NEPTUNE in PISCES charts & analysis

Since Feb 3 2012, Neptune is now fully progressing through its own sign Pisces, for the next 13 years . This energy shift has the potential to progress humanity into a more healthy and connected state, 
but not without trials and challenges. 
We are likely to see the worst of Pisces/Neptune before the pendulum brings forth the best expressions of this energy, 
that people can aspire to. 
Essentially, the Neptunian state of awareness is very consistent with the findings of quantum physicists who talk of existence as an undifferentiated whole in language that sits meaningfully alongside the Buddhist conception of reality. 
The fundamental interconnectedness of all things is what humanity at large has forgotten and for millennia we have lived in a state of illusion. From this comes all the woes we now face - wars,  oppression, greed and the trashing of the natural world, are all related signs of this dis-ease. 
The duality of Neptunian energy represented by the Piscean fish symbolism. Mutable energy has a greater capacity to switch from unrefined to purified expression
2013 updates at end of page

Neptune entered Pisces briefly in 2011, with the second entrance almost a year later. Charts for two locations show both entry points, or ingresses.
                                     Please click to enlarge all graphics for gallery view
UK ingress chart for Neptune's entry into Pisces April 4 2011

  Neptune then retrograded into Aquarius during August 2011-Feb 2012

This chart is significant for the spiritual imperative of Neptune in Pisces arising in concert with the Saturn Libra to Sun-Jupiter in Aries opposition. Pressures relating to fiscal restraint along with  relationship dynamics under duress are indicated. 
Public and private necessities to get your house in order. 
Chiron in close proximity to Neptune indicates the wounded soul of humanity, disposed more to the escapist, addictive, corrupt and devious underbelly of Neptune than its higher octave of kindness, compassion and goodness. 
Forgetting we are connected means we abuse each other.

The collection of 6 planets in Aries is a dominant theme, emphasising violence male/yang force aggression and militarism and the pursuit of selfish goals, which are to some extent moderated by Saturn's urge towards restraint, mediation, balance and peace-making, but the balance here is somewhat overwhelmingly reckless, accentuated by Mars tightly linked to Uranus.
Not a great opening scenario for Neptune to work in a healing way.

                                                Here is the Auckland, New Zealand 2011 ingress on April 5 2011

Next looking at 2012, for the second and complete ingress: note that the dominant themes are universal.  
Two locational charts are provided as examples and comparisons.
                                                                                  The UK ingress for Feb 3 2012
The Auckland ingress Feb 4 2012

                                                             The midpoint grid for the Auckland 2012 ingress

Neptune and Chiron remain linked - prominently in Auckland, New Zealand, on the birth point, the AC ascendant, raising the question of what sort of Neptunian woes/Neptunian healing we will see in this city over the course of the Neptunian period till April 2025
With the sextile to Jupiter in Taurus is it dreams of riches? Fantasies about living the life of the fabulously wealthy? But Saturn sits across the way from Jupiter, and extends a restraining arm to Neptune as well as linking mathematically to the Sun - and so some will respond to that parental guiding [inner or external] voice and resist the excesses that Jupiter and Neptune together do so well. Over-spending, over-eating, hoarding, excess accumulating, will resonate for some people -but those urges are coming from the wounded Chiron part of the psyche. 
They are symptoms of a state of distress, a gaping hole that can only be addressed by  - you  guessed it - the Neptunian medicine. 
[update March 2012: Auckland's grandiose and big spending Long Term Plan is under attack for pinching off ratepayers to pay for developments the city cannot afford - a classic example of the above combo]
Aquarian experiences in recent years [Neptune in Aquarius] have brought people together collectively largely via technology of social media. 
It may be remote, anonymous and faceless, but it the Aquarian group consciousness, friendliness instinct and networking drive have knitted together a type of matrix onto which the overlays of Neptunian sensitivity can be grafted during the 13 years ahead. 

