Energy patterns of Current Major Events

Two big quakes have occurred in Christchurch NZ, within 6 months and predictions have been made, by people who are not seismologists, of further devastation.  The  official line from NZ scientists in this field is that an aftershock of up to one magnitude less is possible after a major quake. Sept 4 (M7.1 is said to be the starter event and Feb 22 (M6.3) the aftershock, but the Feb 22 event also has a sequence of aftershocks -so an event up to M5.3 is regarded as scientifically within their projections.

Both the Sept 4 and Feb 22 were unforseen by NZ geologists/seismologists. They do not conform to known modelling, with expected activity primarily related to the Alpine fault.

This inability to detect quakes in their building stage must be a cause of great alarm to the people of Canterbury, which has the most seismically active region of NZ at present (before exact supermoon, but increased activity as moon climaxed full)( Seismograph Drums)

Considerable work is underway by NZ scientists to get to grips with the situation, but the methodology of science is notoriously slow at coming up with conclusions. A surprise press release this week however reveals that NIWA scientists have set off to survey, over a one week period, the sea floor offshore from Christchurch's eastern coast, looking for undersea faults. Now they may be looking in the right direction. The situation in Christchurch is not resolved. Explanations below are for the non-specialist reader.  These compressed graphics are for the purpose of looking at the linear patterns if the reader lacks further knowledge of analysis

Three dates presently stand out. Sept 4, Feb 22, March 21

Sept 4 the energy pattern is powerful but not intensely focussed. The effects are scattered - mirroring the layout.

The Feb 22 chart is far more powerful. The layout is compressed and all factors within have at least one extremely close (one degree of separation) connection. This is tightly -knit energy. This layout -compression into one half of the circle is what is commonly found in the charts of major quake/eruption events ( including the 2011 Japan quake) Otherwise there tends to be paired bunchings as in the Sept 4 chart, but the mathematics need to be tight for intensity - up to one degree difference is optimal.
So why March 21 2011? The pattern fits the criteria above, with some interesting links to the prior 2.
This is 11am Monday March 21 2011 - a time that could manifest significant natural forces in the Christchurch area.
Clearly a tight pattern, compressed within half of the circle. The mathematics are tight. 
In sector 5 sit Saturn and the Moon. They are opposite Mercury and Jupiter - on the surface their positions range from Jupiter at 12.25 (degrees and minutes) to Moon at 16.34 - but the use of midpoint analysis show the midpoint of Saturn-Moon is 15.46. The midpoint of Mercury-Jupiter is 15.19 = a tight opposition triggering all 4 factors in synergy.
In sector 8 are Pluto and Node with a midpoint of 2.35.
Now look at the midpoint of Saturn to Mars - its  2.40
So a second group of 4 energies triggering in synergy.
Mars and the Moon also come into play with a midpoint of 3.29
Now a further intriguing link
Sector 10 has a point marked MC 18.17. this point links to 3.17 and therefore all prior midpoints noted
In sector 11 Sun 29.56 and Uranus 0.30 are in tight contact of 34' separation

The Taurus (earth) symbol repeats on the major AC or MC energy point in all 3 charts

As a comparison -look at the Japan quake chart for March 11 2011

The Taurus (earth) sign is at the MC point
Again a tightly compressed pattern, though 2 players are out of the main group: Saturn and the Moon -though they are connected to each other and the MC
Saturn in sector 3 and the Sun in sector 8 have their midpoint at 2.58 in sector 5
In sector 5 Node and Pluto have their midpoint at 2.57. 
This exact meeting of the  Sun-Saturn-Pluto-Node energies is a powerful enough signature of the ensuing events
The Moon has several close links and there is more going on overall, but for this present comparative purpose, connections have been drawn with factors here, being similar to prior examples

Now look at 6.20am Monday 21 Japan to see a very strong indicator of natural forces in process
Again a very tight pattern.
The main angles of the wheel are marked by the horizontal AC and vertical MC points.
Note Jupiter and Mercury meet at 15.17 midpoint, on the AC , opposite Saturn and Moon with a 15.33 midpoint.
At the MC point 8.12, sits Pluto at 7.24
Pluto-Node meets at 2.35, Saturn-Mars at 2.39, Mars-Moon at 3.15, Mars-AC at 2.31, Node-MC at 2.59 showing how many interlinked factors there are.
Capricorn (earth sign) is on the MC
An expected event outcome would be feasible on this day and time.
Comparing this Japan chart with the Christchurch one, both for the morning of 21 March, the Japan pattern is more dynamic but this pattern in most respects holds for the whole world - geography changes the AC-MC points and the sectors where the planets sit, but not their inter-relationships.

Therefore at 6.20 am local time for Japan on Monday 21 this pattern is unique to that location. Other locations will have patterns that will vary in intensity but still carry a large part of the vibration that this pattern creates. Some will therefore have  manifest outcomes as you'd expect there to be in Japan. 
In Libya, for example Benghazi, at the equivalent time as the above Japan chart is 11.20 pm the night before

Though similar looking to the quake charts in terms of bunches of planets, this layout is indicating a "force majeure" visited upon a place - at this time in Benghazi the node 27.45 in sector 1 links straight to the AC point 27.29 while the see-saw Saturn-Moon-Jupiter-Mercury in this context speaks of the struggle to assert/contain diplomacy-aggression. Uranus pushes the force into the Aries camp, while the Sun has little time left in Pisces, soon to sit with Uranus, ramping up the energy of war. 
The AC point is within close range of the Saturn-Pluto and Moon-Pluto midpoints = the people suffering loss and bereavement. 
The Galactic Centre being currently 27 degrees is highly relevant in this chart, raising the stakes to globally significant.


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