Mega Weather: Galveston 1900 case study of planetary forces

Extreme weather involves not just turbulence at a terrestrial level: it expresses the mega forces of the larger solar system as well
Planetary analysis shows the hallmark patterns that generate destructive forces way beyond human control.
Such has been the fate of Earth and all living beings
 since the planet's beginnings
but the indicators are there for those who choose to see them
and to have advance warning
Galveston, Texas is chosen as a case study due to the extreme nature of events
 which devastated the city in September 1900

From a meteorological perspective the Galveston hurricane of September 1900 had it's origins in August of that year.  Author Erik  Larson provided a comprehensive, meticulous and thrilling account in his 1999 book Isaac's Storm. Larson's research reveals sea captains who picked up early indicators of a strengthening weather system on August 27 and 28
When considering significant events, the association with the solar-lunar cycle is highly relevant since charts constructed for New Moon, Full Moon and their eclipse cycles are regularly indicative of patterns with time-extended effects. In other words the pattern set in place at the time of an exact planetary event such as New Moon - or even more so if an eclipse - is sensitive to ongoing activation when angular positions are strengthened by additional planets occupying positions set in that pattern.

September 8 1900 was the day of extreme devastation in Galveston due to extremely high winds and battering seas which breached the low lying island. The human toll is likely to have exceeded 8,000. Scores of animals large and small met a similar fate and the city itself was indescribably laid waste.
Barometric readings slumped from the standard sea level reading of 29.92 inches, progressively down from 5pm 29.02, 28.95, 28.73,28.7, to 28.53 at 7.48pm [Larson]
The modern era assessment from NOAA is that a low of 27.49 was reached

The building phase and profound expression of extreme energies fall within the periods related to the New Moon of August 24 and the Full Moon of September 8 so it is worthwhile looking at both of those energy patterns
August 24 in the locality of Galveston, exact New Moon

Standout planetary features:
  • Jupiter in very tight 90 degree square angle to the Sun-Moon conjunction
  • New Moon has Earth-Moon-Sun exact alignment
  • The bunching of planets & north lunar node in Sagittarius opposite south node, Pluto-Neptune in Gemini.  [only north node glyph is shown]
  • Saturn is in extreme tight opposition to Neptune
  • Pluto in tight opposition to Chiron
  • Uranus in tight conjunction to north lunar node

Standout astrological factors 
  • Main emphasis in mutable signs [Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo]
  • House emphasis 8th-2nd
  • Jupiter theme pronounced
  • Interconnectivity and synergy of the Sagittarius-Gemini planets & nodes

This picture, presenting many planets in connected feedback and significant tight to exact angular contacts is a hallmark of intense and enduring energy production. This is the potency of the solar system exemplified and destruction is inherent in this type of super force. 
Jupiter's influence is evident in events described as big, massive, huge -  so in direct combustion with the sun and moon in powerful alignment, outcomes will not pass unnoticed.
Pluto [transformational force], Uranus [wind, electrical processes] and Saturn [ deconstruction] are the prime suspects in cases involving extreme destruction and transformations and all 3 are caught up in the energy mix pictured here. Add Neptune [water] in plus the lunar nodes [ fate/destiny/karma] and the potency of a hurricane is revealed as well as its relevance to the people and places impacted

The Day the Hurricane Struck
September 8 1900 was a Full Moon and Larson documents this in several references.
Full Moon exact in Galveston at 11.06pm Sept 8 1900
A lot going on. Even an untrained eye can view the multiple connectivities evident
The details:

The alignments at Full Moon Sept 8 1900 show most factors considered
Standout planetary factors:
  • Full Moon puts Sun and Moon in exact opposition aligned Moon-Earth-Sun
  • Pluto at right angles to the Sun-Moon
  • Saturn and Neptune in extreme close opposition
  • Any factor at within a 2 degree range of 27 Sagittarius/Gemini/Pisces/Virgo = 25-29 degrees activated the position of our galaxy's centre -27 SAG. Any factor at 12 degrees or the range 10-14 degrees is a trigger for the 27 degree position [ including 25-29 degrees range ] 
  • Saturn at 28 SAG and Neptune at 29 GEM in the Sept 8 1900 full moon chart are the standout indicators of the consequences of Galactic Centre activation
Full list of standout astrological aspects:
  • Pluto's very close square to the Full Moon
  • Saturn-Neptune very tight opposition
  • Jupiter-Neptune midpoints meet at Sun-Moon axis
  • Uranus-Neptune midpoints within close range of Sun-Moon axis
  • Uranus-Saturn midpoints in close range of exact square to Sun-Moon axis
  • Jupiter-Saturn midpoint near exact square Sun-Moon axis
  • Saturn-Node midpoint in tight square to Sun-Moon axis
  • Neptune-Node midpoint in tight square to Sun-Moon axis
  • Jupiter in close range of exact angle to Mars [sesquiquadrate]
  • Jupiter near exact semisquare the Uranus-MC midpoint
  • Lunar nodes have midpoints with Saturn and Pluto which link to the Sun-Moon axis
Again all the expected factors which bring about destructive and transformational events are found to be prominent
The potency of a full moon super-charged by Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in a multitude of discordant angular positions.
Wind and water come under the respective energetic profiles of Uranus and Neptune
Mars is a trigger and energizing force
Jupiter magnifies and enlarges other energies. When in collaboration with Neptune, significant flooding is the likely outcome -as in this case Jupiter-Neptune synergised with the full moon.
Saturn is a destroying energy via deconstruction, things reduced to parts or pieces.
Pluto is the annihilating force, things made unrecognisable, obliterated, vaporized, through violent force. In terms of humans [and other beings] this resulted in a huge number of fatalities -a situation strongly associated with the significance of Pluto in respect of the Full Moon axis as well at the Chiron connection by close opposition
Uranus is the electrical energy in storms and has sudden, unpredictable qualities; the bringer of major change in conditions
Neptune dissolves, Jupiter swells. These two combined have offset the restrictive energy of Saturn - when Saturn energy conflicts with that of Neptune less water is likely -but Neptune in this event is linked so strongly to further amplifying energies.
Mutable signs again prevalent - this time encompassing the complete quartet of Pisces-Virgo, Gemini-Sagittarius. Why this is so is a matter for further research.

