Full Moon February 2012

The February 7 2012 full moon in Aquarius-Leo has Messy Relationship Stuff written all over it.
With Aquarius the sign of friendship and non-romantic bonds and Leo being the falling in love sign this dilemma existing between these two will arise for many.
Is it loving friendship or sexual love? Are we better off being friends? What is love?
If this was merely an opportune time to be philosophical then no tears would be shed, but with Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune all bringing layers of intensity to the situation, do not expect the period Feb 4-March 7(lunar month period of influence) to be simple, easy or uncomplicated.
Of course exactly the opposite prevails.
Tears, anger and mental/emotional shock are indicated. Issues about secrecy, dishonesty, confusion, selfishness are prominent with sudden changes, estrangement and separation on the cards for those strongly caught up in this pattern of planetary energies. 
For many this will be a Youth versus Age issue - meaning the desire arising to do your own thing (Aquarius) even if it is selfish and irresponsible in the context of your present commitments (partner, children) will be at loggerheads with the duties of a mature lifestyle - so this could be particularly an issue for those in mid-life, looking for that last gasp of escapist, fantasy filled romance. Freedom versus control; rebellion versus responsibility; me or us?
In the Aquarian era we presently exist in, the emphasis is more on the importance of friendship and networking over one-to-one romantic love.
This Full Moon will reinforce for many this shift in relating preference.
[Of course your own personal profile determines whether this is your time to face such issues - that is why only certain people are affected by any particular energetic influence. You will already know if your life situation is relevant to this sort of relationship reappraisal & change. Also be aware that your individual profile will mean this month's planetary pattern will activate one or more other important aspects of your daily life - a personalised birth chart analysis based on your time date and place of birth is used in this determination - compared to the overall collective themes identified in this interpretation]

Since astrological energy combinations have numerous potential manifestations it is useful to add that in New Zealand, this Full Moon phase will see a political gathering at Waitangi in recognition of our country's founding Treaty. Waitangi Day is February 6.
The newly elected National government, personified by Leo John Key ( August 9 1961)  is likely to face dissent and protest more intensely than usually seen at this Aquarian-influenced annual event.
John Key has effectively goaded his Maori Party coalition partner over whether Treaty considerations should be implicit in government policies. My sense is a lot of anger (Uranus in Aries) is building in Maoridom over John Key's duplicity (Neptune) and that a heated protest will greet him on February 6 2012. In this context, Aquarius is the group (Maori) and Leo is the Leader (Prime Minister).  Messy Relationship Stuff will indeed be the outcome politically for John Key.
[update Feb 3 - Mana Party predicts explosive protests at Waitangi 

and Police arrest man on pretty weak grounds it seems for threatening to kill John Key via Facebook ]
I will let you know if I become a "security risk" tee-hee.
Return here for extra updated content:
[update Feb 7 Waitangi was marked by heated protest over several days; Prime Minister John Key cut short his visit, failing to address issues as promised. Maori, including the government's coalition partner, the Maori Party, look set to further challenge the government's asset sales agenda.] 
[update Feb 9 A very public (Leo) political spat likened to a "bickering couple" (Saturn stressing Venus) With Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker labelled a clown ( Leo) by government minister Gerry Brownlee. this is indeed a messy relationship that has all the hallmarks of a power struggle involving  the egos of Leo-Aquarius  wanting to be boss and not bossed! This is a great example of  further dimensions to this signature pattern for February-March - it is not only a private emotional relationship effect but also any relationship involving a working, cooperative dynamic ]

Though this analysis focusses primarily on the relationship aspects of this full moon pattern, there remain further potentials fitting the match. The best analogy for this comes from the kitchen: any baker knows that a collection of basic ingredients can be combined to produce a variety of products . The same applies to the combining of planetary energies -they can produce the equivalent of a muffin, a scone, a pikelet, or bread - depending upon the processing of those energies. So when trying to anticipate outcomes of planetary combinations, the question is will we get a muffin, a loaf of bread, a scone or a combination?
Having said that, it is important to add that in this lunar phase the potential for water related tragedy is sustained since the same pattern in recent lunar phases reported on (see references).
Here Sun, Mercury (transport) & Neptune (maritime) in a difficult position with Pluto (tragedy) have a signature of a tragedy involving maritime transport (news Feb 2 Papua New Guinea ferry sinks with severe loss of life anticipated)
In addition Saturn in close connection to Neptune causes issues difficulties [Saturn] regarding water/maritime/oil or gas [Neptune] issues (news Feb 7 Maori seek the right to water resources within the Treaty of Waitangi. Debate ensues over  'who owns water' ......news Feb 8 NZ Navy barge hits rocks, takes on water. While no loss of life (Pluto) is involved -  Saturn, is implicated in the nature of the event - Saturn corresponds to rocks)

In addition whenever a new or full moon is strongly linked to the influences of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, especially if in combination of two or more of these, then earth stresses occur with resultant seismic/volcanic and extreme weather outcomes in places resonating with the pattern.
This Feb 2012 full moon does have a complex array including Neptune, Pluto, Uranus and Saturn in close enough range to cause such physical environmental issues to arise. 

Recent USGS quake data puts the PNG ferry sinking right in the zone of seismic unrest
Ferry sinks 16kms off Finschafen. Quake dots orange & yellow

click to enlarge

GNS/Geonet drum showing M5.7 Feb 3 N/E off Farewell Spit

Update Feb 4 2012
Just prior to the full moon, Neptune fully begins a 13 year stint in Pisces. This long term influence has significant implications for the healing of humanity - read this post
Update Feb 6 2012       A significant M6.9 quake in the Philippines causes fatalities  
The ongoing political crisis in Syria deserves comment here since it is prominent now but has a long phase of unfoldment. Four decades of dictatorship by the Assad family is the root cause of dissent and consistent with global unease about abuse of power, oppression & inequality. This political dimension is reflected globally in trouble spots where social justice is extremely compromised by oppressive regimes.
Update Feb 8 2012 - more significant seismic activity in NZ, in a generally unsettled phase
Feb 7 M5.3 quake New Zealand west of Taumaranui. The central north island volcanic zone resonated with this event & some noise evident 24hrs later around Tarawera
Feb 8 M5.3 quake New Zealand Kermadec Islands region
Feb 8 M4.2 quake New Zealand Christchurch Banks Peninsula hills
Feb 8 M4.3 quake New Zealand Christchurch Banks Peninsula Hills

The astrological template for this extended transformational phase on a global scale involves the stand off between the forces of Pluto versus Uranus which promise to deliver marked upheaval across the world which began in 2011, increases significantly in 2012 and remains prominent until 2016.

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