March 2013 astrology forecast - Death & Destruction

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Note: updated material will be regularly added

Saturn and Pluto remain locked in to a pronounced theme of  death & destruction  [notable in February and continuing through March 2013 with significant high profile deaths: people widely known and important to their larger community ] [update Hugo Chavez , President of Venezuela, died March 5 & further hi-profile deaths are noted into April 2013 -Margaret Thatcher - with the planetary factors still in play until October 2013]
As usual, particular persons and places are affected, dependant on individual resonance with the prevailing pattern. Your friendly local astrologer can give you guidance on that
In fact 2013 may be remembered for the overdose of death and transformational experiences in the news - September looks even more intense in this respect, with Saturn-Pluto-north node all locked together at 8 degrees. Transformational means a life completely changed, due to powerful changes affecting the self or those in meaningful connection to a person. This can be the result of an "accident", an environmental disaster, disease, being the victim of a criminal act or personal criminal liability - or any circumstance that arises [karmically] that enforces a dramatic new adjustment.
Death & transformation are very clearly being expressed in our environment
The worst drought in almost 70 years now affects most of New Zealand's North Island. for the farmers this means the death of pastures, the transformation of their landscape & the decline of healthy animals. Growers and home gardeners face the loss of crops, vegie plots, cherished ornamentals
[Update March 10: UK Met Service reports on weather extremes from drought to deluge.
 & refer to posts on this blog re Dust Bowl Drought & Water issues: too little-too much for prior forecasts into the future

In New Zealand, March began with a destructive arson affecting 3 homes in Westmere, Auckland. On the day in question, March 2, Sun-Saturn Pluto were all tightly linked - with the sun being the trigger point for the destructive actions of the offender[s] & resulting fire. The death aspect did not involve human fatalities, but the death of a lifestyle, or phase of life, for those directly involved.
A second arson reported March 4, West Auckland. 
[in fact a google search for arson news over the first days of this month showed several reports on arson, so it seems the prevailing energy has deliberate fire-setting as one of its signatures]
Destructive & aggressive energy also associated with a car crash involving 4 teenage girls in east Auckland.
A gas leak forces domestic evacuations at Hatfield's Beach north of Auckland [March 4] This issue indicates Pisces [gas] with Saturn causing failure/problems.

With news of the illness of Queen Elizabeth of England her chart is referenced
A life of duty - and difficulties, restraint & responsibilities personified by Saturn exact at the top point [MC] of the vertical [angled] axis and a double-whammy effect with the related sign Capricorn rising at the time of birth.[AC] The Queen's well known abundant energy and fitness derive from the Mars-Jupiter tight connection - but contradictory weakening forces come via Neptune opposite these two and Saturn at right angles - all outlined by the red triangle.
2013 has seen the lunar north node and Saturn in transit both in strong relationship to her birthchart positions, the node crossing the MC point and the other, Saturn en route to the 3rd Saturn return. Pluto, in transit, has now twice been at the midpoint of the Saturn-Mars-Jupiter factors, but there is more to come - at least 5 months of systemic stress starting in July, with Pluto eventually joined again by Uranus in November, giving rise to obvious concern re the monarch's ability to sustain such a strongly transformational period. Interesting to look further and see whether abdication is the option at hand.

