Astro analysis - Peter Jackson Hobbit director

Horror, murder, ghosts, a super-sized gorilla and Tolkien have been the themes and psychological territory favoured by Peter Jackson in his movie directing career. He remains in production of Tolkien's The Hobbit at the time of writing in 2011.

As an astrologer it seems evident that darkness, destruction and deathly motifs will populate Peter Jackson's birth chart -along of course with other redeeming factors -otherwise he'd be unlikely to have reached such a pinnacle of movie-making success.

The first indicator - his Sun sign is Scorpio which relates to all of life's often taboo territory and transformational phases such as the energy exchange of sexual encounters and the transition that is death. Scorpio energy is fascinated by power and dominance. There is enormous capacity to be a healing force an an equal capacity for destruction and cruelty.
  • Add to this his Mars is in Scorpio -for a male this gives a sense of masculinity or male power through any of the above issues.
  • His Neptune in Scorpio blends escapism and fantasy with sex as well as a capacity to respond to the spiritual dimension of sex.
  • Pluto links to Neptune ( which echoes the Neptune-Scorpio mix), Mercury ( which brings Scorpionic and even obsessive thoughts to mind) and Saturn which can delight in brutality due to the need for dominance and control.
  • His Leo and Libran planets bring in a softer, warmer balance to Peter's personality.

It could be said that Peter Jackson has lived out his murderous, destructive and shadow personality quite blatantly through his movie directing style and selections. 
Perhaps in another life he could have been or will be the darkness.

In his version of The Hobbit, Jackson will inevitably bring a much heavier tone to the authentic lightness and comic touches of Tolkien

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