In response to the question What creates extreme forces of nature? the standard scientific models are woefully incomplete due to that persistently ingrained human failure to see the bigger picture. In future years the work of pioneers who have always known the significance of extra-terrestrial domains interacting with earth, may be given credence

Updates likely to be added as further thoughts arise

update July 26 2013

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Please take the time to read Erik Larson's excellent research, published in 1999 as Isaac's Storm
              Modern day Galveston city in red, off the coast of Texas and shown on the US map
November 2013

SUPER-TYPHOON HAIYAN - regarded by some as the biggest storm in at least modern recorded history slammed into the Philippines before destructive effects in the region  The thirtieth named storm, thirteenth typhoon, and fifth super-typhoon of the 2013 Pacific typhoon season, Haiyan originated on November 2, rapidly intensifying to typhoon status on Nov 5. On Nov 6 it was seen as a super-typhoon [ sustained winds >240kms per hour] On Nov 7 further intensification with a 315kms per hour winds.
If verified at this level when reaching landfall, this justifies a record-break - at sea it is possibly 4th biggest.
Landfall on the Philippines eastern seaboard occurred on November 8
Fatalities [first count at least 10,000] are exceedingly high & destruction immense - making this a mega scale event

To put this event into context of solar system forces prevailing over the earth environment read my October 21 2013 posting  Extreme Weather from the Galactic Centre which highlights solar, lunar & other planetary activations of the most potent forces imaginable

Hurricane Sandy
Developed October 22 2012, became a hurricane on October 24, reached New Jersey on October 29 and dissipated on October 31 2012.
Jamaica, The Bahamas and 24 US states were in its path of destruction from winds and sea surges
"the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, "

Planetary forces can be identified in the generation of this event.
September 30 2013 Pluto in Capricorn is at effective 90 degrees to both Uranus in Aries & the Sun in Libra
  • Pluto and Uranus generate perhaps the most volatile and transformational capacities of any of the planetary forces in the solar system.
  • Since June 2012  [till Nov 2013] these two forces have moved to exact 90 degree positioning on 4 occasions
  • Sandy and Haiyan both developed within 4 weeks following the T-square pattern shown above involving Pluto-Uranus-Sun
  • June 2012 had a galactic centre activator [New Moon 29 Gemini] and the 6 monthly effective June 4 2012 solar eclipse [14 Sagittarius] These two positions were retriggered in particular by
  • July-August-Sept Mars,Venus, Sun passing 25-29 degrees in a mutable sign [Virgo & Gemini] ; 14 SAG triggered by Jupiter at 12-16 GEM in Aug-Sept-Oct; Sun 12-16 Virgo in Sept; Mars 12-16 SAG in October - this constituted a 15 degree Jupiter-Mars exact opposition on Oct 28 = a signature of super-strength energy which was in effect for the whole period of Sandy's destruction
  • The Mars -Jupiter positions were angularly linked to the Sun-Saturn conjunction on October 24 -adding solar force and Saturn's wrecking ball force to the already big forces of Jupiter blended with Mars
In conclusion: multiple factors are generally seen in mega-destructive events -whether from nature or man-made.
  • Activation of the Galactic Centre position 27 SAG is very commonly observed in the surrounding time frame
  • Solar-Lunar events play a major role as generators supported by other planetary positions.
  • Mars is a strong trigger when combined with another force [ outer planetary]
  • Jupiter is likely to be in the mix when huge scale is involved
  • Saturn's hallmark is 
  • Uranus connected to Pluto is a top level power mix - making the period 2012-2016 particularly vulnerable to extreme galactic forces.These two in combination seem to demonstrate in a fearsome manner the extreme wild forces of the cosmos & they generate at the very least a glimpse into what seems like thermonuclear processes hurled into earth's atmosphere
1926 Miami Hurricane occurred in the aftermath of a potentised solar eclipse in July of that year when Sun Moon, lunar node and Pluto all aligned in Cancer in a position to activate Uranus at 29 Pisces close to the Galactic Center 27 degrees.
Uranus retrograded to close to 28 degrees as the storm was identified on Sept 11...but it was already silently in development for weeks beforehand.

2017 August alert as Hurricane Harvey at Cat 3 approaches the Texas coastline -identified on August 13 west of Africa after the lunar eclipse of August 7 then on August 24 rapidly developing to reach hurricane status in the atmospherically energised period of days after the Great American total Solar Eclipse passed across America
The Sun and Moon at 29 degrees at the eclipse - carrying with them Uranus at 28 degrees.
It then took until the 24th for Venus to get to the 27-28 degree position and energised by a 90 degree angle to Uranus.
All of these planetary factors when positioned in the 25-29 degree range activate the potency of the 27 degree Galactic Centre

eclipse path, storm track and target zone

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