The New Moon
Falls either on the 11th or 12th -in your own timezone. The phase begins up to 3 days prior and has potential effect - i.e. themes can be triggered by activating planets within the period till next New Moon
As in February, a big collection of planets remain in Pisces so some of the keywords which may be in the news:
sea, water, boats, alcohol, drugs, medicines, chemicals, gas, oil, petrol, movies, dreams, escapism, trickery, fraud.
Aggressive energy is associated through Mars with this Pisces line-up, particularly a Sun-Mars connection which will trigger the Saturn-Pluto theme.
There is potential here for alcohol/drug or religiously inspired aggression resulting in a death & destruction outcome. Several events of this/related description are likely to feature in global news.
[update: The Vatican conclave meeting, to elect a new Roman Catholic Pope, in the middle of March 2013 represents another Pisces theme: the Church & religion. - refer to detailed report on the process & top candidate profiles.
It is interesting how much Scorpio energy is in the prominent candidates [Scola, Turkson, Bertone, Sandri] at a time when sexual issues at high on the agenda. A transformational opportunity for one of these, including Scorpio Cardinal Leonardo Sandri [ an Italian native, serving in South America]. Looking at his basic astrological factors [full chart not available] he seems to have strong energy at this time -  as does Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (Aquarius).  It's too big a job to reach any definitive conclusions -and without any birth times to make proper charts - so just a slightly educated guess based on some presently strong planetary influences.  Watching this process is like a live episode from the Da Vinci Code
[updates March 16: Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, on Dec 17 1936, was declared Pope on March 13 2013. The new Pope has a chart loaded with spiritual destiny. viewing just his birth date, since no time is known, Saturn's position in Pisces is very relevant and particularly being linked in direct opposition to his Neptune in Virgo.[ significant spiritual leadership & responsibilities] His natal north lunar node at 24 Sagittarius is in tight conjunction to his sun at 25 Sagittarius [ karmic destiny in the realm of belief]. Pluto at 28 Cancer is linked closely to the Sun-Node pairing bringing transformational energies at his disposal. [ Pluto being the planetary expression of the sign Scorpio can manifest, as in all energies, at the highest or lowest level - as noted regarding the Church's sexual abuse scandals. The time is ripe for the past to be overturned, transformed and healed via a fresh leadership.
In terms of other pisces keywords - a report on the pending disastrous failure globally of antibacterial drugs. With resistance spreading, the world faces a return to conditions only known prior to the modern era of pharmaceuticals, when people risked death as a result of minor infections.
And - regarding water - the connection of this commodity to the economy is explained by Brian Fallow NZHerald - report March 14

updates March 21 2013
Have to insert here a note about the abundance of accident energy around in the period March 21-23 in particular due to Mars and Uranus teaming up in Aries. Sharp objects, knives and guns often feature, along with vehicle accidents and fires.  Angry, aggressive energy is also part of the picture with Sun & Venus in tandem in Aries on 27th-28th March coinciding with the Full Moon in Aries-Libra. -refer to Full Moon notes below As usual particular people & places more affected due to individual resonance with this rather dangerous Aries then Plutonic/Scorpionic energy.

NZer living in Australia, Hohepa Morehu-Barlow sentenced for multi-million dollar fraud sentenced to a term of 14 years jail this week in March 2013,  report
This  is a classic 'fall from grace' though his fans and reputation were based on a fantasy royal lineage. He now suffers the death of a lifestyle and due to the large amount embezzled & the auctioning of $1 million of luxury goods to reclaim some of the losses, so complies with the March theme of 'high profile deaths'. born Feb 13 1975, time unknown, Barlow has some classic fantasy factors - Moon, Venus & Jupiter in Pisces -an emotional need for escapism and material abundance fuelled by fantasy & deception - the result of a wounded sense of self [link to Chiron in Aries]
[update March 22 2013: refer to recent updates in post titled Sun Flares Earth Storms which, along with other solar activity writings on this blog, considers human, biological, environmental, technological responses to raised geomagnetic conditions induced by electrical discharges from the sun. The timing of the recent March 17 2013 geostorm has flowed into a hi-intensity Aries period of planetary mix as noted on March 21. Aries with its link to Mars [sign-planet] bears many of the hallmarks of the rush of blood to the brain -type behaviours seen to cluster after the sun sends its highly charged wind out into space, as it did recently, when that wind engulfed earth. anger, aggression, violence, impatience resulting in all kinds of accidents, arguments, murder, protests -and at the extreme end involving mass panic, explosions, bombings. The solar effects seem to add jet fuel to the Mars/Aries influences, and here in March 2013 have preceded the growing collection of Sun-Venus-Mars-Uranus all in Aries and being accentuated by the events detailed below. What is highly interesting is the timing issue, because constructed time is not the same as natural time - and even the issue of linear time can be seen as a construct versus the notion of simple simultaneity - so many questions arise re the coinciding solar and planetary events]    Scroll down to WATCH video of the March 17 geostorm

update:March 23 2013
Reports of destruction from extreme weather:
An unseasonal late snowstorm brings destruction in the UK -report
Homes, caravans destroyed, Australia, north Victoria after unusual tornado rips through -report

