More Quake-Tsunami Research 1946 and 2011

In a recent post I proposed the notion that the surprising timing of the Japan  tsunami (March 11, 2011) could have been related to the surrounding eclipse cycle.

I've just found another fascinating example: the 1946 quake event that spread a massive tsunami across the Pacific after a generative event off Alaska at latitude 52.8N: a shallow quake now rectified to M8.6. This occurred on April 1 1946. Hawaii, sitting at latitude 19.30N, bore the brunt severely - as revealed in the video above.

It's interesting that 2011 repeats the eclipse pattern of 1946, starting in both cases with the prior December eclipse (Total Lunar in late Gemini in both cases) The next eclipse is 12 Capricorn 1946,  (13 CAP in 2011) , followed by the midyear  9 Gemini (11),  23 Sagittarius (24) and 7 Cancer (9). So a one-two degree position difference but it is the repeated signs and the fact of having 3 midyear eclipses as well, instead of the usual 2.

It will be interesting too to watch what sort of events repeat under these conditions, bearing in mind that several other factors are not repeating ( the positions of the far outer planets are way different)

Jupiter and Saturn  are in the same Cardinal sign groupings and this could be very important.
eg. April 1946 Jupiter in Libra vs April 2011 Jupiter in exact opposition - in Aries.
     April 1946 Saturn  in Cancer vs April 2011 Saturn in Libra - these signs are 90 degrees apart

The nodes of the Moon are also in very similar territory March-April : late Gemini in 1946 and the opposite position late Sagittarius in 2011

Now looking at these signs and possible connections to quake- tsunami events, the following happened in 1946: the quake at 12.29pm GMT  occured with the Moon in late Pisces (water) joined by the north node at 23Gemini46. This event fell within of the 2 lunar eclipses Dec (Gemini)-June(Sagittarius) and exactly on the day when the Moon and Node equalled the degree of the coming eclipse: 23 SAG.
This represents another example of the involvement of eclipses and the role of triggering factors in timing.

Read my recent post on March 2011 to see the strong similarities operating in respect of eclipses, triggers, timing as played out with the Japan tsunami of 2011.

This chart for the exact Moon-Node connection (square) is probably significant. Here's the same chart reduced in size for quick reference: Note that at 12 noon the day before the quake, namely March 31, 1946 events began shown by the Moon, Node & Jupiter so tightly linked. There's probably a lot more to say about this "precursor" chart but for now  this is a starting point.

Precursor events probably occurred on or around this sequence on March 31 1946


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