Astrology notes for Feb 2013

The period Feb 5-13 is a window for increased pressure on terrestrial forces, due to the sequence of Moon at max south position (6th), New Moon (10th) & phase (7th-13th) and Moon on equator (12th). Similarly 18th-20th Moon is max North position. 23rd-March 1st - Full moon phase with Moon on equator 26th.

These are the time frames for greater stress on planet earth itself, along with effects on all biological systems.
Individual differences apply in terms of a strong, medium or low resonance with these or any prevailing energetic effects - because it depends on your own personal energy template ( as described and pictured by your individual birth chart - (or in the case of locational effects, it depends on the resonance with the individual energy template of that location - if that can be determined)
These lunar phase factors are just a part of the prevailing picture of energetic effects (Yes, astrology is complex) because a swag of other extra-terrestrial influences are in play at any moment in time - most observers limit themselves to looking at the main planets & some asteroids, but there is the potential for extreme complexity, beyond practicality, since the sources of information to use for interpretation are theoretically countless.

Writing on the 8th, there is ongoing seismic unrest in the South Pacific as a consequence of a M8.0 seafloor quake on Feb 6 when the Moon was at maximum South position.

The New Moon on Feb 10 2013
There is an exact T-square pattern involving the north and south lunar nodes with the sun-moon pairing. 21.43 degrees Aquarius Sun conjnct 21.43 Aquarius Moon both at right angles to the 21.30 Scorpio North Node & 21.30 Taurus South Node. 

The involvement of the nodes brings important themes related to us collectively, into public prominence. This time it is: 
 death and transformational change as well as issues around use & abuse of power or control -be that physical, material, financial or due to status or position.
All 3 of these signs are reluctant to change, can be rigid and stubborn but Taurus & Scorpio are arguably the worst. The Aquarian sun & moon energies are rebellious, resistant to convention, both from an ego standpoint as well as emotionally. This combo suggests more protest energy during the lunar month till early March - issues of injustice and human rights likely to be front page & headline news. [ Animals & all other creatures being granted greater rights is also an Aquarian mission, so expect outrage in NZ over the farmer jailed for horrendous violent assaults on his dairy cattle]
A prominent NZ broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes was farewelled on Feb 8 in a hi profile funeral service.
Update Feb 10 6pm: 3 cases of violence -two murder charges & one attempted murder all in the news in New Zealand
Update Feb18 2013 - refer to my special report on the death of Reeva Steenkamp & arrest of boyfriend Oscar Pistorius in South Africa on Valentines Day

The Full Moon on February 25 2013
Pisces Sun opposite Virgo moon with Jupiter in Gemini at exact right angle, all around 7.30 degrees, so another t-square pattern. 
Jupiter in Gemini means a lot of movement, a lot of communications. 
The Pisces-Virgo energies can relate to health & wellbeing via awareness of nutrition, diets, health supplements, awareness of allergies & toxins & the need to eliminate these and addictive substances ( drugs, tobacco, alcohol)  or behaviours, to gain optimum health.
In elemental/environmental terms this full moon pattern is water opposite earth and both stressed by air or wind. This suggests a storm pattern with high winds and a lot of rain as well as possible seismic unrest due to the moon's position on the equator then. 
[update Mon Feb 25: New South Wales and likely Queensland getting the brunt of the flood-storm energy as full moon approaches

Wild weather brings floods, 'mini tornadoes'
update Feb 27 2013 - Category 4 Cyclone Rusty set to batter Australia's west coast - so this continent is clearly hogging the extreme effects of the current full moon phase Feb22-Mar 24 2013 - news report
Winter storms slam Midwest USA]

In February 2013, Saturn and Pluto remain locked in a pattern which will be noticed particularly by Scorpios and Capricorns. ( read Oscar Pistorius [Scorpio] case analysis ) Deep transformational changes are in process for both groups, but the process is slow. Expect March to be very similar. 
Death surrounds Capricorns, either the sense of their own mortality or that of others. Rebirth is also an option for those who want to start again on a different life path
Similar issues arise for Scorpios but this is a familiar life-long process. Issues related to aging, responsibilities, new roles of significance are on offer for integration.

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI has connection to the Pisces-Jupiter aspects of the Full Moon this month, but falls primarily witihn the context of the over-riding long term Uranus-Pluto transformational, sudden unexpected, world upside down pattern, altering the power dynamics in the Catholic Church

Again remember only certain people and places affected, depending on a matching resonant pattern.

Richard Nolle has a lot to say about Mercury's role in this February 2013 forecast including the retrograde phase beginning on the 23rd.

                                         Updates may be added if required


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