Neptune in Pisces offers the capacity for a sense of universal oneness, a sense that we are all in this together. Out of this can ultimately arise empathy and compassion on a scale possibly not seen before. 
For this big ask to occur, something Big is likely to spread a global sense of union. How else is a currently rather rotten humanity, beset by comparatively antithetical imperatives, to be transformed so powerfully. 
It seems a galvanizing event or events will be the catalyst.

Neptune in Pisces will place greater emphasis on:
water, all things maritime, chemicals, drugs, addictions, the seedy realms, oil, gas, images, non-physical dimensions, spiritual and religious, transcendance, sacrifice, immersion, escapism, fantasy, dreams, movies & movie-making, fraud, fakes, scams, delusion, confusion, denial, magic, oneness, compassion
(far more extensive keywords can be sourced -this is a selection only)
In addition Neptune in Pisces has an influence over the whole range of mutable sign primary issues: Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius as well as Pisces

Virgo work and health subject to effects of Neptune = more inclination to work for humanitarian causes, work voluntarily; some fall prey to dishonest work practices; health subject to weaknesses of Neptune = addiction, hyper-sensitivity symptoms; daily diet under scrutiny
Gemini -more messaging and conversation about Neptune matters
Sagittarius - Neptune issues have a greater impact upon people's beliefs, philosophy of life - this is likely to see a widespread religious and spiritual revival, with the likelihood of a clear polarity between the perspectives of fundamentalism and compassionate world views such as Buddhism

Other elements in the ingress charts:

Venus, Mars and the Moon in a tight pattern suggest strong mating urges driven by a mothering instinct. A noticeable baby boom is a potential outcome triggered in the period of influence 2012-2025.
Chiron is on the Jupiter-Pluto midpoint - this has the potential to enable charismatic leaders to inspire the oppressed to organize to bring about systemic transformations.
The negative shadow of this is that those feeling oppressed or disengaged [Chiron]will seek to gain unbridled power [Jupiter-Pluto]. This leaves open the return of abusive people and brutal regimes.

Belief systems are a fundamental driving force in this era but there will also be suppressive & repressive forces, channeled through Saturn, which oppose freedom of information. Clearly the internet and social media may be targets on the receiving end of these reactionary impulses.
[update April 2 2012: UK Government plans increased email and social network surveillance  and recent news from US re employers wanting more Facebook access re their staff or applicants' accounts]

This brief appraisal will be extended as more thoughts come to mind

Occasional updates reflecting the Neptunian themes:

Feb 10 2012
Already news items  that relate to Neptune
Maori claim water rights in New Zealand (Feb 8)
Drugs, oil and gas news  (Feb 10)
                                                           (New Zealand)    

Update Feb 12 2012
Religious holidays discussion sought by Muslims in New Zealand
Death of Whitney houston reported with strong Neptune in Pisces elements  (water, bath, drowned drugs)
TV doco by Ingrid Visser finds Orca significantly poisoned by chemical runoff. Three Neptune in Pisces elements

Update March 5 2012
A crisis related to extensive flooding in NSW Australia represents the 'water. water everywhere" potential of Neptune in Pisces when strongly activated - news report
Also recent news re another Costa cruise ship in distress near the Seychelles; unethical practices re drug trials carried out in undeveloped countries ; a report on the finding that users of sleeping pills face risk of premature death.
March 30 2012 Azamara Quest Cruise ship fire in southern Philippines waters (Friday night 8.19pm presumed local time)
April 1 2012 Severe flooding in Fiji over several days
October 2012 Superstorm Sandy in America - aftermath
                       Banned drugs widespread in Australian sport
What is the astrological connection between drugs, nutritional supplements & sport -take a look at this sketch showing the quartet of mutable signs Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius.
Two polar opposite pairs set at right angles form the Mutable Cross:

