December 2011 lunar eclipse astro analysis

The tilt factors enable Dec 2011 to have a total eclipse.
Original post begins:
December 2011: There is an imminent eclipse in the wings - total lunar visible in the southern hemisphere coinciding with the moon at maximum north declination in respect of the earth. These factors can trigger turbulence. Exactitude is Dec 10 2011 (Universal Time) though the building phase & aftermath phase makes for a period of Dec 7-13 to watch. Also take note of the December  solstice  when the Sun is at zero degrees of the cardinal sign Capricorn and therefore one of the traditional four seasonal markers. This year the Moon is perigee  (closest orb for the month) on Dec 22. Solstice is also on Dec 22. Moon is maximum south on Dec 23 and the New Moon is on the 24th (25th NZ). So this is a whole bunch of factors all compressing into a brief time frame.

One source I follow is suggesting there will be enough strain generated to have significant impact on the tectonic state of the planet with significant seismic consequences. Watch and see if the sun gets more active (flares, Coronal Mass Ejections, coronal holes)(update Xmas Day solar flare M4.0 emits CME to earth) and human behaviour in general is perturbed by the highly charged atmosphere. Wild/extreme weather is also aggravated by these strong solar-lunar forces.

For New Zealand the Moon starts to enter the Earth's penumbral shadow just after 12.30am NZDT on the morning of December 11 and the umbral shadow just after 1.45am. Totality lasts from 3.06 to 3.57 with the deepest eclipse at 3.32 am NZDT. At that time the Moon will be 21° above the horizon in Auckland, 18° at Wellington, 17° at Christchurch and 15.5° at Dunedin and Invercargill. The Moon sets within a few minutes of 6am NZDT (17 hr UT) throughout New Zealand. Royal Astronomical Society of NZ

The eclipse signs are Sagittarius and Gemini
Polar opposite signs always share themes, but these themes have distinct differences in intensity and focus.
For example  Gemini is the typical energy of trivia and bits of information. Texting, emails, letters, books, written and phone messages, telecommunications are all commonly associated with this sign.
Sagittarius utilises similar channels to Gemini -but for more advanced/sophisticated or meaningful purposes -so instead of simply reading for pleasure (Gemini), Sagittarian reading is about study, learning.
Gemini the messenger loves collecting and passing on tidbits of information, trivia, but Sagittarius is focussed on knowledge, beliefs, wisdom, morals, ethics, ideas of significance, philosophy.

Both signs love activity and travel - due to the need for mental stimulation and due to physical restlessness.
Gemini is more localised/regional trips by car plus leisure walking and cycling, plus transport in general.
Sagittarius is more about international broadening of the mind via travel and intensive sport/exercise.
Both signs like adventure, just in varying degrees of scale.

Issues related to information, message systems, beliefs, ethics are more likely to arise globally in the 6 month eclipse period.  This time frame will see more people inclined to Gemini-Sagittarius activities as outlined above.

In terms of more subtle stuff,  this eclipse has energies attached related to spiritual/emotional healing being on offer for many.

As usual,  there are people (and places) more particularly affected - including (but not exclusively - as your personal birthchart can show relevant connections)  those born on/around Dec 10, March 8, June 8, Sept 10 - any year.

Brace yourself though, whatever your circumstances: globally much more social disruption and political upheaval is on the cards

Updates added:
addendum 1
Just noticed that on Xmas weekend 24-25th Mars will trigger the eclipse potentials strongly (Mars in Virgo square the 18 degree sun-moon of the Dec 10 eclipse)

A square (90 degrees) provides a stress energy resulting in friction, restlessness, probably critical arguments during discussions. Looks like those family gatherings could get a little heated if you are unable to discharge the excess energy through a bit of exercise!
Of course all the transport networks -local & international (Gemini-Sagittarius) will be extra busy - Mars provides lots of extra energy to that activity but being at right angles don't expect things to flow that well -snarl-ups and bad temper likely in this context too.
Gemini-related Mercury is in retrograde phase and not truly in full direct phase until New Year's Day 2012 which means interference with transport and telecommunications networks, miscommunications, confused or lost messages and all related situations where flow of information can be interfered with.