Looking ahead to March 24 2013
The energy is now bunched in Aries - Venus-Sun-Uranus-Mars and Saturn-Pluto are triggered by an exact Jupiter position in Gemini
Around/on this date there is significant accident or aggression energy related to a form of transport, and with a considerable number of deaths. One example could be a terrorist car bomb killing many or a train derailment - but the keywords are indicating some form of transport. Gemini is land transport, but Jupiter adds in the potential for long distant transport - ie a plane.
updates: globally lots of crash reports in the March 23-25 window being reported -car, bus, plane
 Pakistani bus crash with large number of fatalities & injuries reported March 23
Plane crash Queensland reported March 25

With energy patterns such as these clearly most of the planet's population will not experience the full force of these effects. Those most affected have planetary positions which are in mathematical-angular range of being triggered. Places, specific locations have an accumulated energy which also is capable of being activated by corresponding energy in transit. Lesser effects such as difficult,dangerous, but not fatal, life-changing experiences are experienced by those with a partial connection to the energy - for example a person who comes to the aid of a person severely injured or dying. The helper is strongly affected, but not to the extent of the person they are attending.
Aries energy expressed as military action:
The president of the Central African Republic has fled the country's capital and rebels have seized control of the city
Military action by Israel against Syria - reported March 24

March 27 Full Moon Aries-Libra
A bundle of planets in the range from 6-11 degrees
So out of the whole range of commonly referred to factors -only the nodes of the Moon and Neptune are placed outside of this range - and with Neptune close to 5 degrees, it could be included.

Aries-Libra is the classic balancing act and issues of balance, fairness, peace, mediation - measured against imbalance, unfairness, aggression, violence.
Aries is the viewpoint of the individual self and Libra is the partnership perspective, so issues always arise in this phase - active when triggered from 24 March 2013-next full moon - re how to meet the needs of the self while also trying to be a partner.

With so much emphasis on Aries [Venus-Sun-Uranus-Mars] in this March 2013 lineup -there's quite a lot of scope for disputes over selfish behaviour -whether on a personal, national or international level.
Angry, aggressive & militaristic drives are exaggerated in this phase.

[update April 15 Patriots Day Boston Marathon finish line is the scene of 2 explosions reported as bombs; other devices located; fatalities and injuries reported]

Secret sexual & romantic/escapist encounters are more likely than usual to be the cause of relationship strife. Some influenced by these urges will have an attack of the guilts that stops them in their tracks - or  it could be a conception or sexual infection that gives the game away on the hidden activities.

Lots of scope here for heat, fire, explosions - on the human and environmental levels.

Under these influences, best to back off from confrontations and from those releasing frustration around you, as outcomes are not looking pleasant once the combustible factors synergise

