2012 Virgo Full Moon March 8

Virgo emphasis in this lunar monrth from March 8 2012 will focus on daily diet, nutrition, general health and moderation. Virgo also associates with daily work practices. The reflex Virgoan response to Piscean sensitivity/dysfunctional symptoms is to analyse what's not functioning well in your interior and exterior systems -your body, your daily practices.
Venus in Taurus is also implicated in this month's pattern: hedonistic urges and eating pleasures in particular are a challenge when trying to pull back to a more sensible way of operating & eating.
Uranus linked to Venus offers a new start or change in sensory habits and food indulgences.

So this combo looks like offering many the opportunity to take stock of eating choices and begin a new healthier regime. If food sensuality is not your thing, look at where else you are indulgent and consider a more moderate approach. With Venus in Taurus the 5 senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing are implicated either singly or in combination. This translates to a strongly physical-material attachment which is incompatible with the Virgo-Pisces energies - even though Virgo is an earthy sign, in association with Pisces the "chaste nun" traits of the maiden are activated,  resulting in a yearning for purity via detachment from physical/material baggage. So a rejection of gross materialism, clearing out clutter, living more modestly are possible outcomes under this influence.

Pluto and Jupiter have a flowing connection -  which for those in appropriate circumstances has the potential to result in fortunate career benefits such as a pay rise, a promotion, an attractive new career contract with fringe benefits.

Also noting that solar activity has been exceptionally magnetically active in the period from March 4 2012 and coronal mass ejections of charged particles, subsequent to significant flares, have already from March 4 activated auroral activity, which is a sign of increased charge in our earth's magnetic field. This is all occurring in the buildup phase of this March 2012 full moon and may result in notable behaviour extremes in biological systems. ( Human and animal behaviour aggravated) One theory I am developing relates to the impact of disturbed earth electromagnetism on global sharemarkets.
In addition Mars is particularly close to earth in early March 2012 which is an energizer and activator. With Mar's connection to the adrenal glands, the potential exists for those most affected to experience heightened irritability, impatience, anger or aggression. Mars is also in Virgo which could give enrgy for cleaning and clearing or simply doing what needs to be done to start new slimmed down projects. If aggravated or frustrated though, Mars in Virgo is picky, fussy and critical.
At the very least you may feel like tidying, cleaning, organising or analysing something! [my examples - organising, filing (Virgo) large number of digital photos (Pisces) to tidy up computer hard drive; painting (Pisces) and paint stripping (Virgo]
Call back - I'm a chronic updater....
March 10
This full moon has coincided with continual solar flaring ongoing to this date and had the most powerful event (X flare) resulted in a "plug-in" to earth's magnetic environment on March 8 (noon Universal time UT) then the global impact would have been elevated. Nonetheless subsequent persistent flaring and the magnetic flip south of the solar wind has permitted "plug-in' conditions since 23:00 hr on March 9.
The red trace on this solar data graph shows the dominant south magnetic plug in.
for more solar flares of March 2012 info - CLICK 

The flaring & subsequent intensifying of earth's magnetic environment is likely to amplify full moon effects and this also includes the proximity of Mars to earth, getting caught up in the charged flow. 
Watch for fires, explosions (charged Mars energy) in the news -several fires already noted in New Zealand March 10 as well as other examples of over-heated aggressive behaviour. 
[update March 15 -some relevent news - murder in Nelson, NZ; violent rampage in Christchurch NZ, sees locals stabbed; large fire in Adelaide, Australia factory; violent bus crash in Switzerland kills mass number of children, plus teachers and bus drivers

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