Marriage Equality in New Zealand - astro-analysis

The New Zealand parliament voted by conscience vote on April 18 2013 to become the 13th nation worldwide to introduce the legalisation of same sex partnerships
 as marriage.
This historic occasion warrants an astrological birth chart
voting results were called at 9:39 pm NZ time in Wellington
The first look at this chart gives rise to a rendition of:

When the Moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age
Of Aquarius, the age of Aquarius
Aquarius, Aquarius
Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation
Aquarius, Aquarius

                                                    Age of Aquarius 1960's song by the 5th Dimension

And bang on! The Moon is in the 7th house in the marriage equality chart -but the rest of the lyrics are more optimistic & also fanciful than actual reality in the global context in 2013. Jupiter aligning with Mars has no relevance - more a lyricist relative ease versus writing about the prime Aquarian planet: Uranus. So far we have not reached that era of peace guided by planets or vice versa and ditto for love steering the stars - but we are in the transition period between the Ages of Pisces and Aquarius - when the worst fragments of Piscean degeneration are still to be resolved [ addiction, escapism, delusion & deceit] and the best of Pisces [knowing the spiritual connectedness of everything; compassion; unconditional love] is yet to merge into the growing Aquarian impulses [ friendship, community, equality, social justice, human rights]

Many of the Aquarian keywords are evident in this issue of marriage equality and all things that are not mainstream, that are unusual, inventive, alternative, progressive and fair relate to the energy of Aquarius. Expect more to come - but not without an intense backlash as the Old Order seeks to maintain control.
                    The chart explained in symbols, positions and angular relationships

The chart has not only the Moon in the sector related to marriage and partnership, but also in the nurturing sign Cancer
Three planets: Sun, Venus, Mars in the zone reflecting the heart chakra -this as many said in the House, is about Love
With Capricorn as the Ascendant sign and Pluto in that sector -this is about the transformational [Pluto] legal aspect [Capricorn-Saturn are indicators of the system and its regulatory role]
Neptune and Chiron in the 3rd in Pisces show the compassionate minds that were to the fore [ the vote was 77 For to 44 Against]

The change in the Marriage Act in New Zealand is a development whose time has come as the chart created for the vote reveals with the positions of Saturn and Uranus. These two planets by themselves represent the old [Saturn] and new [Uranus] orders. You will notice that Saturn in Scorpio is at 9'02 and Uranus in Aries at 9'35 - a tight angle just past exactitude and now producing the sort of  results anticipated when bedrock change is in process. 
With Saturn in Scorpio in the 11th and Uranus in the 4th the link is between a law about unconventional sexuality and the personal changes that creates in the nature of the family.
Scorpio of course has links to sexuality and Aries to one's sense of self - so where does marriage and twosome come in?
One fascinating aspect about the astrological concept of energies is the recognition that no singular energy is one-dimensional - all the 12 signs belong to energy groups [3 groups of 4 signs] that have common themes - this collectivity allows a person born under any sign to flip into their polarity in relevant circumstances [opposite sign] and to show traits of the other polarity pairing in the group of 4.
Aries is paired with Libra [ the sign of partnership, relationship, marriage] and shares traits with Cancer [ nurturing, parenting & domestic focus] and Capricorn [ public life & career oriented, administering, governing]
All four of these signs are about relating -
Aries - to self
Libra - the the other
Cancer - as a nurturing parental figure
Capricorn - as a guiding [rule-setting] parental figure
With Uranus in Aries we are in a lengthy cycle of collective change regarding how we relate on all of those four levels, because for healthy interactions we all need to develop all four inner archetypes in order to be happy as individuals, partners, parents, community members and citizens. Evidence shows we collectively have a long way to go - but with the Uranus in Aries period lasting for another 5 years till mid 2018 - it is useful to have this mass agenda in mind.
This period of change is reinforced by other transformational processes already underway and discussed in detail on this site

NZ churches have been forced to confront the issue of their stance on the new law

This brief analysis covers standout points and is not a complete chart interpretation
Updates may be added or edits made

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