Full Moon April 6 2012 lunar month forecast

Full Moon in Libra.

The forecast for the lunar month ahead involves the balancing out of personal individual needs and wants versus the commitments of and needs of a partnership.

A big influence linking to this issue is the involvement of Venus and Neptune in a pleasurable/romantic/escapist combination which brings a great atmosphere around Easter vacation recreation especially when you take part in maritime activities, driving excursions or even just getting in touch by correspondence, messaging or just good old fashioned chatting. In locations lacking maritime recreation, Neptune energy can be expressed positively through watching movies, a photography excursion. Negative use of the energy can surpass moderation and result in addictive level behaviours including a binge on alcohol, drugs or gambling.

This is for most people a benign period -  the only dark cloud on the general horizon this lunar month is  on/around April 16 when relationship strains are accentuated for those with 26 degrees positions for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars - especially in the cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn.

Other planetary positions will be bringing issues up for those whose personal positions are aligned with those current patterns - determining this requires individual analysis of specific birth charts. For this reason the general themes only in this time frame are referenced.

More challenging times are ahead, this year, for a broader cross-section of people due to the patterns unfolding. These will be notified in due course.

update April 12 2012
Have to add that I did not specifically look at environmental factors when this write-up was posted but events on April 11-12 involving a spate of large earthquakes have led me to write up an extra update in a separate post on these events


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