New Zealand's worst Quake + Tsunami -plus chart patterns

As matter of interest, following two damaging quakes impacting upon Christchurch & Canterbury ( Sept 4 2010, Feb 22 2011) this example is posted of the highest magnitude (8.2) quake in New Zealand
January 23 1855 centred in the Wairarapa region ( Featherston selected), at 9.11pm local time
Note the tight bowl pattern, where the planets are bunched up in less than half of the full 360 degree wheel. Concentrated force and single minded focus is accentuated.
For a mega event expect to see Jupiter prominent: here Jupiter is caught up in 5 surrounding energies. The Jupiter-Mars midpoint 13AQU58 links directly to Neptune 14 Pisces (water - providing there the tsunami signature) and to the other positions in the range 12-14 degrees: the Ascendant, Moon and Uranus. You would expect the main earthquake player Uranus to be embroiled and here it links to several other factors.

  • The Sun is in close range, having just passed an exact square to the big transformer, plutonic Pluto
  • Mars squares the nodes closely ( Uranus, north Node and ASC all in earth signs)
  •  the Sun-Uranus & Sun-Node, Jupiter-Uranus, Mars-Pluto midpoints [ in late degrees of mutable sign Pisces] all activate the Galactic Centre (which was 25SAG28 in 1900, so calculated at 24SAG50 in 1855)

[update: this reinforces other research showing the prevelance of late mutable degrees in large environmental events  - see this related post
full data for January 1855 shows from Jan 16-Jan 26 the prime earthquake indicator Uranus shifted from retrograde to direct - direct on Jan 21 at 12Taurus42 - but this part of the phase, holding an apparent paused position is termed stationary and intensifies the potency of the energy.

Big environmental events can be frequently traced back to eclipses- if you know where to look -
In the case of this event of Jan 23 1855 with multiple factors activated in the 12-14 degree range the answer lies in the preceding eclipse of November 1854.
This was a New Moon on Nov 20 when the fateful forecast was set in place by a combination of 3 potent forces - Saturn-Uranus-Neptune combining unharmoniously through the month and locked in place in that 13-14 degree very tight intensity as an eclipse signature - a pattern able to be activated anytime in the usual 6 month ahead time frame of an eclipse's period of main influence.
Saturn energy is a disaster indicator when combined stressfully with other potentially destructive forces.
Neptune is the force of the water element
Uranus is sudden force of change regularly linked to earthquakes
So it comes as no surprise - and can be repeatedly demonstrated - that potent planetary combinations are perpetually in existence and able to be earthed by triggers especially Moon, also Mercury, Venus - as well as specific degree positions - in this case anything in the range 12-14 degrees - which clearly occurred in late January 1854 - expressed in the environment as a massive quake and tsunami
November 20 1854 positions in red band
In addition -Midpoint analysis leads into:
So for an interesting comparison to other events look at the visuals of : 
(1) the 2.46pm March 11 2011 chart for the Japan quake showing another bunched pattern and all but 2 elements on one side of the chart -these are linked though so again, a tight, focussed force.

(2) the Tarawera eruption Waikato New Zealand 1886 = a very tight bowl pattern with two bunches of compressed energy, the Virgo section aspecting the Galactic Centre -then around 25SAG16.

For further visual examples of compressed patterns coinciding with powerful events see the recent post with nuclear event charts

Japan March 11 2011


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