As for Brash - big boost

With only a birth date - 24 September 1940 and no birth time one big factor stand out for Don Brash in his aspirations to return to politics in 2011:

Uranus now moving in the range from 0-4 degrees of Aries will retrograde back to 0 degrees Nov-Dec 2011.
0-1 degrees is important for Brash
He would have gottten the urge in March, that is expressing now
He has three aspects being activated
Sun position 1 degree,  Jupiter & Saturn combining at 0 degrees ( by semisquare)
This triple activation of executive ambition is likely to pay off

Thurs 28 April NZ time 12 noon. Don Brash  announced as new leader of ACT Party, on defeat of Rodney Hide by caucus vote.


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