AUGUST 2013 astro-analysis = High-Risk Period

This is a global report - since Earth is in its entirety
 subject to solar system forces.

Particular locations and people will show the highlighted effects
due to the resonance or vibrational match between the person/place
and the prevailing energy input from the solar system
Astro-analysis of the energetic forces in effect for August 2013 points to powerful upheavals for many.
The month begins with elevated levels of atmospheric chaos and therefore severe weather conditions developing in diverse global locations –extending the themes highlighted in the July 2013 World Report

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 These conditions feed into the rising energies of the August 6 New Moon in Leo.
Historically August has shown quite potent globally relevant events and this corresponds energetically with the factors affecting the Sun being more important than in other months.
The solar system is viewed in this context as a holistic feedback system so the dynamics of the planets orbiting the Sun in August [and in fact the whole Leo period from July 22-August 22] are of particular interest in this report.
Leo emphasises matters of the heart both literally and romantically, love, love affairs, the energy of children, the creative drive, the desire to shine, to rule, to be entertaining, to show off.
In August the 14 degree New Moon is at odds with the 12 degree lunar nodes -Leo versus Scorpio-Taurus. Love versus sex, romance versus physical definitions of love. Take care of children under this pattern as there are some adverse influences
Moon events - new and full as well as eclipses - have a building phase noticed even up to three days prior to the exact position and have an extended period of energetic influence - typically until the next month's event - new or full moon - but with eclipses - lasting over the 6 months until the next solar or lunar eclipse.  

In addition, in August - ongoing themes involving Uranus-Pluto and Saturn-Neptune remain in effect as stated in July report:[ The ongoing background context of social, political & environmental turmoil [activated by Uranus square Pluto] provides a backdrop to the group of water signs [Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer] 
  • generating strong emotional responses across significant numbers of the human population.
  • this scenario suggests political/societal/environmental events which serve up significant doses of major change in the lives of ordinary people -  and which rightly warrant a supportive response from those in better positions of safety, security and welfare
  [-updates -July 2013 saw various natural [flood] and accidental events [train & transport] involving fatalities.
As August begins, The NZ capital city Wellington is further shaken by seismic activity - offshore, seafloor, 16 kms deep magnitude 4.9
 [update August 3 -US warns of Al Qaeda threat ] 
[update August 7 - a crisis erupted in NZ involving bacteria-tainted baby formula -report 
This situation reflects the likelihood of nurturing/family issues in the news & this month's indicator of adverse factors re children]
update August 13 - an extended flooding crisis arose in the Sudan in the first week of August - pictures
[update August 14 -Sate of Emergency declared in Egypt with extensive violence related to political turmoil]
August 2013 however has more in store with Jupiter intensifying all the above high risk effects, and thereby serving as a tipping point for processes that have been building in tension over time.
Some consequences are likely to include sudden, rapidly changing developments, new circumstances requiring quick adjustment.
What is involved is a significant power surge which will manifest through certain people who resonate with the need to take decisive action or control.

The natural elements similarly are empowered with much greater force than usual.

[Mars and Jupiter are in parallel declination through August as well -adding extra fuel to an already very intense collection of energies affecting people and places in diverse locations]

For some: Loss of wealth. Loss of everything
  • Material and financial losses with the likelihood of destructive and damaging ingredients relate both to environmental threats in vulnerable zones and societal-political arenas including sudden trading market and investment losses being more significant than usual.
  • Social unrest and power struggles related to conflicts with authority, government forces
  • All of the above conditions are likely to occur in situations where rebalancing is required – that may be an environmental location, an organization, a nation’s system of government, and so on right down to an individual’s personal use of power and resources. 
As in all changing states of energy, your degree of personal resonance with the energetic effects occurring determines whether you personally get the strongest or the least effects.
Being on the receiving end of a life changing shift in circumstances will not automatically reveal the reasons why such an event occurs so it is important to take time for deep self-reflection to mitigate against further repeats.

