Indonesia, Mexico, NZ quakes April 11-12 2012

Using solar modelling techniques, astrophysicist Piers Corbyn applies his theories to earth events.
His methodology, anticipating the high risk of a very strong northern hemisphere quake in this current time frame at the tail end of Easter 2012, partly involves the massive vertical earth facing coronal hole that has been crossing the solar disc this week
USGS data gives 08.38 UT April 11 2012 - click to enlarge
Over 20 strong aftershocks have occurred to date including one M8.2
the dark area comprising coronal hole 512, capture from April 10 UT by NASA SDO

GEONET New Zealand's seismic network notices the quake

 A direct earth facing coronal hole sends a stream of solar charged particles in the direction of earth and the effect of this type of event is theorized as generating seismic unrest on our planet. Northern aurora have been noted in this time frame, despite the geomagnetic estimates being predominantly at very low levels during April ( mainly below G3 level) Aurora occur when the solar wind is able to enter earth's magnetic environment during the IMF  [Interplanetary Magnetic Field from the sun] negative phase. This has occurred in several periods of hours during  April 9. April 10 and April 11.
Piers Corbyn's method involves more considerations, including the speed of the solar wind, but he does not tend to elaborate in depth on the full details of his solar-earth forecasting.

This build up phase to the Sumatra region seafloor quakes can be seen to also involve the maximum south declination of the Moon [ exact on April 10] There are many who consider the extreme points of the Moon in high north, south or equatorial declination, to be trigger points for earthquakes.

National Geographic points to unusual factors resulting in no appreciable tsunami compared to December 2004 - the present situation involving slip strike events, a lesser magnitude than 2004 plus being intraplate - around 150kms from the nearest subduction zone -where the risks are much greater regarding tsunami due to megathrust effects.
We are also just outside of the usual window of influence of a strong lunation event -the first Supermoon of 2012 occurred on April 6 UT, but the strong gravitational effects of a closer lunar passage to earth than usual are logically factored in as well. See Richard Nolle's extensive website with his Supermoon information and forecasts.
From an astrological perspective, the usual suspects are not in extreme contention currently, though one of the main protagonists, Pluto in Capricorn has just reached it's retrograde station. The combined keywords of Pluto (transformation) and Capricorn (structure) are equally applicable to the earth, its constituents and all material form, as to the systems humans have created - and now face radical change. Soon we will see an intensification of Pluto's capacities with Uranus in Aries gaining in pace, to reach its first exact 90 degree standoff with Pluto - in June 2012. Events will build as this tightening angle closes.

Mexico shakes to magnitude M7 quake April 11 local time
Christchurch M4.6 April 12 NZ time, gets its biggest quake since Jan 2012

Update April 16 2012
Further strong quake activity has occurred with the HSS high speed stream from the coronal hole impacting earth's magnetic environment.
This compiled graphic shows the rising magnetic reading [orange bars] which began around 18:00hrs UT on April 12, building to storm level [red] for the first 6hrs on April 13 UT [universal time] further level 4 activity occurred until the initial hours of April 14  .The solar wind speed rose to 600kms/sec and being consistently south pointing,  was magnetically plugged into the local environment
USGS reports these quakes over M6.0 in the time frame April 14-15

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