The Month of March 2011 -Mayhem, Madness

Mayhem in Japan, Madness in Libya. What's been going on in March 2011?

A lot of people are probably mystified that something major didn't happen around 19-20th March with the closest perigee Supermoon. Accordingly lots of expectations failed to materialise, yet we know a lot has been & is going on.
It's true that some major global events have happened right on a full moon and that the tidal effect is believed by some to pull the crust away as well as the seas, so a turbulent time is often seen in people's emotions, behaviour  and the activity of our planet.

This March the biggest global event happened midway between New and Full Moon(Supermoon perigee) - namely the Japan quake-tsunami-nuclear crisis.
Midpoints of energies are very powerful - the place in time where two forces collide if you like.
On March 4 at New Moon, Uranus in Pisces exactly squared the nodes. (29.36 in mutable signs).
It appears this powerful energy of large scale movement, water, communications & broadcasting were all highlighted yet the manifestation did not unfold until midway to the next trigger: the powerful supermoon on 19 March (UTC)  at 28.48 of mutables forming a cross with the nodes.

Why this powerfully energetic combination came to pass could also link back to the December 2010 Total Lunar Eclipse 29.21 Sagittarius-Gemini.
This eclipse, bolstered by Mercury, Jupiter & Uranus all conjunct the Galactic Centre 27 Sagittarius had massive flood and large scale evacuations written all over it, but picking when this picture would unfold was not immediately obvious: around March 19 looked like the top candidate.

The midpoint theory presented above may be the hidden indicator of the Japan events.

As for the wars, military actions, riots, protests, (Middle East and now London) Uranus in Aries, joining the Sun and Mercury while Pluto moves through Capricorn will bring a lot of tensions to a head with resultant political transformations in progress. Will calm-headed diplomacy (Saturn in Libra) quell big military moves (Jupiter in Aries) at the end of March?

April is not likely to see an end to March's woes:  the New Moon on the 3rd sees Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in angry Aries. Great if you channel that as fearless energy if you want to do something pioneering, but with Pluto sitting at the exact Sun-Mars midpoint at the New Moon, aggression and violence related to issues of power and control are on the agenda.
On a personal level this will place certain people ( whose own energy links to this pattern) in dangerous conditions or at risk of violence. Avoid threatening people/situations, risky behaviour  April 3-4 in particular. Those who are negatively energised at this time will seek to vent on a victim.

Update March 28

With so much activity pounding the latitudes around Japan, it may be interesting to see if the next 7+ quake occurs at the roughly equivalent latitude south of the equator - somewhere in Chile


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