And August continues to deliver even more.
Full Moon is August 21 at 28 degrees Leo-Aquarius –extending the same themes as the July Full Moon [ love, love affairs, friendship, group activities – activation of issues and questions around these variations in relating]
In addition:
  • The Uranus-Pluto social-political-environmental turmoil is intensified by Jupiter and this grouping, as well as Mars all feed back to the powerful full moon energies.
  •  Typically events can occur in the building phase of the moon coming to complete exact opposition to the sun. [the earth is positioned sandwiched between the two so all three are in one straight alignment]
In August 2013 it is worthwhile looking at the 17th to 18th as an initial significant triggering period in the days before the Full Moon due to the Sun’s activation of Pluto; the Moon’s activation of Pluto then Jupiter, then Uranus; plus Jupiter and Uranus linked to the lunar nodes.
update August 4 :   Rebellious, anarchic people are more likely to be triggered during the Full Moon period -feeling more aggrieved, angry, emotionally extreme - this could link in to the Al Qaeda risk scenario just notified by US authorities, covering the month of August]
[update August 18 -Gay couples can now marry in New Zealand - and this timing expresses the Aquarian unconventional nature of the Full Moon]
  • The strength of these influences related to the August Full Moon extends primarily from 17th-24th, though, as is standard, potentials remain during the full extent of the lunar month.
The background indicators during April to August could be interpreted as laying the precursor conditions for significant seismic unrest as well as major weather events.

  • The trio of eclipses from late April-late May represent 3 events capable of multiple effects over a six month period - to October and November 2013
  • Moon’s perigee positions [Supermoons] adding gravitational strain in May, June and July
  • Jupiter in Cancer adding atmospheric pressure
  • The Jupiter-Pluto a surge of powerful energy
  • The Jupiter-Uranus sudden release of tension 
In summary:
multiple factors look likely to have accumulated over time which place strain on geophysical structures and set in process the degree of powerful movement which accentuates strains.
Ultimately this situation must end in a significant release.

  • This scenario can be equally applied in other situations – human made structures and systems failingelectronic system breakdown; human meltdown after sustained pressure
  • Powerful storms and earthquakes are the sort of outcomes anticipated -but any involvement of the elements -expressed as wind, water, fire or earth events - can result in various scenarios
  • [update Friday August 16 - M6.6 quake in the Marlborough region of New Zealand sets off a string of strong aftershocks -news report. These events - [ Geonet quickly reports 60 aftershocks since the M6.6 quake around 2.30pm, with 6 being M 5 or greater] -  are highly relevant to the forecast in this report - written months previously - and stands in contrast to the official seismology forecast of an extremely low likelihood of a significant quake in this time frame news report
  • update August 25 -the mammoth Yosemite wildfire threatens San Francisco water supply
If the factors around the August Full Moon coincide with any significant turbulence in earth’s geomagnetic field as a result of powerful solar flares, high speed solar wind, or the effects of coronal mass ejections – to name some possibilities in the realm of space weather then even further complexities and intensities are added into the situation.
[update -this did not occur to any significant extent - more evidence that the sun is in a phase of its magnetic cycle regarded as the quietest -i.e. weakest -in 100 years -report ]
solar magnetism revealed -NASA SDO

Drama is the nature of our current condition and August is a strong candidate for the theatrics of life to unfold
As noted in the July report -the eclipse effects of May continue in July, August to pose much greater than usual risks involving all forms of transportation

updated advisory issued August 26
August 31-September 1st  there is an emphasis on extreme forces due to the opposition  midpoint of Jupiter to Pluto being at right angles to the position of Uranus.
Violent, coercive, dangerous, destructive energies can manifest as aggressive, homicidal acts as well as natural elements with annihilating force.
Under this influence there is heightened likelihood of terrorist and militaristic activity as well as criminal aggression involving the misuse of power. 
Natural elements are likely to reveal extreme weather events in various global locations as well as enhanced structural strain resulting in seismic events in vulnerable zones.

