini. This seems to have re-awakened the mega-flood potential and mass evacuations theme during the past three months.
So how much more strength does this eclipse have on offer? We can only watch as we approach the Sagittarius activations of the 27 degree in November-December 2011 ( Venus, Sun) - bearing in mind that 27 Sag is the Galactic Centre degree and could be an extra sensitive one in this era. Look too for 12 degrees in fixed signs -a lot of activation already in October via Mars, Venus, Mercury - then in November -Sun - to see if any of those (semi-square) positions amount to any intensification.
As for 2012 - Jupiter in late March,  and a big pattern late June from around the 19th when the New Moon is at 28GEM43. The momentum continues towards June 30 with Mars at 27 VIR, Jupiter square Neptune (big water); Pluto opp Sun, both square Uranus - upsetting changes, upheaval, dissent are some of the keywords.
Flood or tsunami activity with mass evacuations could easily be a factor in June 2012.

Original Post begins:
The sense of mass evacuations came to me through a dream on 8 Dec 2010 -posted on Twitter @spaaceweather

On 30 December 2010 more reference to "mass evacuations" increasing
Flooding events in Australia began in this period resulting in mass evacuations 

The Philippines was similarly affected in December 2010

January 2011 saw the flooding move south to affect the state of Victoria Australia, also with mass evacuations.
Simultaneously in Brazil, massive flooding, fatalities, mass movements of people in January 2011 through into February

From mid January 2011 and into late February mass evacuations have now been in response to different causes: political uprisings, like a domino effect through the Middle East: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya -news search evacuation

On February 23 2011 contemporary with the volatile Libya situation, mass evacuations are unfolding in Christchurch New Zealand following an extremely damaging earthquake, as tourists and residents alike seek to escape ongoing threats from aftershocks as well as devastated dwellings.

The dots can be joined. There is a theme going on. My first clue was the total lunar eclipse at 29 Gemini on 21 December 2010. 
This eclipse in the sign of "movement", "activity" was the fuel for the powerful Uranus-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces strengthening during December and in significant effect at the time of the eclipse. Water was the medium and Jupiter made it massive. Uranus made it unusual & unprecedented. 
Uranus in the sign of Pisces also speaks of the spiritual destiny of the collective mass of humanity. Masses in movement, sharing collective destiny,  combines the planetary and eclipse signature.

The power of this eclipse is evident as its influences morph: Uranus remains in Pisces, still strongly capable of bringing more Unusual Water events in late February and into March, but Jupiter has moved on into early Aries, its fire sign impulses linking now to Pluto in an eruptive square position, very strong too in late February - and a big earthquake has unfolded on February 22 in Christchurch. More coverage of the fuller planetary picture for this event in a later post -use search box for Christchurch

The point to remember about the extended life of this eclipse's influence ( they tend to last until the next eclipse event -eg lunar to lunar) is that any planet aspecting 29 Gemini will manifest related events -often several with cluster and the so called minor degrees, semi-square, sesquiquadrate have a huge role to play. The Moon's nodes reach 29 Sagittarius-Gemini at the beginning of March 2011, linking with Uranus at 29 Pisces -as a prelude to the March Full Moon at 29 Pisces-Virgo, though by then, March 19, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are colluding in the cardinal signs. Moon is at Perigee -closest orbit for the month on March 19, so more influential as well. Uranus, days after, will be at the Aries ingress 0 degree point, joining the Sun on March 21, ramping up the heat/fire energies. Earth, fire, water, air. March is shaping up to be powerful on the environmental/weather/climate front with mass evacuations a definite possibility for those reasons.. and though March may see peak activity - this eclipse cycle extends till mid June

More evacuation news continues -check or simply google evacuation then select the  NEWS category.
Clearly many people are on the move in diverse locations. Ongoing movements  out of Christchurch after the quake; political evacuees in Libya. Examples from first week of March  2011:

On March 8 morning, woke recalling a dream scene of a long large object smashing into beachfront houses with a tsunami; location unknown.

JAPAN March 12 2011 following 8.9 quake, tsunami, nuclear plant hazards, mass evacuations are taking place


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