Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of William and Catherine provided a global spectacle as well as the gift of joy to millions worldwide. The uplifting experience provided by the joining of two people in harmony and commitment will forever seal their union with a stamp of goodwill, sent to them by those who watched in person or from afar, the wedding unfold. As weddings go, it appeared to be remarkably free of glitches, testimony to the immense and meticulous planning necessitated.

An analysis of the astrological indicators in play, at the time of the vows is available here with some interesting observations made by Cerena Childress.

The birth chart of Prince William and data are available here
No online posting seems available for Kate Middleton's birth time, so her birth data of January 9 1982, in Reading, Berkshire, UK are referenced by those offering synastry opinions. This extensive compatibility report appears to be a standard computer generated analysis based on point by point comparisons. This is a weakness, because there is no summary synthesis, pulling together the contradictory statements. However, for an overview, it is worth referencing. As expected, the range of possibilities mean that in some respects their union is very positive, in other aspects there are strains and tensions that need to be worked on and resolved if they are to last. Clearly with their earlier tiffs and on-off status they do know discord, but they also know how to reconnect. It's definitely an exciting, compelling mix between these two, with stresses and strains thrown in.

The hardest challenge for Kate, now as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is that Williams Saturn-Pluto mix with a midpoint close to 19Libra30 is at odds with her 19Capricorn Sun. The best outcome here is that through William, the relationship (Libra) will transform Kate's personal ambitions, sense of authority and leadership (Capricorn) The hardest part will be if she feels repressed and controlled, stifled and managed by the demands of the Royal Marriage (Saturn-Pluto in Libra).
Catherine's strong Cancer-Capricorn-Libra mix of energies along with Sagittarius mean Family, Public Role, Relationships and Travel/Adventure are likely to figure predominantly in this lifetime, whether she is Royal or not.

William's emphasis in Cancer, Libra and Sagittarius provide a very close compatibility in energetic drives with those of his wife.
Being born in the same year, 1982, they share several generational and age-mate themes.

From early 2012 until early 2014, both will simultaneously face the challenge of Pluto square Mars as William and Catherine have Mars at, respectively, 9 and 10 degrees Libra. With Pluto in Capricorn corresponding to a powerful transformation in the systems of authority and tradition, will this signify their appointment as Heads of State, thereby taking precedence over their personal relationship or will it reflect a significant uptick in responsibilities, on account of their ageing family? After all, both William (in 2011) and Catherine (in 2012) face their Saturn return in the sign of Libra, showing the weight of responsibility that their union entails.

Note that William's mother Diana was also, like him,  a Cancer Sun, with Venus in Taurus, and Sagittarius ascendant, so mother and son have significant similarities

Update, same day
With the death of Osama Bin Laden now centre-stage, just 2 days after the Royal Wedding, the question arises: were they warned off by the US, to avoid the Middle East - hence honeymoon (Jordan) cancelled?


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