Real Estate by Numbers

Number 2 would suit a loving couple
Everything in existence has a vibration that relates to movement and numbers get their movement by virtue of the sound waves or vibration produced when the number is spoken or thought. So this information relates to numbers as they are known in the English speaking world. Other cultures are very likely to have their own knowledge system regarding the meaning of individual numbers - and the numbers they prefer to avoid.

How does this relate to real estate or simply choosing which address to live at?
By virtue of your own personal vibration, you will attract certain locations or addresses unconsciously, but there are conscious ways of choosing too.  It helps if you have some idea of the sort of package deal you get with each number. Just as the number energy of your names are very important - and the first letter's number is extra important - the first number of your address is very important.

Firstly, browse these notes on the basic or leading numbers:

1. Best suited to single people or those couples who "do their own thing" a lot. Can be selfish neighbours.

2. The couples number - partners, people who want to be with a partner, enjoy getting on well with others

3. A writer's address or great for those who have lots of books, love to read,  for those who love pottering about at home or always in and out, lots of little local trips, walks, bike rides

4. Problematic. A burden in any form - e.g. a financial drain due to repairs, faulty renovations, hard to sell, suffers from damp or dark or cold. Not a good vibe here. Looks or easily becomes run-down. Hidden or obvious faults.  Avoid like the plague if you can. Scrooge or The Grinch would suit this address

5. A good vibe. Happiness derived from an interesting, free-wheeling, variable life

6. A domestic and family feel is easier to achieve here than under other number vibrations. A good dose of creativity here too.

7. The spiritual side of life is part of the fabric of this place

8. Suited to people in high managerial, executive career roles especially in the realm of business

9. The humanitarian household. People who care about others

Now look at combining because the final digit, from adding all numbers, is important too
So 69 =  a humanitarian family home - especially when all numbers added to reach a single digit:  6+9=15=

13 = a solitary writer's home -  but the reduction to 4 might involve repair or financial problems

Long numbers have more complex stories - each number tells part of the story, but give extra emphasis to the first or leading number and the final digit after adding.

A double number is a double emphasis in addition to the final digit
e.g. 44 = 4,4 =8  Problems with the dwelling but hard work and serious responsibilities could pay off career-wise.

So next time you scan the real estate with a view to buy, or you hunt for a different rental - check the numbers first

Numbers 11 and 22 are termed Master Numbers and so are not reduced to a single digit.
They both involve a strong requirement to live a life involving a higher than usual level of responsibility -or risk big problems. Both numbers show strong leadership potential but the 11 vibration is about responsibility to provide to others, using mystical or spiritual talents. So address numbers 11, 47, 74, 56, 65 are examples resulting in an 11 vibration and thus the home of a meditator, healer
The 22 is firmly grounded in civic and community responsibilities of a more managerial kind often related to government or organisations.  A highly ethical  judge, magistrate or Prime Minister or political party leader could suitably live at a number 22


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