Scorpio Full Moon May 2011 -best to take care

In UT, Universal Time (UK/GMT) the Full Moon for May is on the 17th at 11.10 am,  (NZ 11.10pm)

Scorpio is one of the most extreme energies and often on the negative side of the balance sheet because few people get to evolve quickly the sort of transformational qualities that Scorpio offers those with this sign strongly in their chart -Sun, Moon or rising sign in particular - or if you have Pluto closely implicated with any of these as well as Venus or Mars.

Scorpios who undergo radical transformations, death/rebirth type changes such as sinner to saint, athlete to tetraplegic symbolise the sort of major life changing shifts that scorpionic or plutonic energies can bring about. No coincidence that a plutonium bomb featured in the Nagasaki devastation in 1945.

Scorpio is intrinsically linked to its opposing force Taurus because both concern physics or the physical - but Taurus is about the manifest, 5-sensory physical of our everyday existence - all our possessions, money, environment and how we perceive them - whereas Scorpio is about the meta(beyond) physical - the stuff of the extra sensory world, the 6th sense if you like, psychic attunement, the planes beyond physical existence, non-physical reality. In basic scientific terms the difference between classical mechanics  of the old world and the quantum mechanics of the new world - which began a century ago, and is still unfolding.  Typically with Taurean energy, which is stubborn and has fixed ideas, and since we inhabit a planet named Earth, where money and resources are the basis upon which people seek to empower themselves, few people voluntarily adopt the pathway through Scorpio which seeks to transcend a materialistic world view in favour of insight, inner empowerment and conscious transformation towards pure energy, which is the underlying nature of everything.

So when a Full Moon in Scorpio occurs the Sun is in Taurus exactly counterpositioned to the Moon in Scorpio. The two urges are operating at full strength, bringing their different  instincts or imperatives to the fore in the consciousness of people. This month their position at close to 26 degrees  means anyone born any year around May 17 will be right in the spotlight, but we all to varying degrees get a dose.

Looking at the decanates of Taurus & Scorpio ( each sign of 30 degrees, divided into 3 groups of 10, has a modifying influence, so 26 Taurus has a Capricorn & Saturn influence, 26 Scorpio has a Cancer & Moon influence.

This makes the materialism of the Taurean urge more cautious, security conscious, frugal and possessive and the lunar connection to Scorpio more nurturing, and connected to women, mothers, home & family

Next before attempt to sum all this up, have a look at two other planets joining this month's full moon - Jupiter and Saturn.

When examining the bigger picture of a full or new moon or eclipses, you need to see other influences in the neighbourhood that modify, enhance or alter basic outcomes or potentials.

Jupiter at 26 Aries is in direct relationship to both the sun and moon. Jupiter means big, exaggerated, expanded, abundant. Aries relates to the head of the body, to moods of anger, impatience, an inflamed liver, big fires, cuts, wounds, weapons, war and military activity. There are pluses like Big Confidence, due to a surge of adrenalin - but that same adrenalin can get you in trouble - it precedes assaults, murders, suicides. This involvement of Jupiter with a full moon in Scorpio is not harmonious, it is the opposite, and for some, death will be the outcome.

Saturn at 11 Libra is also directly connected by a 45 degree separation to the 26 degree moon in scorpio  ( as well as by 135 degrees to the sun). These powerful angles are important.
Saturn in a difficult connection to the moon is not a good omen for nurturing, women, mothers, home & family - and a classic example right now (May 2011) is the flooding of the Mississippi, resulting in the loss of homes and devastating affects on families. For many this will be a transformational event (Scorpio) related to property and possessions (Taurus).
Women caught up in relationship breakups need to take personal care re spousal anger.

With, Jupiter in Aries & Saturn in Libra adversely positioned re a Scorpio Moon & Taurus Sun - nasty relationship breakups involving home, family, possessions and money is the personal level of interpretation.
On a universal level it relates to redefining who we are as individuals versus our relationship responsibilities; how much value we place on the physical and material versus just being and evolving.  Basically, balance is a major keyword in all of this, in an era when so much imbalance prevails.

NOTE: the period of influence for these effects is particularly from a few days before exactitude, to the period until the next full moon. Triggers will occur during this time frame, to emphasis the effects.
This is a quick, snapshot not a full analysis, hopefully food for thought.

Update 1.25pm
Aggressive heists involving big loot (Jupiter in Aries-Saturn in Libra, Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon) are also a facet of this planetary picture mosaic, an example kindly offered up by the jewellery store robbers, this morning in Dargaville NZ

Update May 17  12.56 pm NZ time
This news article re tragic deaths related to relationship issues, just in from Australia, is another clear example of the sort of outcomes of this Full Moon
and 3.30pm
Sydney home invasion - woman and car attacked

These 2 examples from Australia show how different places vary in their capacity to be affected - just like people do. It would take an exceptional event to affect a large part of the planet or population -but that has occurred in prehistory - too far ago to know what influences can be analysed ( way beyond just a full moon or eclipse event). In recent history the world wars would come the closest to global impact, otherwise, without a hugely complex pattern, the effects are seen to be more localised in particular people and places - each place has a signature energy comprised of the collective energy of the people who live there mixed with the embedded historical energy of the place. So an influence affects particular street addresses, particular neighbourhoods, cities, nations, or unpopulated locations depending on whether the energy resonating from that location corresponds to the prevailing planetary energy -for good or bad. The same variation exists for people. So even in large disastrous events there are miraculously protected people and places -one house untouched, one person saved etc.

Updates May 18

Bearing in mind that Scorpio has a strong connection to sex ( in the sex act people are said to "die" as individuals and become "one" energetically, transcending the physical.) Interestingly the big global stories so far are sex scandals for men in high office (Saturn). The media releases re IMF chief Strauss-Kahn and Arnie Schwarzenegger have typified this aspect of the full moon. Arnie's marriage has suffered a split due to the disclosure of a prior affair and whilst Strauss-Kahn's wife is standing by her man in public, this isn't the sort of news any wife wants to hear.

A massacre in Guatemala shows the violent potential


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