Astrology of the Meredith Kercher Murder Case

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Now read extensive background analysis plus case developments covering the period 2007-2014 - with detailed astrological insights.
The interconnected fate of Meredith Kercher, Amanda Knox,
 Rudy Guede and Raffaele Sollecito
 hit global headlines in 2007 after Police tried to build a case around the murder of student Kercher in Perugia, Italy on the evening of November 1 2007.
This matter is again in the public eye after Italian authorities have decided to retry Knox & Sollecito, who previously were convicted, then later acquitted.
Subsequently, evidence implicated Rudy Guede and he remains serving a sentence, after his 2008 conviction for the murder and sexual assault of Kercher
[update July 4 2014 The bizarre circus that this case has become, continues. Fresh allegations have arisen to bolster the case against Knox. The whole situation has an air of desperation, with the prosecution accumulating a bundle of circumstantial and character assassinating accounts which are meant to overcome the deficiency in forensics -report
update April 29 2014 The Florence Appeals Court has produced a report related to its determination regarding the involvement of Knox & Sollecito in the murder of Meredith Kercher.
The reported excerpts read like some bizarre fantasy full of improbabilities.
Defence lawyers point to multiple errors in fact contained in the report.
The strange saga of this murder trial is set to continue as lawyers head to the Supreme Court
"The court, known as the cassazione, could either send it back for a third second-tier appeal, or it could confirm the convictions definitively. Only then would Knox and Sollecito be officially considered guilty under Italian law." news report
update January 2014 -Knox & Sollecito have both been reconvicted placing him in a position of imminent incarceration, but for Knox, at home in the US , the situation is more news report
The newly constructed motive on which they were convicted related to "arguing over household chores" - which from the outside adds another touch of incredibility to the prosecution case.
Knox' post-verdict statement included:
I beseech those with the knowledge and authority to address and remediate the problems that worked to pervert the course of justice and waste the valuable resources of the system: overzealous and intransigent prosecution, prejudiced and narrow-minded investigation, unwillingness to admit mistake, reliance on unreliable testimony and evidence, character assassination, inconsistent and unfounded accusatory theory, and counterproductive and coercive interrogation techniques that produce false confessions and inaccurate statements.-source ]

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This convoluted case and the tabloid headlines regarding drug-crazed sex orgies derived from the Italian prosecution's scenarios created against Amanda Knox give rise to many concerns at how justice could be seen to be done and why Knox is even regarded as culpable, given the conviction of Guede -a man whose backstory gives a far more plausible modus operandi than that of a young female student.  
The Inquisition-style treatment of Knox says more about the embedded medieval Italian cultural mind-stream and entrenched misogyny, than anything about the perpetrator of the murder of Meredith Kercher.

Part One: The Women
The victim Meredith Kercher

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The focal ingredients:
On the day of her death the position of the Sun in Scorpio, likely aggravated by the Moon's position in Leo [time of death undetermined, but likely after 9pm] activated a deathly scenario in her planetary lineup at birth.
Her date of birth featured a potent Mars-Pluto near exact alignment in Scorpio, with both attached to the lunar south node [past karma] point in Scorpio.
As such, Meredith Kercher came into this life with a very heavy karma around sex/death scenarios
Born 28 Dec 1985 -time unknown: [Moon and locations are not considered]
  • South node and Pluto 7 Scorpio, Mars 8 Scorpio
Died 1 November 2007 - time unknown:
  • Sun 9 Scorpio
  • Moon likely around 9 Leo
This potential chart below is set for 9.30pm Perugia and gives Moon at 8'38 Leo
Though the Sun would have triggered the three Scorpio factors for Kercher every year on Oct31-Nov 1, only at a few critical ages did the Sun and Moon align so tightly as a combined triggering device for a dangerous and potentially lethal combination -  the November before her 3rd birthday in 1988 (Leo Moon); and three times in her teen years on Nov 1st, before her 14th, 16th & 18th birthdays. 
This leads to the suspicion that Kercher was violated or sexually abused to some degree on several occasions when the sun-moon factors accentuated a very dangerous vulnerability in her chart to such disempowering assaults. The final one in 2007 was violating and lethal.
Tragically, this young woman came into this life with an energy which placed her at extreme risk [ Pluto in Scorpio] in situations involving men [Mars] and sexual encounters [Scorpio] Past life [karmic] factors are the backstory to her horrific death in this life

The Accused: Amanda Knox

After 4 years in prison, having been convicted of the crimes of sexual assault and murder, acquitted on appeal and then in April 2013, the acquittal overturned, faces retrial.

