Chile Volcano on high Alert

Latest Nov 2 No further reports emerging re this situation.
October 29 2011
Seismic activity combined with steam and ash plume venting has authorities concerned in Chile, in respect of the Hudson volcano.
My recent tweets show strong planetary activity is in effect. Pluto has powerful earth changing potentials when in Capricorn. Jupiter enlarges, increases, exaggerates - so a big event is antcipated. Add in the Sun and Moon and there are 4 energies linked at 5 degrees locations.
For extra fuel there are four planets in the 22-24 degree band. Saturn is problematic in many situations - even when a stressful angle such as 45, 90, 150, 180 degrees is not in the picture. Here Saturn is in tight conjunction to Mercury, semi-sextile Venus, sextile Mars. (0, 30, 60 degree positions)

Something more than ash and steam could easily be on the cards. Watch and see.

Associated Press report


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