[update Sept 1 2013]
Extensive seismic unrest in Alaska and a damaging quake in China featured in the hi-risk period forecast here for the end of August into September as USGS listing shows

[update Aug 31] - August 31 2013
Right on target - Canterbury, New Zealand has largest quake in recent weeks as anticipated in earlier forecast made in my August 2013 report.  Today's M4.3 in the Greendale fault region which started off the chain in Sept 2010
from Quakelive

Christchurch, New Zealand entered a period of enhanced seismic activity in September 2010.
At this time Jupiter and Uranus began a paired cycle, exact at 28'43 Pisces on September 19, they were just slightly off exactitude when the M7.1 quake occurred on the 4th.
Cycles are the bread and butter basis of orbital life in the solar system and their study reveals much of significance
The beginning of a cycle establishes a pattern. Other significant stages in the cycle include the initially paired planets reaching positions at 90 and 180 degrees to each other.
In August 2013, the Sun on the 20th begins a pattern of strain with Jupiter and Uranus.
The Moon when almost at full on the 21st adds to the tension applied by the Sun.  Also on the 21st, NZ time Jupiter at 12 Cancer is exactly 90 degrees square Uranus at 12 Aries.
This is the first significant marker point since September 2010 for this pair of planets.
Against the recent backdrop of a noticeable slowdown in seismicity in the Christchurch-Canterbury region, it remains to be seen whether that location will resonate again to the cycle of Jupiter-Uranus

July 26 2013:
This early forecast posted June 17 has been vindicated by a swarm of earthquakes developing since July 19 in the Cook Strait, with Wellington City experiencing both superficial and structural damage following the largest [M6.5] seafloor quake and effects experienced in the relatively low populated area of Marlborough.
as seen on Geonet -the M6.5 was strong across New Zealand

More than 1500 aftershocks recorded July 19-26
The now named Seddon Sequences - on account of their geographical proximity to the small South Island settlement have predated an increase in seismic activity across central NZ including a separate M4.2 July 26 off Kapiti coast -widely felt in Wellington
July 26 news report

July 29
At 1.07 am a M5.4 in the Cook Strait, 12kms deep, 20kms east of Seddon,Marlborough sustains and extends the ongoing sequences in the immediate and surrounding regions

It would be extremely sensible to take precautionary measures wherever possible including planning, supplies and avoidance of risk zones during this high risk period -especially in the period of August highlighted in this report.
It seems likely that the seismic unrest in the Cook Strait has significantly more to deliver.
The tectonic plate convergence zone has a huge significance for New Zealand since our main islands straddle two forces in motion -the potent drivers of earthquakes in both island zones and volcanic activity in the North
update July 31 2013
The plate convergence zone shown above reflected in quakes - below -  over prior 3 months - though almost entirely being from July 2013
                               Original zoomable map from Geonet

August 17 2013 update
Following the M6.6 earthquake near Lake Grassmere,  north-eastern Marlborough on August 16 at 2.31 pm, there were four events over M5 in quick succession within the following 80 minutes. 
Within 2 hours a M6 occurred, followed by further M5+ events in the following 90 minutes.
The quakes formed an epicentre between the townships of Seddon and Ward
Extensive damage in the local region though again more news focus was initially directed towards the capital city Wellington where lesser damage occurred.

The focal area of the quakes -though many aftershocks have occurred in the seafloor to the N/E
This Herald video shows the 48 hrs of activity before the M6.6 on Friday 16th

update August 22 2013 -

NZ's volcanic White Island erupted in an impressive steam display for 10 minutes, mid-morning on August 20. The island is located east off the central North Island and in the central volcanic zone which extends into the south Pacific. This activity adds further to the ongoing seismic unrest that has spiked since July 2013  - news report

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