I do not for one minute see that Amanda Knox has any accountability for the murder of Meredith Kercher - though Knox has definitely some rather complicated karma in the realm of relationships. Yes [like many, for generations] she likes dope and sex and probably the two in combination with her Venus-Neptune connection. 
Yes she is very physically expressive & energetic - so would you be with Jupiter square Mars.
Yes she is naturally inclined to read and write a lot -that is a natural expression of her Gemini rising sign and Mars in the Gemini zone.
Neptune opposite Mercury would give rise to confusion, lack of precision or clarity in her thinking and memory, exaggerated under intensely emotional various situations.
At other times her mind is insightful, and potentially capable of extra-sensory perception. [ Pluto trine Mercury, Pluto sextile Neptune] 
But as far as the issues of power abuse, violence and rape are concerned the planets Pluto, Uranus and Saturn impacting on her Mars make it far more real that she is herself subjected to disempowering experience -restricted, restrained, contained - [as is the nature of being imprisoned] whilst at other times rebellious, impulsive and with strong urges to be free of rules and conventions.
On that basis, none of her reported unusual behaviour is out of context with her natural personality and immature age [ unusual as seen by those who did not know her - Police, media etc - even the relationship with Sollecito was only of 7 days duration prior to the murder they were caught up in, so his opinions of her are meaningless]
Furthermore, with Saturn linked tightly to the Sun, Knox could seem more like a cool Capricorn than a nurturing Cancer -and even they have a shell defence. Her natural Sagittarian Moon exuberance alternates with a sombre and detached side with Saturn-Uranus impinging on the Moon's free reign to be undividedly happy. Being criticised for behaving normally is the unfortunate consequence of being judged within a totally different cultural context - as is the case in an exhuberantly expressive Italian definition of normality. [ There are echoes of the Lindy Chamberlain case in Australia - where a misogynist, ill-bred element of the larger community felt she had failed to show enough grief over the claimed loss of her daughter to a wild dingo dog]
A state of shock/disorientation/confusion is a perfectly common response to an extreme event.

There are various across chart connections between these two women - including the Pluto and Scorpio shared factors, their Sagittarian connections and linked Venuses, but their brief acquaintance seems to be very much karmically focussed on their prior lifetime issues around death, because what is on the old balance sheet remains until cleared. We cannot view this case simply within the context of this lifetime.
update February 2014
In view of ongoing events in this case, further analysis of Amanda Knox' chart shows the key role of the Saturn-Moon-Uranus grouping in the 7th house - they are all in the sign of freedom -Sagittarius - emphasised by Uranus and its strong link to Jupiter in another fire sign, Aries. The conflicting energies of Saturn [and Chiron in Gemini which opposes Uranus] bring about great suffering and restraint over freedom -creating very extreme alternating & contrasting conditions, as has been seen with her days of freedom as a foreign student curtailed by incarceration, then liberation followed by the threat of further loss of liberty.
Knox has the karma to experience these extremes  irrespective of whether this particular case arose, but it is her collective karma with the group involved that led them all to create this scenario.
2014 has her progressed Moon again in the sign Sagittarius as it was at her birth and so a month before her 27th birthday on July 9th the progressed positions will bring Moon and Saturn together as seen in this graphic for June 9 2014
The battle between freedom & captivity will be emphasised strongly in the period June-October but the energy moves from restraint to release by November 2014 when the progressed Moon enters the range of Uranus. This is when the balance tips towards some relief but the energy of Saturn in transit looms prominently from the start of 2015 when it enters Sagittarius - and begins the period of life we all experience -the Saturn Return  -in the years approaching age 30.
Saturn in Sagittarius is also a strong indicator of legal difficulties so there is little chance that the forces intent on detaining Amanda Knox will subside during the time frame when Saturn is affecting her Sun [throughout 2015 via semisquare]; Saturn conjunct her birth Saturn is the theme for 2016 especially Feb,Mar,Apr, Nov.
Saturn is then conjunct birth Moon & Uranus in the Dec 2016-Jan2017 and June-Nov 2017 periods.
This suggests a very long road ahead with the best hope for actual final release from the strain of karmic accountability coming in 2018 when Uranus in Aries conjuncts Amanda's Jupiter at 27 Aries in March 2018

update: February 11 2014
With news of a movie based on this case & that movie referencing a book Angel Face [2010]  by Barbie Latza Nadeau - claiming to be "the true story of a student killer", I read this tabloid-style book in a few hours & found it to be a highly biased account based on a foregone conclusion rather than a presentation of balanced and neutral arguments. 
Far from convincing me that Amanda Knox was the evil ringleader of a murderous trio, the book made me even more convinced of the faulty prosecution, systemic and cultural prejudices that took over this case. A plethora of circumstantial elements have been stitched together to create a preconceived outcome. 
I remain convinced that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito did not feature in the murder or assault of Meredith Kercher.

