Mathematics Link Christchurch Quake Sequence

Using mathematical tables of planetary positions
 it is possible to find numerous intriguing links
 between the three major dates that have unfolded
 in the ongoing earthquake sequence in Christchurch New Zealand.
All three events have a direct link
 to the total lunar eclipse on December 21 2010

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Why would an event in December activate events months before or after? Research indicates that powerful events have a field of influence that builds beforehand and extends afterwards and this can be shown mathematically by points in time.

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Dec 2010 eclipse chart for locality of Christchurch region -full view
This eclipse chart  shows the Moon hard left opposite the Sun's circular glyph, both at right angles to the highest placed Uranus and Jupiter. The red and blue lines of connected energy make this an exceptionally potent representation of energetic forces.

For the purposes of this proposition the mathematics of degrees and minutes of arc ( the full circle of 360 divided into 12 sectors gives each at 30 degrees width) 
The Sun at 29.21 was in full moon opposition to the Moon at 29.21 in two signs Sagittarius-Gemini of the mutable group - (Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo
Jupiter at 25.16 and Uranus at 26.46, Mercury at 26.16
Collectively a big energy mix ranging between 25.16-29.21 in mutable signs
29 degrees mutable is in conjunction ( a one degree variation) with 0 degrees cardinal (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries)
The eclipse degree 29.21 is the strongest, in this close grouping in the eclipse chart.
(other factors empower this chart but to keep on focus they will be left for now)

Event One:
September 4 2010, 4.35 am local time Christchurch New Zealand

Jupiter and Uranus shared the midpoint degree position of 29.59 Pisces

Event Two
February 22 2011 , 12.51 pm local time Christchurch NZ
Sun and Moon shared a midpoint degree of 28.34
Moon and Mercury shared a midpoint degree of 27.11 

The ASC-MC midpoint degree is 29.40  Pisces
Uranus 29.00 Pisces = exact on the midpoint position
Uranus sits at 90 degrees to the Nodes at 0 Cardinal

Event Three
June 13 2011, 2.20 pm local time Christchurch NZ
Sun and Pluto share a midpoint degree of 29.10 Pisces
Mercury and Pluto share a midpoint degree of 29.14 Pisces

The recurrence of factors at 29 Pisces being the stress-generating 90 degree position in reference to the December 2010 eclipse degree of 29 Sagittarius is clear.

In addition all 3 Christchurch seismic events have occurred in with sun and mercury in mutable positions, Sept = Virgo, Feb=Pisces, June=Gemini.

September 2010 saw the early combining of  the power group Pluto-Uranus-Saturn-Jupiter in tight alignment in late mutable to early cardinal positions. This group of 4 and later 3, is highly significant in the ramped up global natural disasters and political upheavals. In June 2011, Pluto occupies the midpoint of Saturn and Uranus, so no surprise that a lot is being activated.

The question now is whether events in this cycle are over for Christchurch

June 2011 sees the beginning of a new eclipse cycle, with 3 events from June 1-July 2.
The new full moon lunar eclipse degree is 24.23 mutable  (Sagittarius) A new chart will have the momentum. More on that once a scan of the chart has occurred.

How about the Japan Tsunami & mega-quake on March 11 2011?
Since this event occurred within the time frame this too must show relevant indicators.

There are 7 factors evident that are tightly linked to the eclipse degree of 29 Mutable
The most significant is the mid-point of Mars and Saturn (29.12 SAG) right on the December eclipse sun, plus Uranus is at 29.56 Pisces

Other midpoints at 25.07, 26.27, 26.33 Pisces.
One midpoint at 0 Aries
ASC-MC midpoint of 27.22 Gemini
The Sun and Moon were both in mutable signs ( Pisces, Gemini )
As with the other events, many more factors in the chart depiction can be identified as contributing to the events. 
The mathematical links identified serve as triggers for the event in time.