addendum 2
Through news items - examples of vulnerable/susceptible people experiencing this Gemini-Sag  eclipse energy in an intense way:
deaths in NZ as foreign nationals lost in a river crossing on a tramp/hike in S. Island.
In Auckland - abseiling acrobat falls from building during practice -with miraculous minor injury
clash of beliefs
the Eurozone discussions
traffic/transport issues - accidents, congestion

addendum 3
Looking towards Xmas there are significant warnings to consider:
December 22 solstice Uranus is exact square the Sun and Pluto sits on the Mars-Saturn midpoint in the leadup into the Xmas Day New Moon in Capricorn. This new moon pattern will include the effects of these two powerful planetary groupings.

Uranus brings turbulent and sudden effects. It is in the fire sign Aries and the sun in the earth sign Capricorn relateds to the structure and crust of the earth.  Earthquake activity is a heightened risk (updates: see Dec 22 & Dec 23 reports re quakes scroll down; Christchurch, NZ has had sustained significant quake activity since Dec 23, into 2012) as well as fire, use of weapons.
Older people are vulnerable with the Capricorn influence.
(update: of 11 deceased in the Jan 7 ballooning tragedy, 9 were aged 49-71)
The classic interpretation of the Mars-Saturn-Pluto combo is  "destruction" "fury" "rage".
Particular people who are stressed by this combo will be capable of very dangerous outbursts of a violent, homocidal nature. (updates: Dec. 22:  In New Zealand a 5 year old girl was violently attacked by a man at a camping ground - full story  ; scroll to Jan 7 re exploding air balloon)

The potential for mass death is also there. (updates: Dec 26 numerous instances of fatal bombings including in Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Baghdad and significantly coordinated attacks by a Muslim sect at Christmas across Nigeria have killed large numbers of people; Jan 7: 11 die in balloon crash)
Natural events - extreme weather and destructive seismic/volcanic events can also be associated with this type of signature.
Where and who depends on specific individual analysis -but be assured the energy will have expression and will make the global news.
Dec 9 2011 a storm with winds exceeding 240kms/hr has been battering Scotland with dramatic news reports.

The warning is: take seriously any threatening person or force in your environment especially in the time frame Dec 21-23. The Moon is in Scorpio ( the most destructive/cruel emotional sign) from 11pm Dec 20 (NZ time) until 1am on Dec 23 - which will aggravate the other factors making particular people very susceptible to acting from a place of rage.
The New Moon has a lunar month period of influence -Dec 24 2011-Jan 23 2012 and the complexities of this pattern are evidenced in the amount of hard news emerging daily, in NZ alone, fitting the descriptions outlined earlier

addendum 5
Piers Corbyn (UK) and Alex Sosnowski(USA) both predicting "worse to come" scenarios for weather heading towards Christmas 2011 in their countries

Alex Sosnowski comments on USA situation "a possibility of multiple dynamic storms in progress at the same time"
Piers Corbyn wrote Dec 9 Another storm-blizzardy deep low is coming into view crossing UK
(update Jan 6 -Piers Corbyn analysis of recent UK weather)

addendum 6
The first big quake in the eclipse time frame: M6.5 Mexico

Various reports of violent assaults around NZ Dec 10-11 example
4 stabbed at Sydney party four or five men had turned up armed with machetes and knives.
A fight between the intruders and partygoers resulted in four guests being stabbed.

addendum 7
Sorry no eclipse pics from my location In New Zealand (too cloudy) but here's a link to a good eclipse gallery for this event - PHOTOS
Astrologer Richard Nolle who is a lot more indepth than I am (sorry, Gemini Rising!) says what we’ve got is another month of extraordinary times. Note particularly his comments on Mars  -already noted by me as a aggravating element in December - but he points to a run-on into 2012

addendum 8
Severe weather warning for east coast, state of New South Wales, Australia, Dec 12.
Alternative forecaster Ken Ring says:
Full moon, perigee, nodal crossing and lunar equinox all affect weather. When these factors bunch up more turbulent weather can be the result. -full article on eclipses

