Pink & White Terraces -the eruption 1886

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Here are several historic images of the Terraces prior to their demise in the June 10 1886 eruption of Mt Tarawera, Rotorua, New Zealand.

And this is a snapshot of the eruption event chart

Full chart info

See how tightly the energy is contained, with 2 bunches and all within half of the circle.
Knowing that the ascendant degree corresponds to the earthly manifestation of the chart's potential the point of 19Aries41 was in exact semisquare to Pluto in the 2nd, 8 minutes before this event chart set for 2.10 am local time. Mars, and Jupiter have the Moon as their midpoint and this highly energised bunch are in strong conflict with the Mercury-Chiron-Sun bunch in Gemini.

The midpoints are always full of hidden power. Here Saturn sits right in the middle of the Jupiter-Asc energies and Saturn is on the Venus-Node midpoint. Chiron is the Saturn-Neptune midpoint. All of these factors being indicators of suffering and negative outcomes for any beings caught up in the aftermath.  

Tribal people the world over have personified earth energies as the outrage of  their gods punishing the errant ways of humans. Even European culture carried such notions well into the renaissance era, until the discipline of science proposed other reasons for extreme weather, volcanoes and earthquakes. The scientific view holds sway over  religious or tribal views through the modern world but there is cause to reconsider the scientific world view which struggles to understand unseen energies.
Despite the contributions of Einstein and other quantum physicists, the mainstream view of reality is still largely classical and deeply attached to materiality. Despite decades of dedicated research, the past century has failed to achieve the Theory of Everything and a complete, unifying understanding of the known forces of gravity, electomagnetism and the nuclear forces.  The point is these excellent investigative minds are missing something, overlooking something and that something may very well relate to ancient knowledge, long since dismissed.  One intriguing global awareness amongst pre-industrialized societies is the acknowledgment of the power of natural forces and the attribution of personality or emotion to these energies. This so called primitive belief may not in fact be misguided. Perhaps the language or conception is primitive or simplified, but the notion itself of unseen forces co-existing alongside us, being distressed and disturbed by our ignorant disruption of the environment, is worth exploring further.  This acknowledgment is in play when Maori in New Zealand say prayers or bless projects. Being a culture only recently colonized ( NZ Treaty of 1840), Maori have been able to begin renewing their cultural practices following decades of discouragement. The NZ government regularly employs the services of Maori to provide cultural services which entail spiritual protocol. Some retain traditional references and others are Christianized. It is the former which are of interest.

In an early C20th century NZ Maori conversation book the question is posed: "Did not the gods assume human form?" which is answered: "They appeared under the form of reptiles, butterflies, whirlwind, etc..."  The Maori genealogy of gods shows gods identified for weather, earthquakes, reptiles etc as well as the well known gods for war, the forest and the sea. The most well known creature of Maori mythology ( apparently derived historically from the shark) is the taniwha

So in New Zealand we have on hand the remnants of an ancient culture, as found in many locations worldwide, who hold strong beliefs concerning the power of nature - whether that be a condition like wind or an event like a quake, or even in the form of a creature - to have what is interpreted as intelligence to act/create/destroy. 

The notion of spirit beings being able to impact upon the living is also a widespread global belief. 

When considered together, these ideas reflect a strong human acknowledgment of unseen factors that co-exist with people in their everyday world.  The idea that when people do bad things, the gods get enraged is held to be true in this worldview. Human energy impacting on everything else and not realising, through lack of consciousness, that anything else truly exists. Perhaps we have entered the age when this blindness will be sorely tested and when many will awaken.

The recent news re anti-matter experiments is intriguing in this context, since the question as to why the observable universe is filled with matter -yet antimatter could be exactly what is in all so-called empty space around us.

Update June 8
The reality for Maori regarding taniwha is highlighted in the issue of the Auckland rail loop plan

Update Jun 10
News from the Herald re recent discoveries of underwater remnants of the Terraces, located in 2011.

GNS Science report in depth

                                     This brief video of a model of the original terraces

An Emmerson cartoon in the Herald depicting what the bureaucratic powers are likely to do (foolishly) if encountering a taniwha

Update June 15 2011
University of Auckland senior lecturer Dr Kepa Morgan releases a timely article regarding respecting the taniwha

 March 16 2012
Researchers are thrilled to discover the pink terraces may be significantly intact, submerged under the lake Rotomahana  - report with graphics


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