All signs have multiple connected keywords attached which explain their range of expressions, but for the purposes of the drugs-in-sport issue it is clear how the mutable group of signs has clear involvement: 
Pisces is drugs, chemicals in general as well as dishonest practices. 
The polarity sign Virgo concerns the optimum functioning of the digestive system and so relates to the goal of perfection via maximum nutrition. 
Sagittarius and Gemini both relate to the physical use of the body - Gemini on the everyday level of transporting the body from one place to another -by walking or cycling. 
Sagittarius is the professional or dedicated level of exercise or sport- involving focussed programs and competition aimed at maximum development & attainment of the human body. This illusion or dream (Pisces) of superhuman (Sagittarius) perfection (Virgo) is the problem. The goal is unnatural and a fantasy.  
The irony is that this is a problem of Mind or consciousness, an error in thinking - and we return to the roles played by all 4 mutable signs here: pisces is self delusion as well as trying to fool others, Virgo is the mental attachment to the goal of perfection and involves extreme detailed analysis of the ideal nutritional or drug cocktails. Gemini is the everyday functioning level of the mind and how communication take place with others. Sagittarius is the beliefs or philosophy held. 
Errors in thinking, analysis and beliefs along with the urge to engage in dishonest practices are clearly evident in the drugs-in-sport problem. 
The irony is there are alternative ways of using all the energies in this group. With greater enlightenment, sports professionals in large numbers will recognise that mind training (Sagittarius) and meditation (Pisces) have far more powerful results in sports attainment than from physical training. Enough studies have already confirmed this. This is the way of the future.
References:   google "mind training versus physical training"    e.g. this article
August 2013
New Zealand has just seen Dynamo Magician Impossible TV series. Magic and illusion are a big component of Neptunian energy - so a revival in this form of entertainment is very likely - though with Dynamo his skills go way beyond the norm of 3 dimensional reality -read analysis
For an intro to astro-analysis read my guide

update Nov 2015
Neptune in Pisces challenged by Saturn in Sagittarius 2015-2015.
What does this mean in relationship to events of late 2015?
In the context of the November 13 terror attacks in Paris, so soon after the October 31 bombing of a Russian plane in Egypt - both events attributed to ISIS jihadists -in addition to the issue of the  human flood of displaced people entering the Eurozone, which reached crisis point in September 2015 the energy of Saturn arises strongly in response to the Neptunian situation:

The human flood is a situation that is Neptunian, people moving like a flood of water, a river or stream entering modern era Europe which has had open borders under the Schengen Agreement since 1985.
With the energy of Saturn being strengthened starting from November 2015 and extending till October 2016 many things will change in respect of Neptunian situations. [Saturn in Sagittarius at exact 90 degree square to Neptune in Pisces]

Saturn carries the energy of authorities, controls, borders, restrictions, rules, regulations, difficulties
Neptune is the energy of fluid, vague, flowing, uncontrolled things or situations.

Saturn and Neptune are in many ways polar opposites -one likes it loose, one likes it tight, one is rigid the other is tolerant; one is conservative and conscientious, the other is a free spirit disliking routine and so on

The intensification of security threats in late 2015 means that Neptunian situations are set to be tightened up by measures that reflect a Saturn energy reaction.

So when Saturn is square Neptune repeatedly in the period Nov 2015-Oct 2016 a wide array of corresponding things/people which have Pisces/Neptune energy will be subjected to forces of control/discipline/restriction.
Governments will enforce much tighter security.
People who are not mainstream are more likely to feel the conservative side of Saturn which is the demand that everyone -even the ill, elderly, disabled pull their weight under tough conditions - logically being socio-economic pressures which make governments far less tolerant of welfare, far less prone to compassion or empathy. 
The spectre of brutal austerity is evoked by Saturn when threats arise and with Saturn in Sagittarius 2015-2017, Saturn square Neptune Nov. 2015, June-Oct 2016, and Saturn square Jupiter March 2016 -a combination of constraints, cut backs and lack of compassion, restricted freedoms

Refer also to
Brutal Austerity- an in-depth look at past & future austerity periods versus prosperity indicators


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