Cyber War : the era of the Fifth Domain

As human technology expands, so does the territory, or theatres of warfare.
From land based skirmishes, to battles at sea, then air, - commencing in former times with kite and balloon assisted weaponry, long before the pronounced use of airplanes in the twentieth century - and beyond the earth domain into space - where to date only test programs have been enacted with no casualties -already anticipating future military scenarios.
The major powers are effectively enabled for military engagements in outer space. This of course has the potential to impact geostationary satellites.

This astro-analysis looks at elemental, planetary and zodiac energies as a template for predictions about cyberwar

So: Land, Sea, Air, Space - the four domains of human exploration are all militarized, but we have entered now the Fifth Domain of Cyberspace - which has more potential for widespread destruction than anything other than a nuclear attack.
The Air domain encompasses all hackable electronic devices and the global internet.
An elemental and energetic analysis based on the quartet of fire-earth-air-water elements shows why this is a critical era for cyberwar.
Land =earth
Sea = water
Air = air
Space = air
Cyberspace = air
The shift in domains away from the most physical to the most virtual reflects general trends in technologies. 
In terms of the elemental forces embedded in all things, this is an earth to air transition period
In energetic terms the template of astrological signs matches this perfectly:

  • Earth & physical/material objects corresponds to Taurus.
  • Earth & physical/material structures correspond to Capricorn
  • Earth & physical/material systems correspond to Virgo
  • Air communications and messaging = Gemini, the human network
  • Air technologies are Aquarius, the electronic network
Warfare is Aries energy,
 delivered through Mars

Our contemporary era 2011-2016 features the most obvious indicators of a fuller scale entry into cyberwarfare [but this will not be the end of it] - ushered in by the energetic impulse provided by:
  • - transformational/destructive Pluto forces altering Capricornian societal structures and infrastructure
  • - radical/anarchic/ Uranus expressing through aggressive militaristic Aries.
[As Uranus remains in Aries until 2019, further time frames are open for all kinds of electronic warfare/cyber attacks] 

Uranus is the natural channel for the air element of Aquarius = the electronic network.

The Uranus-Aries signature has high level potential for computer driven technologies to launch destructive attacks on national infrastructures.

  • The elemental transition from earth to air dominance in technologies in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle has been preceded by repeated conjunctions in the earth element from 1842 until the end of 1980. 
  • From 1981 to May 28, 2000 there was a sequence of Air conjunctions. 
  • From May 28, 2000 to Dec 21, 2020 is the last gasp in Earth element dominance [focus on material objects & grossly physical technologies] for hundreds of years.
  • A decline in materialistic values and attachment to the physical, eg disdain for possessions is inevitable during the Air dominant period over the next two hundred years from 2021.
  • This 200 year period will see extensive embedded data systems in terms of technology but also an increase in the human mental capacity for mind-to-mind non-verbal communications, thought transference, mind-reading using electromagnetic frequencies as opposed to physical speech or writing

With Uranus in Taurus 2019-2026 a further disconnect, detachment from materialism is likely to become manifest:

  • Less reliance on physical, material objects eg. a cashless economy, more wireless, less cabling, the end of wallets full of swipe cards; those objects which become mainstream are more highly sophisticated, technologically.
  • Less paper documents and objects.
  • Reading and writing switch predominantly to electronic mode

From 2025-2044 Pluto is is the Air sign Aquarius which has clear implications for technology -both positive and negative

While groups and networks will form to develop transformational and egalitarian technologies there is equally scope for destructive use of technology where people seek to gain power, control and dominate through electronic means.

More widespread cyberwar
 is likely in this era, 2025-2044

The big topic is state & global surveillance including the roles played by the american NSA, British GCHQ  New Zealand's GCSB. Wikileaks, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden have been to the forefront of disclosing state secrets. These articles in September 2013 summarise current issues:
How to remain secure
The undermining of encrypted communications

News item on Eugene Kaspersky lists many cybercrime heists uncovered:
IT system of Antwerp's shipping port taken offline to allow a cocaine drop
Mining company software hacked to siphon off a quantity of coal over 5 yr period
Petrol loyalty cards loaded with discounts and mass produced
UK customs IT collapse causing major port and airport congestion
Mafia's entry into cybercrime
Mobile devices and Smart TVs being remotely accessed and hacked
The future targets will be much larger infrastructure

FBI is seeking to arrest Chinese nationals operating from a military unit for the purpose of stealing trade secrets and intellectual property from a range of US companies

Islamic State fighters believed to be involved in the shutdown of TV5Monde network in Paris. Broadcasts were blacked out and online media pages hacked

November 2015
Tech savvy youth seen as key to US modern warfare
Anonymous hacking group declares war on IS - and is preparing to unleash waves of cyber attacks

Following the series of terror attacks in Paris on Nov 13 2015 the West has responded to the atrocities.

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