July 15 Full Moon 2011- astro analysis

Busy today writing of the next likely financial meltdown as a pre-warning for those wanting to make preparations.
So here are some interpretations that may be of value around this month's Full moon's effects
- Ravenesue Tarot using astrology
- Astrolore

With icy conditions over New Zealand it definitely activates the Capricornian hibernation mode and as always when the signs Cancer and Capricorn align in a full Moon, the various issues of inner, private life offset against public, professional roles are up for reflection. Being two of the cardinal signs, which dominate into 2012, ( the remaining two being Aries, Libra) - all aspects of the cardinal group also come into the picture. Where Aries is individuality, me, my needs, Libra is us, we, our partnership or relationship (personal or work related)

Juggling all four of these into a work-life balance has proven to be tricky in this era of career and financially driven imperatives, but the social cost of imbalance has resulted in generations now of unparented children. Even those without parental responsibilities need time out in their shelter to recharge. The end result of running on caffeine, alcohol or drugs to cope with public life is a crash - that sends you home.

Balance is the mantra that all of this sorting out hinges on - brought into particular emphasis by Saturn -the channel for things associated with Capricorn - being in the sign of the scales, justice - LibraThis theme is particularly strong till October 2012 - though always humming along by other activations. Relationship responsibilities would definitely be a central issue arising for many since July 2010.
As this full moon was building, Saturn was in conflict with Venus in Cancer - aggravating relationship issues.

The big players, Pluto and Uranus are also at odds with the issues of Capricorn versus Aries - making for real challenges involving  Age versus Youth, Maturity versus Immaturity, Wisdom versus Naivity, Responsibility versus Self Interest - the essence also being on the world stage a power struggle which will see outmoded old orders and their representatives toppled by fit young challengers.
Rebellion against old systems will be in play for another 5 years. These are revolutionary times, more so than the 1960's, and much more is to come.

Update July 20
Of course Rupert Murdoch and his empire are caught up in the current powerful planetary stresses. His rising/ascendant sign is Capricorn and the movement of Pluto through his first house brings it to the mid-point of his Moon and Saturn - he will have to experience public (Moon) disgust and rejection (Saturn) to an intense degree(Pluto) in order to take on a morally responsible(Capricorn) position. If he fails to take the path of integrity he has failed a major karmic test. This wil be n oquick fix though. Murdoch faces a long-term nose-rubbing with this set of planets till at least the end of 2012.
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