Chart References:
September 4 chart for Christchurch

February 22 2011 chart for Christchurch Mag 6.3

chart for June 13 M6.3 Christchurch

The grid for the Japan Quake Tsunami March 11 2011

The grid shows angular links down the left diagonal section and midpoint positions in the right section.
See expanded view


A new and powerful sequence began on December 23 2011 and has been persistent into January 2012
On December 23 at 1.58pm a M5.85 bearing 9 kilotonnes of energy released into Pegasus Bay, 5.8kms east off New Brighton and 13.8 kms east of Cathedral Square central Christchurch. Since that event a multitude of aftershocks have hammered the Bay - data

Following the thesis of the involvement of mutable signs in late degrees to 0 degrees cardinal
Mutable being:  Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo
Cardinal being: Aries Libra Caner Capricorn
The following matches are found in the data for the 1.58pm event
Sun       0 Capricorn
Uranus 0 Aries

Mars-AC 27 Gemini
Saturn-Neptune 28 Sagittarius
Pluto-Node 25 Sagittarius
Node-MC 26 Sagittarius
Jupiter-Neptune 29 Pisces
Saturn-Chiron 29 Sagittarius
Jupiter-Chiron 0 Aries

Supporting positions - linked by degree
Saturn 27 Libra
Neptune 28 Aquarius

Now view the chart and data grid to see some interesting additional points

The standout feature on the chart wheel for 1.58pm Dec 23 is Pluto in Capricorn in tight proximity conjunct the MC point ( most elevated = significant & is a strong activation point)

Then note that the AC = acendant or "birth moment" of the event is in Aries - 6 degrees in tight stress position = square to Pluto and the MC.

Overall a tightly linked pattern, evidenced by aspect lines drawn.

All the above factors point to the significant transformational power of this sequence activator.
Scientists say they are surprised by the intensity. An astrologer looking at this knows that this birth chart is packing kilotonnes worth of energy and from this some consideration may be given to the next major triggering by factors activating the cardinal positions 6-7-8 degrees  as we may be witnessing a transition into that energy predominating over the late mutables as triggers. However if any upcoming date combines the two groups, be prepared.

Knowing that Uranus and Pluto will meet at 8 degrees during May-June-July-August 2012, it is clear that June is potentially the month when the next reactivation will be strongest in the time frame from June 18, building to the New Moon at 29 Gemini on June 20 and extending as Mars moves to late Virgo through to the end of June and into July 1-4. This scenario is significantly aggravated by  Sun-Uranus-Pluto all aligned on June 30
Sun 8.37 Cancer
Uranus 8.28 Aries
Pluto 8.15 Capricorn
The Moon and Saturn both at 23 degrees on that day also bring timing and manifesting energies to this power-packed trio while Mars holds the 28 degree mutable position in Virgo.

If the December 23 event is to have a second more brutal phase, this time frame has the astrological hallmarks that resonate with that initiating event.
Geoscientists are talking about 6 monthly events so on this occasion two very different perspectives may for once be in tune.

Update June 17 2012
This chart for June 20, 10.30 pm shows a strongly activated chart for Christchurch - at the same same as the pattern prevails down the same longditude band including locations such as Auckland and Pacific Islands including Samoa, Fiji, Tonga.
On June 20 after the 28.43 Gemini New Moon has passed in NZ at 3am the chart for 10.30pm that day above contains these points of relevance in late Mutable to zero Cardinal: [degrees+minutes]
Saturn-ASC 29.31
Mercury-Jupiter - 27.12
Mercury-Node - 28.43
Mercury-MC - 26.52
Mercury-Venus - 0.28
Mars-Uranus - 0.51

Other associated factors include Mars linked to Jupiter, Node & MC in supportive late cardinal degrees .
The sun is at 29 Gemini

Aside from this continued mathematical link, this time frame of late June with the strong emphasis on  8 degrees cardinal (Pluto-Uranus in exact 90 degree angle) is reinforced at 10.30pm on June 20 by the Moon at 8 cardinal along with Mars-Saturn and Mars-Pluto.
All combined, this is a destructive picture which has the potential to impact Christchurch, along with other locations as stated.
[update: June 23 2012 saw two quakes of M4.0 - Waimairi Beach and Darfield -source ]

2013 update
The period June-July-August 2013 is worth watching for enhanced seismicity in Christchurch
June 19 sees a total eclipse of Jupiter by the Sun when both occupy 28 Gemini
Extreme turbulencce in atmospherics and extra gravitational strain in the period noted is capable of rupturing sensitive areas of the global tectonic network.
A Supermoon in June 2013 is the second and strongest of 2013, followed by a 3rd in July
See June  July and August reports



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