New Moon Taurus April 21 2012

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The New moon chart is set for London [universal time 7.20 am April 21] just as an example of the general pattern [the layout is location specific -so would be flipped in the southern hemisphere eg NZ]

Taurus = earthly delights of all kinds, so money, pleasure, sensuality, food, material things in general are all part of that basket-load of corresponding energies.
In this lunar month period take opportunities for pleasurable excursions - or if you are more an indoor type -reading and writing for pleasure - due to Venus being in Gemini.
With Neptune in Pisces closely linked to the New Moon another category of pleasures/indulgences will be in the escapist/addictive realms provided by alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, fantasy, movies.

There is also an accident pattern involving Mars-Uranus-Mercury in the 3-6 degree range [if you have planets at these degrees take extra care - I do and I suffered a foot sprain on Friday - assisted by this pattern and for me, Saturn's position.
Conflicting urges continue on the general collective level re indulgent spending vs saving & thrift -you may find yourself swinging between the feast/famine modes when it comes to self control.
update: In the 2 weeks time frame from this april New moon 2012 til the May 2012 Full Moon in Scorpio a pattern involving Mars, Neptune and the lunar nodes puts several issues into the spotlight:
addictive behaviours in general, smoking, alcohol, drugs, poisoning, toxicity, chemicals
and the health/dietary issues connected to such issues are up for discussion and the source of news, raising issues of beliefs, philosophy and ethics surrounding these issue.
In addition it is a good time to put energy into studying/writing about/discussing/analysing film/photography & image-making in general
Other Neptune issues liable to arise relate to fraud, fakery & maritime/marine environment issues

New Zealand is having a fantastic autumn/fall with hot sunny weather over most of the country during April 2012. According to common logic - and consumer studies such as this from the University of Miami - [link below]  warm, sunny weather encourages the release of serotonin in the brain, which makes people alert and cheerful and they found happier places had higher retail sales. Now I know why our multi millionaire Prime Minister smiles a lot. It's a  don't frighten the horses technique for keeping the nation comatose while his policies sink the ship. So the good weather in April 2012 ought to be encouraging the Jupiter in Taurus acquisitive imperative in New Zealand and anywhere else with warmth and sun, but the Saturn in Libra factor is likely to curtail those urges in places that are currently cold, grey, wet, stormy or environmentally threatening.

Our world continues in a Big Changes phase but much more profound stuff is to come over this and several years, in the context of earth changes as well as the nature and balance of power held by authorities and institutions.

Uni of Miami study


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