Astrology: Amanda Berry Capture & Release analysis

Amanda Berry disappeared off the street
 in Cleveland USA, April 2003.
 In 2013 she escaped her captor.
 Astro-analysis clearly shows how it all happened
FBI wanted poster
Born April 22 1986 [time unavailable] the planets on that day give vital clues as to the events that were to unfold

             DAY                  SUN                 MER  VEN  MAR JUP  SAT URA NEP PLU  NODE

            TUE 22              TAURUS        ARIES TAU CAP   PIS   SAG SAG CAP SCO ARIES 

The planetary combinations in this grouping which indicate a risk of being restrained, restricted by force, captured include:
  • Pluto 6 Scorpio semisquare Uranus 22 Sagittarius
  • Saturn 8'48 Sagittarius linked to Uranus 22'06 Sagittarius with a far midpoint semisquare the Sun 
Due to the number of ways Amanda was physically restrained, her mind become her primary vehicle of life experience for 10 years.
Mercury and Jupiter are the channels of mind expression -
Mercury is for the flow of everyday ideas, reading and communications. 
Jupiter is the mind-expansion capacity we all potentially have - for advanced learning, study, spiritual and philosophical exploration.  
The control of her everyday mind, ideas and communications comes from
  • Pluto quincunx Mercury, Saturn trine Mercury
These two planets also gave Amanda the possibility of rebuilding her mental responses by restructuring and transforming her thinking.

The ability and need to escape mentally -through dreams, daydreams, fantasies comes through:
  • Neptune exactly square Mercury. Jupiter in Pisces [semisquare Saturn-Uranus midpoint]
The likelihood of a strongly fateful event occurring is indicated by the very close association of the Sun at 1'34 Taurus and the north Lunar Node at 29'59 Aries

April 21 2003 was a fateful day for Amanda Berry
Every year this strongly fate laden energy arises for her in the approach to her birthday, when the annual Sun returns to 29'59 Aries and soon comes to reach her birth sun 1'34 Taurus -triggering the paired elements.
What made April 2003 especially dangerous for Amanda was the transiting positions of the Sun just past 29 degrees and Mercury, Mars and the lunar nodes ALL at 29 degrees -and therefore all being triggers of her birth potentials to cascade into effect.

                                           SUN                     VEN MAR                                               NODE
The Sun has just passed 29 degrees Aries so is in very close range, adding to the Venus 29 Pisces, Mars 29 Capricorn and Nodes 29 Taurus-Scorpio.
All this connectedness is critical to the unleashing of vulnerabilities in this young woman's birth template.

May 6 2013 saw another fateful turn of events
Two planets that had been moving at extreme slow pace in their natural orbits came for the first time in Amanda Berry's life into position - as the common saying goes -the stars aligned - for her to escape.
The powerful factors needed were Pluto and Uranus and they liberated her Mars.
Amanda was born with her Mars at 11'34 Capricorn 
Mars in Capricorn provides the energy to reach goals,  an ambition-seeking drive
Pluto the great transformer of energies, came to 11 degrees Capricorn for the first time in Amanda's life, triggering that drive to succeed, no matter how quietly, in late February 2013.
All through April 2013, Pluto's position hovered around 11'30-11'35 Capricorn -which is a very significant, sustained energy push via the energy waves from Pluto - for Amanda to DO SOMETHING. Pluto is not an energy whisperer.
Meanwhile the great liberator force, Uranus has been interacting majorly -for the whole world - with Pluto since 2012 -and again it was moving towards a peak alignment with Pluto - to become exact on May 20 2013 at 11'14 Capricorn-Aries.
On May 6 the position of Uranus was close enough - within a degree, being 10'33 Aries - to work strongly with Pluto in affecting Amanda's Mars at 11'34 Capricorn.
To add to the forces involved, Mars on May 6 was at 11.32 Taurus [Universal Time as the day began] 
Mars would have served as the energetic trigger or the match to the fuse to engage Uranus and Pluto in the adrenally charged escape attempt

This complex case offers a wealth of aspects to consider, far too many for one brief report, so some essential aspects of one key person have been selected for analysis.
No further data is immediately available for co-captives Gina DeJesus or Michelle Knight, but the success of Amanda Berry's escape led to their liberation as well. All three are described as extremely traumatised in the aftermath of their lengthy horrific experiences.

Note:Due to the lack of precise timings for the key events of birth, capture and escape, many chart elements including the fast-moving Moon plus the orientation of the layout of the planets at specific times, are not able to be considered. However, in intense events, the remaining visible factors are often sufficient to tell the story

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