addendum 9
Dec 12 BIG FREEZE predicted for coming weeks in Scotland
Tourist mis-adventure in NZ while bird-spotting
Dec 13 London,UK commuter chaos reported
Cases of brutal violence in the news in New Zealand
UK Met Service confirms significant storm due Dec 15-16 coincides with alternative forecaster Piers Corbyn forecast - FULL REPORT
In New Zealand several regional severe weather warnings with wind & rain of significance.
addendum 10 -  Dec 2011
A lot of news coming through in NZ - as well as globally - that has a Mars theme - heat, fire, weapons, burning, anger, aggression.  (Mars strongly activated at the Dec New Moon plus Mars in Virgo was at right angles to the Gemini-Sag eclipse, but not close enough to be strongly effective in my opinion. However, the other interaction Mars is having is with the lunar nodes in Gemini-Sag which it has been in range of exactitude by 90 degree square since Dec 10 and extending till at least Dec 16. People vulnerable to 14 degrees of mutable signs, including those born on or around Dec 7, March 4, Jun 4, Sept 6 any year are most likely - plus those whose birth chart reveals a planet at 14 Sag/ Gemini/Pisces/ Virgo. With the Mars factor added to the vulnerable eclipse birth dates mentioned in paragraph 3 - people born within the whole time frame of those dates eg Dec 7-10 inclusive, can expect strong activations - either actively or passively, acting or being acted upon by someone/thing with Mars energy.
Update Jan 11 2012: An omitted explanation:
Mars in tight square to the Sagittarius-Gemini lunar nodes at the eclipse on Dec 10 has had a very strong effect on Sagittarian-Gemini activities in New Zealand during the December-January vacation period. Mars love of speed and risk-taking has resulted in an unusually high number of road fatalities and crashes as well as an exceptional number of deaths or dangerous outcomes in the category of misadventure., all of which is consistent with the stress from Mars energy affecting those categories of activities -  transport, outdoors adventure -even bizarrely this accident:

Mass shooting in Belgium  and racist violence in Florence, Italy  both events involving guns, one involving grenades
Seismic activity has been noticeable with now 4 events M6.0+ since Dec 11
Dec 14 the highest of the 4, M7.3 Papua New Guinea, on land.

Dec 14 another death by misadventure -( involving a transportation device) -NY woman dies caught in lift shaft
addendum 11
Weather is abyssmal across much of New Zealand due to a blocking high pressure area buckling the jet stream (Met service Daniel Corbett)
Metvuw graphics show the original koru shaped centre of the "engine room" of the low pressure zone causing the intense rain, flooding , landslips across central NZ very strongly as less intensely elsewhere
                                           click to enlarge this graphic. Metvuw website

Dec 17-18 Mass deaths in Philippines due to flash flooding plus the capsize off Java, of a boat containing asylum seekers continues a theme of deaths/misadventure involving water . The water theme enters into the eclipse picture via the mutable sign dominance of the eclipse -Gemini-Sagittarius + Mars in Virgo implicates the missing sign of water = Pisces. - but add to this the growing energy of the connection between Saturn 27 Libra and Neptune 28 Aquarius  - which implicates difficulty around water. This combination is activated by the Moon at 12-13 degrees of Mutable & Cardinal signs = Virgo & Libra  during Dec 17 & 19  - plus Monday 19 Dec sees a group activating the 27-28 degree points.  Expect the dangerous water theme to be strong Monday 19 & beyond into January 2012 -since the cardinal sign Capricorn Sun & Mercury and Moon positions will trigger both Saturn (problems) and Neptune (water)
Oil rig capsizes in Russia's far eastern Okhotsk sea with 67 on board in subzero conditions
European storm Joachim brings hurricane winds

Dec 22 lunar perigee & solstice In NZ (13 hrs ahead of universal Time UT) we are having a quake swarm in vulnerable Christchurch -up to M3.4 and a M5.7 seaflor event in the zone at the tip of the volcanic Kermadec Trench north-east of NZ. The Kermadec area has been quite grumbly lately as tectonic stress builds at the plate boundary due to eastward drift.
Brutal violence as expected, in the news:

