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These topics were getting the most hits on my blog, on Dec 21 as we approach Xmas 2011
The first post is about a foreign owned container ship stuck on a reef in New Zealand waters, since Oct 3, spilling oil, losing cargo and threatening to break up. Salvage is slow.
The dust bowl horror is rearing its head again in America causing considerable difficulty.
Forecasts tend to be popular but being such a complex task, can only provide some indications of themes that you will observe in some people and some places across the globe. Sometimes it is your turn to undergo change, sometimes you cruise along. Mainstream science, like governments, will never reveal everything to the masses. Alternative sources of information are increasingly more vital - especially when extreme weather or earth changing events are anticipated. The role of planetary forces impacting life on earth is examined in all of these posts -whether that be solar or lunar cycles or the role of more distant planets. In our rapidly changing world people are looking for ways of comprehending the uncertainty and dramatic events unfolding globally. Certainly it can be of help to understand cycles, because they are the bottom line when it comes to all existence. They are nature's inherent program - not a neat sequential linear timeline as our minds are conditioned to believe in. You may find other posts of interest to you in understanding some of the why, how and when of life


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