Part Two: The Men
Accused, convicted, released then reconvicted:  Raffaele Sollecito -   PHOTO GALLERY
The son of wealthy medical specialist, was studying in Perugia when he met Amanda Knox at a music concert.
Personal assessments provided by family & friends depict a well liked young man who wouldn't hurt a fly and yet
Raffaele liked carrying and collecting knives – he was carrying one when he was first questioned by police.
He also appeared to have a taste for the macabre – he posted photographs online of himself posing as a cross between a mummy and a mad doctor, with a meat cleaver in one hand and a bottle of bleach in the other; and he was a fan of Japanese manga comics, known for their extreme violence and rape fantasies. - 
Telegraph report

His astrology chart based on an actual birth time provides some clues as to the disparate aspects to his personality

Sollecito has likely generally expressed himself in a far more genial fashion than is indicated by the deeper psychological elements present in his astrological picture.
The tendency to repress the shadow or threatening aspects of the personality is commonplace -and the person elects to present a more socially acceptable mask once the troubling aspects of the mind surface -often from puberty onwards.
The polarity aspects of energies mean that a person can seem to be more like their opposite sign, as a result of social pressures to be liked and to fit in socially. 
It is highly likely then that on the surface, Sollecito seemed more like a Libran -the opposite of his Aries sun sign. Likeable, sociable and unthreatening.
With the mentally focussed Uranus prominent, this would have provided even more emphasis on a personality lived more in the mind, rather than overtly expressed or evident. 
  • Sun Aries, Mars opposite Chiron, Saturn at the Mars-Pluto midpoint, Pluto, Mars and Saturn in Scorpio - taken together these represent a rather dark dimension to his personality, primarily lodged in his pre-natal psyche & accordingly quite suppressed
  •  Add to this the detached intellectual imprint [Uranus in Sagittarius] in the near birth position; the Neptunian mind-space [early post natal exposure to drugs -probably medical, probably via mother's milk [Neptune creates a strong escapist drive, heightened sensitivities, addictive nature, significant preference for fantasy. Energies are best channeled creatively or spiritually]
  •  Moon in Capricorn linked to Mars and Chiron gives a coldness imprinted from the mother very early in life conflicted by a sexualizing of the mother
Death, violence and a significant fantasy life are clearly in his consciousness as well as being lodged even deeper in the mind - and under certain conditions he is capable of brutal or cruel conduct.
I do not believe he was involved in the murder of Meredith Kercher but his arrest, conviction, time in prison may be a critical karmic warning for him to transform his brutal side before it has a chance to dominate his personality.  In other words his innate potentials and fantasy world resonates with deathly scenarios, acts of murder, rape and other cruelties [ and that is why he became associated, in the minds of others, with the crime] but he has the opportunity to redeem and save himself.
Like Knox, Sollecito must now face being retried on the original charges related to the death of Meredith Kercher.
            Sollecito's planets and their connections

Rudy Guede

Imprisoned for the sexual assault and murder of Meredith Kercher, in one account, Guede admitted to being alone at the Villa shared by Kercher and Knox amongst others, on the night of Nov 1 2007, before Kercher returned home. A pre-arranged sexual liaison with Kercher is said by Guede to have occurred prior to her death.
Even in prison Guede has allegedly given further variations on his story as to what happened and who killed Kercher, including implicating Knox and Sollecito.
This chart is for birth time unknown, December 28 1986 Abidjan Ivory Coast so the Moon position and orientation of the layout are both unable to be considered.

  •  Venus and Pluto in Scorpio -the Pluto energy
  • Neptune conjunct the Sun, Mars & Jupiter in Pisces - the Neptune energy
Described as a drifter and known for petty thefts, burglaries, described by his stepfather as a terrible liar -these keywords represent the close connection of Neptune to the Sun, when the energy is used in an unevolved way. In addition, habitual drug/alcohol use and persistent dishonesty come readily to Neptunian people operating at an unrefined level.
At first glance this looks like the chart of a petty criminal involved those Neptunian categories -which tends to involve stealing and drugs - basically taking the easy way out instead of - in Guede's case -fulfilling his Capricorn adult potentials.
But the Pisces/Neptune aspect to his personality also has a link to a more violent dimension
  • Mars in close link to Jupiter  [16-22 Pisces]  is at odds with
  • Saturn in close link to Uranus [14-23 Sagittarius] 
  • These paired connections are like a fuse and a bomb, due to the level of frustration generated by four energies competing and then seeking a synergistic release
Saturn-Uranus breeds a tension that can erupt in violence
When this pairing is also aggravated by highly fuelled energy [Mars-Jupiter] the likelihood of excessive force and violence are increased.

