2012 - 2015 Zodiac Forecast - who is most affected?

2012-2015 Forecast 
- looks like very rough & tough for many. We are about to face a tough four years when an energy pattern not seen since the 1930's will bring dramatic changes to the lives of many around the world.
This forecast was published on Dec 30 2011

  • Uranus and Pluto are set to turn the world upside down both literally and figuratively during a phase of readjustment which affects people and places.
  • We know so much has to change in order for a better world to develop. Many imbalances have to be rectified so that the extremes of too much and too little cease to devastate the planet and people's lives.
  •  Already we have started to experience the foreshadowing of what is to come due to early interactions between these two planetary energies setting the scene for the tide of change to come more emphatically - political unrest, economic austerity and conditions of social adversity. 
  • The Occupy movement has made a start in publicising the need for equity and fair practices, but despite this, corruption related to money is rampant
  1. All energy patterns occur within an electromagnetic matrix that exists throughout the universe.
  2.  For any prevailing energy pattern to affect someone -whether actively by triggering a behaviour or passively by attracting a behaviour - the person will have a resonant or matching vibrational pattern aligned to the vibrational frequency of the planetary energy.
  3. Astrology is simply a language for this patterning, using the symbolism of the planets and the descriptive terms identifying the type of energy created when planetary bodies form geometric relationships, called angles -such as square (90degrees) or opposition (180degrees)
  4.  Like people, places also have a resonant energy pattern and thus some people and some places seem especially targeted by a particular planetary pattern.  When you are born - place, time, season, generation - are all highly significant in unfolding your destiny or karma. 

Though it is hard to simplify such information, it is possible to highlight particular groups of people who will be most challenged by the changes to come during 2012-2015.

Firstly I have looked at particular birth dates (Sun position) and secondly birthdates of the 8th harmonic group ( 45 degree multiples).
Both of these categories have been identified in relationship to the positions of Uranus square Pluto during 2012-2015. 
The zodiac degrees from 7 to 15 are involved which affects those born on the dates
Feb 14-19
March 27-April 5
May 14-21
June 28 to July 7
Aug 16-23
Sept 30 to Oct 8
Nov 16-22
Dec 29-Jan 6

There will be affects for people across these date ranges, but when Uranus and Pluto are exact at 90 degrees separation, the effects are pronounced.

This data covers the year, the key months and which birthdates (born any year) are very strongly affected


June & Sept :
Feb 12-13, March 27-28,  May 12-13 , June 28-29,  Aug 14-15, 
Sept 30-Oct 1, Nov 14-15, Dec 29-30                                       


May & October-November: 
Feb 14-15-16, March 30, May 14-15-16 , June 30, July 1,  Aug 16-17-18, 
Sept 2-3,  Nov 16-17-18, Dec 1-2,  


Jan 4 , Feb 17-18, April 3,  Oct 6,  May 17-18, July 3, Aug 19-20-21, Nov 19-20-21


Jan 6, Feb 19, April 5, May 20-21,  July 7, Aug 22-23,  Oct 8, Nov 22

Some flexibility is needed re the dates which means that effects can occur on or around the dates specified because highly specific info can only be provided when individual birth time-date-place data is provided.

For the same reason this data cannot cover all the birthdates of people affected - having the Moon or other planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars etc in one of the target degrees will result in obvious effects. 
(You need a personal astrological birth chart analysis to  know this.) 

The keys signs of the Uranus-Pluto pattern are Aries and Capricorn but Libra and Cancer are intrinsically implicated being the rest of the cardinal sign group.  Bodily stresses for this whole Cardinal sign group include head injury or injury from weapons; issues with blood, fever, bones, knees, teeth, kidneys and stomach.

The 8th harmonic group is fixed signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio -with body weaknesses being heart, circulation, throat, thyroid, neck, sex organs, reproductive/fertility issues.

So internal stresses -bodily - are equally possible effects -  as are outward stresses for an individual -eg those involving their environment, locality, nation and the world at large.

New Structures is the necessity of this planetary pattern. 
To create something new can mean the old must be destroyed, replaced, deconstructed, remodelled, transformed, possibly annihilated. 
Radical changes are likely to be commonplace in order to break with the past, tradition, old habits and practices. Resistance to change will also be evident and people in the 8th harmonic group -the Fixed zodiac signs are most likely to passionately avoid going with the flow willingly.  
For this reason they are most likely to experience enforced changed coming from more powerful forces -eg weather, nature, political policies, social unrest. 
To prepare for change which may be imminent for you, take time to reflect on what is really not working in your life and personal state of being. 
Start there and you will contribute to the collective shift instead of ending up in the highly stressed resistant group. 
Better to go willingly


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