The 1960's & the Twenty-Teens - the past revisited

 As an intro, this video by Chris Hedges, American journalist addresses the themes of our urgent imperatives.  This is a 20 minute audio piece.  If you prefer: access the text .
Though this addresses the farce of American political democracy, which has created a corporate state, the same chilling warning applies in New Zealand, with finance trader John Key as Prime minister.

Many living through the second decade of the new millennium will recognise a resurgence of issues that they witnessed in the 1960's, or at least learned about in school.

People remember the era, which led into the seventies style, as famous for hippies, peace-love demos, LSD, dope, anti-war protests and a score of human rights movements -blacks, women and gays in particular led the charge against oppression by straight white men. Many hoped that all the hard work would lead to a brave new world, but into the twenty-teens we hear global reports of more slavery now, than even before in the history of humanity, with that primarily being girls and women sold into sex slavery, not simply household duties; we have despotic leaders across the planet, from Fiji to Libya, to Africa and the two fastest growing global economies, China and India, not known for human rights protection, are set to call the shots in complex trade deals. So you can be forgiven for taking a somewhat pessimistic view of the plight of all species and our collective capacity to cultivate a climate of humanity in dealing with each other, person to person, nation to nation.

On the other hand, we have clearly entered a phase of continual global turbulence on every level:  the main headline grabbers are political upheaval, economic upheaval and environmental or climate related upheaval. So something is up...and it's big.

Astrologers have the advantage of being able to research cycles from the past and into the future in respect of current circumstances. When we look at current complex planetary combinations we can see a revisiting of the revolutionary impulses which erupted in the 1960's, especially 1965-1967 when  powerful lineups occurred featuring  Pluto and Uranus aligned, Pluto and Saturn opposed,  Uranus and Saturn  opposed, Chiron trine Neptune, Chiron conjunct Saturn, Saturn and Chiron square Jupiter, Pluto opposite Chiron, Uranus opposite Chiron, Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in a grand water trine, Uranus conjunct Jupiter - both in Libra.
Effectively, all of the outer planets, and the then undiscovered asteroid Chiron were in the mix, overturning old ways of being and relating, opening new doors in our collective shift towards more enlightened co-existence. But of course this wasn't the end of the process, because humans, clearly, change very slowly.

So we now are seeing the re-emergence of Revolution, Phase 2 if you like, in the modern era, as the pro-democracy movement spreads across the Middle East and even as far as China, the re-emergence of feminist issues - equal pay, anti-rape demonstrations, gay marriage. But along with the humanitarian issues being once again on the table, powerful forces are set to restructure society and our planet in ways that are profound and enduring.

The liveable environment of the world we live in is vastly changed from the physical nature of our planet in the 1960's. A polluted, degraded and climatically altered world is now a key player in our future existence, so issues regarding our physical survival are also critical now, whether due to crop failure from drought, flood or cyclones or land loss due to tsunami, earthquakes, landslips or sinkholes. The modern environmental movement was propelled along by concerns addressed in the 1960's and beyond, but little progress has been willingly made. Mother Nature, it seems will have the final call, in response to human apathy.

People are looking for more natural and trusted food sources in the twenty-teens, but there is not yet any mass movement back to the land. That may not happen. Instead more people are likely to grow their own food. Drugs are prominent again but in a far nastier way. People still want to escape aspects of a world that is seen as unsatisfying and demoralizing. Demonstations and protests are now more likely to be about economic issues than peace or anti-nuclear sentiments.
In essence, the world has degenerated significantly and the issues now more critical, since they are so long overdue for an overhaul.

In the twenty-teens, starting from 2011 and extending to early 2016 we see a sustained locked in pattern between Pluto and Uranus in particular - the key players in the 1960's. It is the length of this pattern which enables the changes to be profound and enduring. In the 1960's issues relating to employment, health, nutrition, diet along with humanitarian and social justice causes were prominent with the Virgo-Pisces zodiac positions. Now it is Capricorn versus Aries, firstly, with triggers from Libra and Cancer evident in 2011. Pluto in Capricorn will result in widespread institutional restructuring at all levels of governance and bureaucracy.
Capricorn is the status quo. Uranus in Aries is anger fuelled anarchy. Expect more challenges to all control systems from governments to prisons. ( prison fires, detention centre riots are all set to accelerate along with the everyday citizens exploding against civil repression and austerity measures)
Libra implicates financial institutions.
Cancer implicates families & households.
Libra is also about all types of partnership arrangements, from the professional, financial to the personal and marital.
Aries is about personal issues, the independent self, going solo.
Capricorn is the crust of the earth and the tectonic plates
Aries is the hot magma centre
Uranus in Aries squared off with Pluto in Capricorn brings increased seismicity and volcanism
2013-2014 Saturn linking to Pluto and Uranus will see push-pull forces affecting the process of change. Resistance or repression in the face of protest is one scenario. This period also has environmental implications due to earth stresses.
From 2013 into 2014 when Jupiter is in Cancer linking to Uranus and Pluto, opportunities for women become greatly enhanced though challenges to the system are likely to be necessitated. The Old World Order will not give up easily.
2015-2016 water supply issues, drought.
2016-2017 transformations in banking and other financial institutions.

The indicators suggest further economic adversity will precede a thorough overhaul of the global economic system. The challenges we continue to face have direct effects on people's homes and families. 

With such a thorough working over in store, be assured that few on the planet will evade the implications. The peak effect will be in 2020 when Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn, ushered in by the first lunar eclipse in January 2020:

A Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle, in general, will be about societal structures of consciousness and how we learn about responsible use of power. It will be about our administrative systems governing the use of power. These cycles can also initiate a dismantling or destructive process of long-standing established administrative constructs and systems of belief so that we can evolve our societal structures. In the process, this can articulate as power struggles, wars and the like; but Saturn and Pluto will ultimately demand we take responsibility for the discord and destruction we have created. quoted from Nick Fiorenza

Other than addressing how power is used and the responsibilities that come with power and authority, our relationship to money, possessions and materialism in general is being challenged, because a stronger spiritual imperative is simultaneously coming through Chiron, Neptune along with the social justice instincts of Uranus - both influences strong in the long-term ahead. People ( and all sentient beings) ahead of profits and similar notions will assist us to relinquish our imbalanced relationship regarding money, the natural world and each other. Changing financial and material values could see stronger family values as people return to the home based unit in preference to the things that money can buy and the sort of sacrifices made to acquire stuff.
Ultimately it is all about cycles so don't be surprised to see changes that evoke the styles and behaviours of the distant past as we work again on the essentials of what it means to be human and to live on a planet.

Some further reading may contribute to your understanding:

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Update July 5

Latest post on Massive Transformations gives an overall summary.
As we experience a solar minimum of sunspot activity, this extended lull is regarded as having implications for earth processes -volcanic and seismic -refer to this research paper


  1. Hi

    Really liked the correlations between the past and the present in your post and I agree, this current cycle is reminiscent of the 60's. It seems like the bright new world we imagined would emerge during that era has been marred by materialism, greed and as you wrote- human apathy. And here we are again, different era, different landscape - similar issues.

  2. Thankyou Silver. We are now waiting for the spiritual impulse to over-ride the materialistic, so that the environment and all beings on the planet can be valued ahead of profit. It's as if we took one step forward followed by two steps back, in the past 4 decades. Time is critical now to move towards balance. I am adding a video link as an intro to show how a non-astrological perspective is consistent with what astrologers foresee.


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