The intensity of this brutal force is heightened by the match that lights the fuse: Pluto in Scorpio at 9 degrees having a link to planets in mutable [Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo] positions around 24 degrees.
Pluto was capable of activating/being activated by the whole quartet Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus in a chain reaction effect, when the time was right [karmicly]

On November 1 2007 significant triggers of Rudy Guede's potentials were in effect
Sun at 9 Scorpio - sets off his Pluto
Moon at 9 Leo - sets off his Pluto
Jupiter at 19 Sagittarius - sets off Saturn-Uranus-Mars-Jupiter & their link to Pluto
Uranus 15 Pisces - sets off Mars and Saturn in particular - but ultimately the whole linkage
Jupiter at 19 and Pluto at 27 Sagittarius have a middle trigger point -midpoint - of 23 Sag -which again sets off the whole linkage including Pluto
The mathematics always tell the story

Given the known facts of the case, combined with an astrological analysis of individual potentials  of the three suspects, only Guede shows highly significant triggering of inherent violent potentials coinciding with the date of the murder, therefore it is highly probable, from an energy analysis perspective, that Guede acted alone as the killer of Meredith Kercher.
The primary reason from an energetic perspective as to why Amanda Knox has been targeted as a prime suspect - even ahead of her boyfriend - and such a violent sex crime is statistically highly unlikely across the globe, to have been perpetrated by a female - is that her astrological ingredients have various factors in common with Guede:
  • Pluto at 7 Scorpio
  • Saturn-Uranus [15-23 Sagittarius]
  • Pluto links to Saturn-Uranus by virtue of the Moon in the central position at 21 Sag
  • but there is no matched pair of Mars Jupiter exactly as in Guede's chart to intensify and very rapidly chain reaction the effects. Her Mars and Jupiter are connected back to the Saturn-Moon-Uranus group but with the Moon involved, the Saturn-Uranus effects result in emotional meltdowns 
As such Amanda Knox shows a far more female type energetic response to stress versus the male type of acting out with violence under similar pressures.
However, it is fascinating how Knox and Guede share various energetic ingredients -which is an indicator of prior life karmic links. 
The links do not end there.

Other matters of interest:

How are the four key players connected?: 
  • They are all members of the Pluto in Scorpio generation [most birthdates1984-95] All were born in 1980's - a sector of people who face intense confrontations with matters concerning sex, sexuality, death, self transformation. 
  • All four were reported to be recreational drug users. The influence of Neptune is significant here in all four people, as a mind-altering factor in a person's attitudes and behaviour, how they think and recall events
The Cardinal connection: [Cancer Capricorn Aries Libra]
All four had a number of connected planets in these signs
Knox Sun,Venus, Neptune, Mercury, lunar nodes, 
Kercher Sun,Venus, Neptune 
Sollecito Sun, Moon, Neptune, Mercury
Guede Sun, Neptune, lunar nodes

The degree connection: 4-6 degrees in a Cardinal sign
All four had one or more cardinal sign factors in extremely close connection to all others in this group
Knox Venus, Neptune, lunar nodes
Kercher Sun
Sollecito Sun
Guede  Sun, Neptune

Pluto Position:
All four belong to the Pluto in Scorpio generation:
Many issues arise concerning death, sexuality, sex, use of power, abuse/being disempowered. There is a strong need for self-transformation in this generation
Knox      7'10 Scorpio
Kercher  6'50 Scorpio
Sollecito 01'27 Scorpio
Guede    9'22 Scorpio
On November 1 2007 9.30pm the Sun was at 9'02 Scorpio, activating Guede most intensely

Neptune factors:
Neptune is the planetary expression of Pisces: a creative, romantic and poetic nature with strong spiritual needs & heightened sensitivity, can be masked by addictive habits, escapism, a significant fantasy life, deceit, dishonesty, avoiding life's struggles & responsibilities. Drugs and alcohol are very likely to be appealing
Neptune influencing the Sun is particularly likely to cause struggles with the difficulties outlined, until a person matures into the higher potentials

Knox      - Neptune opposite Venus & Mercury, quincunx ASC, square nodes, sextile Pluto
Kercher  - Neptune conjunct Sun, trine/sextile nodes                                      [incomplete data]
Sollecito - Neptune in 1st,  square Sun, sextile Pluto, semisquare Saturn, quincunx Chiron, Venus in
Guede    - Neptune conjunct Sun, sextile Pluto, Mars & Jupiter in Pisces       [incomplete data]

Clearly these four individuals shared enough karmic entanglement for all four of them to have all come  far from their birth places in order to encounter each other in Perugia, Italy in 2007.
Only Sollecito is a native Italian but born some 560 kms away on the Adriatic Coast.
University students Knox and Kercher had only been in the city for a few months, Sollecito was finishing a degree but Guede, born in Africa, had lived in Perugia from age 5.
It seems Guede had the longest connection to Perugia.
Fate brought them together and the intensity of that shared history has meant an enduring saga of suffering for all concerned as well as those secondarily connected to this matter.

further edits, updates, clarifications or revisions are highly likely as further thoughts are expanded upon

further reading:
Injustice report with lots of detail and references
AmandaKnoxCase website -Detailed commentary & information
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