July 30 New Moon 2011 - astro analysis

It's a New Moon in Leo exact at 7LEO16 at 6.41 am NZ time on July 31st 2011.
The Auckland chart gives 24CAN12 ASC & 15TAU32 MC.

In Auckland NZ, its a first house Leo New Moon, with various interactions - emphasising self interest, self indulgence vs humanitarianism and generosity, survivalism vs compassion, cold heartedness versus warm fuzzies .

Many of these aspects wilbe global, giving people tests to see which direction they are chossing during the month of influence -August -when situations or issues will arise giving people opportunity to reflect upon what sort of relationship they have to others.

Pluto and Jupiter both in earth (material, money) signs means issues around finance, the economy, what you own or want to have, will be hi profile issues. not surprising the American debt crisis is right on the agenda as this New Moon has been developing.
Interesting too that this is hovering around Obama's birthday -August 4, embroiling his energies with the spirit of the times: conflict and challenges over money management

Jupiter in Taurus is an indulgent, hedonistic, pleasure principle type of energy, but of course it is not isolated and any connections it has to other energies, serve to modify that expression. Pluto links to Jupiter bringing the reform of institutions -since bedrock systemic change is really what is required, and what will unfold due to Pluto's continued link to revolutionary Uranus, extending over the next 5 years
Saturn in Libra -the indicator of the need for rebalancing the system does not figure in the NZ New Moon chart as a strong significator during August, but is likely to in nations more in the balance right now.
                             Image courtesy COSMOS  SOA Encyclopedia of Astronomy

Looking at the planets in a more astronomical perspective, a New Moon requires that the Moon is travelling in the space between the sun and earth. Hence a direct line, or alignment occurs while the earth views the seeding moon, dark, unilluminated on the earth-facing side.
This Moon being in Leo is geometrically close to 90 degrees from the current position of Jupiter in Taurus. A right angle(square) is a stressor angle, bringing strong activation. This time it is Earth energy at odds with Fire. Add in Pluto in Earth (Capricorn), also at odds with the fire New Moon and Uranus in fire (Aries) energising the whole mix and it seems likely that seismic/volcanic activity will be significant in vulnerable, resonating zones around the New Moon and during August, since these natural events are the consequence of fire/earth activity triggered by stressor forces. Many consider sun-moon gravitational forces to be very important, but they alone do not account for all major earth events.
Watch though the coming Moon on the equator, heading South on August 2, coinciding with its perigee position in respect of Earth. ( I had a dream premonition about a week ago re August 2 as a significant Pacific tsunami date)
These lunar positioning factors are also considered as triggers.

Other factors can contribute before as early precursors ( even months before) and event triggers.These "other factors" are numerous including several other planets, -hence the difficulty in consistent prediction. No one has yet perfectly cracked it. Refer to several of my prior blog posts. on these subjects and look at space weather -the powerful magnetically charged transmissions from the sun which can cause considerable earth turbulence.
On You Tube, thebarcaroller forecasts using space data and UK astrophysicist Piers Corbyn uses similar data in written forecasts
check back for updates:
Note: recent significant (M6+) seismic events clustering around this New Moon (26 July-August 4)
Fiji                   M6.7   July 29    Universal Time (UTC)
Japan              M6.4   July 30
Vanuatu          M6.2   July 31
North PNG      M6.8   July 31
Japan             M6.2    Aug 1

Visit the excellent interactive online solar system programme with user controls for full screen viewing in realtime - here
 Plus, a lot of solar monitoring data in one site 

Update August 2
See also prior post on the recent New Moon


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