Shark Attack Feb 27 2013 - astro analysis

Here is the chart for 1.24pm local time in New Zealand when a person reported a shark attack to emergency services Auckland, witnessing an event at Muriwai Beach, on the city's west coast.
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Though separated by many hours and a large space -the energies of this chart have a lot in common with the Luxor hot balloon tragedy in Egypt on Feb 25 2013.

Both events are in the wake of a potent full moon on Feb 25 which promised lots of action due to two particularly influential planetary connections to the lunar event -Uranus and Jupiter both tightly linked by mathematics to the 7.24 degree full moon [Uranus 6.46 and Jupiter 7.28 degrees & minutes].
This chart for the shark attack shows the tighly linked connections from left [Jupiter] and right [Saturn and the lunar north node] all converging on the tight alignment of planets at the top of the chart.
When such a pattern is present strong energy is the immediate impression and found to commonly occur in high profile events.

The death and fatality aspect comes from the Saturn-node positions in Scorpio.
This event took place in the sea -and so involves the collection of 5 factors in Pisces -plus the MC point also in Pisces gives a very high public profile to the event.
With Mars in Pisces tightly linked in since Mon Feb 25, [aided by Mercury extremely close to Mars] he exact link to the karma or destiny activation of the Scorpio lunar node. A violent death is easily understood by this combination.
Accident related Uranus is also tightly linked in and in Mars' birth sign Aries adds heat/aggression into the mix.

Since energy is capable of morphing and transitioning into various contexts  [time, place an destiny all play a role in the manifestation] the Luxor balloon tragedy involved not water but gas - another Pisces substance. Instead of an aggressive predator, the balloon event involved fire - both are Aries expressions. Jupiter was the excursion in a big balloon but at Muriwai Beach it represented a seemingly enjoyable recreational activity in a large body of water.  Tragic and fatal and karmic aspects apply to both.

Update March 4 2013:
The deceased Adam Strange, whose funeral was held today at the beach that claimed him, was an award-winning NZ film-maker - this occupation is a Pisces career [ film, photography, any camera-work & all water-related, chemical/gas/oil/petroleum industries] showing his connection to the strong Pisces planets bunched together when he died in the water. No birth data is available at this time.

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