update March 27
A report from the UK on March 26:  a fatal attack by 4 dogs inside a residential address has led to a 14 year old girl losing her life. This occurred in the building phase of this potent full moon and is an example of how animals are equally affected by the aggressive triggers.
And in a strikingly similar case: update March 29: a New Zealand woman found dead after being mauled at a residential address by 2 dogs - report
update March 28
Hi profile NZ cricketer Jesse Ryder seriously injured in one or more assaults by at least two men, around 12.30 am March 28, in Merivale, Christchurch. One witness reports 3-4 men attacking Ryder.  His initial condition is critical, with a fractured skull, other injuries and then reported to have been placed in an induced coma. - report
Astrological factors:
Born August 6 1984 [Sun Leo, Moon Sagittarius with a significant [sesquiquadrate] Neptune link to the Sun - Ryder has a history of alcohol issues. The assault is reported to have happened outside a bar where Ryder & fellow cricketers had been after a match day. With Neptune and Pluto in tight connection [sextile] in his natal chart, Pluto's position in Libra has a role to play in creating significant relationship issues.
The primary factor at present is clearly the return of Saturn to its birth position [ Saturn return] in Ryder's chart: born with Saturn at 10 Scorpio, this planet on March 28 2013 is at 10.23 Scorpio.
Scorpio is death, transformation & the use/abuse of power.
Saturn brings major life lessons and new phases of maturity - often experienced through difficult experiences if a person has resisted or delayed growth.
The Saturn Return emphasises the Saturn issues & occurs at critical points in the lifespan of an individual -firstly around the age of 28-29, next late 50's -[specific to each individual due to cycle length variations]
The assault happened in the wake of a very dangerous full moon.
If Ryder survives this attack -clearly a dynamic of power abuse involving violent assailants - he will clearly be a transformed man.
note: fuller analysis is not possible due to lack of a complete chart based on time of birth
Here is a chart based on possible time of 25 past midnight in Christchurch.
This shows the energies in play in the general region.
The birth charts of all 5 individuals involved would show strong resonance with the energy picture prevailing
click to enlarge

The Moon at the top of the sky is the timing trigger. Position 8 Libra.
Opposite the Moon is a gathering in Aries: Venus-Sun-Uranus-Mars from effectively 6-12 degrees and midpoint of 9
At right angles is Pluto sitting exact on the left horizon line - at 11 Capricorn

Another grouping clusters around 11 degrees:
Saturn in Scorpio top left at 10 degrees
Mercury-Chiron combine at 10 Pisces
Mars at almost 12 Aries
Jupiter at 11 Gemini
Ascendant and Pluto together at 11 Capricorn
The mathematics consistently line up in times of extreme energy eruptions

This amount of tightly knitted energy and particularly with so many intense angles - especially opposition and 90 degree range squares - the combination is a picture of explosive & violence - with likely fatal or majorly transformational consequences.
This happened in Christchurch but the pattern was global - like a lightning bolt seeking earthing points emerging where resonant conditions exist. Other news examples around this time [ universal time of 11.25 am on Weds 27th] will include more than usual reports of acts of violence, bombing, war zone activity and destructive use of power.
update: March 30 Jesse Ryder reported to be out of coma and talking with family. Two related men have now been arrested

Note as well March 31-April 1st 2013
A collection of planets at 10-11 degrees
Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto-Chiron, all amplified by Uranus-Mars 11 degree midpoint in Aries means potentials are high in resonant people & places for a lot of energy activation with agressive-dangerous-explosive-violent-injurious-fatal consequences. Destructive urges, accident energy and dangerous situations involving transport on land,sea & in the air] are higher than usual risk factors.

updates March 30 3013
North Korea declares war on South Korea this event occurs admidst the powerful Aries aggressive-militaristic energies, already identified in this blog post, as building continually during March 2013 due to multiple planets Aries fuelled by Pluto in Capricorn.
This is the type of B-2 stealth bomber being flown over the Korean Peninsula in March - report
Explosion in China coal mine kills 28
Camp stove gas canister explodes -March 29 NZ
All Black Dan Carter announces birth of son Marco on 28th -no time yet reported - but this little boy born in the wake of a potent full moon with many intense planetary interactions going on has the potential to be a force to be reckoned with. The birth was expected in mid April so an early, probably cesarean birth, is consistent with the impatience of an Aries child. - may be updated 
High profile death in NZ - Eric Hertz CEO of mobile phone company and wife presumed dead after light plane crash March 30, in New Zealand - report
Eiffel Tower evacuated due to bomb threat March 30

further material:

Wikipedia -Jesse Ryder

                         view the strong geostorm of March 17, shown in the aurora borealis
Significant disturbances to earth's magnetic field appear to have flow-on effects upon human & other biological systems as well as electrical/electronic technologies


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