Dec 23
Wild weather USA
As anticipated, the seismic stress has found a significant outlet
Today Dec 23 in  Christchurch New Zealand suffers significant earthquakes:
Graphics from GNS, USGS & Quakelive

The first quake was initially rated M5.9 and was a seafloor event in Pegasus Bay off North New Brighton. The second shock rated M5.9 was on the eastern coast at South New Brighton
Update Dec 26 2011 re Christchurch: please visit the popular ongoing post on Christchurch Shakes Again and Again for extended data, graphics on the significant new sequence targetting Pegasus Bay seafloor with resulting eastern suburbs damage as significant aftershocks continue.
Update Dec 27
Carnage in Nigeria, in Syria and a family murder suicide in Texas all reflect the brutal energy identified in addendum 3 above.
This brutal energy has a lengthy period of activation and will be aggravated during the run up from Xmas to New Year -with both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, in particular, aggravating violent tendencies in those most targeted by this pattern. The Moon is in Aries on those days adding fuel to the pattern
Update Dec 29
...and wild weather continues plus a fatal explosion -this one in Myanmar (Burma).
Reports from Montana, Scotland, New York

and the tail of declining tropical cyclone Fina disturbs weather across NZ
Extreme weather discussion on UK alternative forecaster Piers Corbyn's recent (Dec 2011) forecast page.
Explanation on my Tamzin Kay FB page:
update example re above warning:

Update Dec 30 

Jan 2 2012
Jan 6 2012
News over the Xmas-New Year period in NZ continues to be full of reports of death by accident or misadventure - a lot of cases in maritime environments ( water & adventure themes relate to the mutable eclipse sign energies Gemini & Sagittarius -plus Saturn's trine to Neptune). Many cases involving transport - car crashes - being Mars and Uranus in Aries related. One freak accident (Uranus) with a man speared - and disembowelled - in the abdomen by an anchor. A 63 yr old woman jumped with her suitcase off the Cook Strait ferry. Several boating accidents with death.
Also rogue waves have been reported in NZ (Foveaux Strait boating tragedy) and elsewhere:
Oakura New Plymouth NZ  -swamped dinghy - dumps 2 men
Rogue wave struck a tanker ship, killed crewman off Plymouth UK
Ireland: Met √Čireann last week recorded the highest ever wave seen in Irish waters as a 67 foot monster was registered by the M4 weather buoy on Tuesday afternoon, the Irish Times reports.
Located 10 miles west of Rossan Point, Co. Donegal, the buoy clocked the huge wave just after 2 pm, the weather service said on its website, with another wave earlier in the day also topping 65 feet. Both smashed the previous record of approximately 52 feet, with a Met √Čireann spokesperson calling it “a significant jump in magnitude.” “If you get a long stream of strong winds from the same direction, you get waves building up…"
Thailand, Xmas Day   A 10-to-13 feet high wave inundated a shore on the Gulf of Thailand, causing floods of one metre deep and damaging houses in a village in Chumphon province, according to Provincial Governor Pinich Charoenpanich.
These wave examples may be consistent with disturbed, unbalanced and very intense weather patterns noted globally - with stuck pressure zones and strong winds noted in many locations. 
Piers Corbyn discusses the solar influences impacting upon earth's jet streams & storms
"what drives the Jet stream? The answer is solar events and sun-earth magnetic connectivity"   -report

Jan 7 2012
Mass death by misadventure -Wairarapa New Zealand - 11 die many in flames (Mars/Aries) as a hot air balloon (Uranus in Aries) returning to land hits power lines (Uranus). Again the prominent themes of the December Moons have an extreme expression in NZ - full report

Updates April 2 2012 Bearing in mind that eclipse events have a minimum 6 months period of influence -from the prior build up of exactitude to at least the following event e.g. from one lunar eclipse to the next - triggered events contunie to be reported that correspond to the themes of this Dec 2011 lunar eclipse affecting all four mutable signs and their corresponding issues as explained earlier. Maritime dramas continue to feature, including more cruise ship problems - for a roundup see The Shipping News post

Refer to new posts on 2012 -who is most affected and 2012 much more than 2011 as well as a specific 2012 info resource just posted Jan 2012.


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