Inequality & the Misuse of Power

Robert Wade, Professor of Political Economy, London School of Economics has contributed to a new book - Inequality : a New Zealand Crisis.
It will surprise some that the minion nation of New Zealand is spoken of in the same breath as the US and the UK when discussing the politics of inequality. Reagan and Thatcher are well known internationally for their shared idealogies. In New Zealand it was surprisingly through the conduit of Labour Party politician Roger Douglas, that Rogernomics came to shape the future of political economics in this nation.

                   Robert Wade spoke recently to Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand

To broaden the perspective on global inequality economics, Naomi Klein's book Shock Doctrine and the doco of that name will be worth the effort

Inequality and the misuse of power go hand in hand.
This era of the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring, the crises in Syria, Greece, Spain, Brazil, Turkey - to mention those bubbling away at the top of the heap, and the likelihood that we are witnessing the decline of the West* can be considered within the context of cyclic forces which destroy and renew everything in existence.
The forces referred to exist in the totality of existence - which is conceptually limited at this point to the billions of galaxies, in which our Milky Way Galaxy and our earth-connected solar system are found.
Using that context as an integrated holistic energetic network, we inhabitants of Earth and everything else located on and comprising our home planet are continually subjected to solar and cosmic radiation from deep space. This high energy mix of photons, protons, electrons & even more exotic elements of the quantum domain, is identified by mainstream science as having verifiable affects on biological and terrestrial systems and structures.
Beyond the limited, non-holistic, compartmentalised world view of the establishment's scientific advisors are scientists who are able to transcend their specialised focus and comprehend the system mechanics and critical cyclic functioning of every aspect of the whole from the smallest to the most vast ingredients.
Knowledge of the principles of holography is useful here - and the relevance of that model to a theory of the workings of material reality including the human brain - read for example Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe - or view some related content online
One method of holographic analysis involves sampling - for example: observing the main players in our solar system and then seeing what occurs on Earth - since humanity, the natural world & environment, human built creations and systems -all are equally subject to recognisable cyclic effects.
Where certain humans fail majorly is in thinking that our species is beyond nature and immune from the forces at work in the larger solar and galactic cyclic systems
Recurrently through human history, certain people are driven to seek excessive power and control over others and to command a degree of control over material/financial resources in a manner which is commonly called greed.
Inequality and the misuse of power are perennial issues but if humanity has any hope of existing through more enlightened times, these plagues must be eradicated to a far greater degree than we are witnessing even as the second millennium unfolds.

Rebalancing gross imbalances is a process observed during the Uranus-Pluto cycle** - in recent eras this occurred in the 1960's - with a conjunction or exact alignment of these two in one sign -  when social unrest and dreams of a better world collided.
The period 2012-2016 in particular is marked by the next phase in the readjustment process - with Uranus and Pluto positioned at a right angle to each other -exact 90 degree separations occur 7 times within the time frame covered:
Uranus square Pluto   June 24 2012 –      8 degrees Aries-Capricorn
Uranus square Pluto   Sept 19 2012 –      6
Uranus square Pluto   May 21 2013 –       11
Uranus square Pluto   Nov 1 2013 –         9
Uranus square Pluto   April 21 2014 –     13
Uranus square Pluto   Dec 15 2014 –      12 

Uranus square Pluto   March 17 2015 –   15 degrees
[data table proved by ElsaElsa]

These 2 planets continue to remain in close contact even at the point of entering into 2016 -separated by 1.5 degrees on January 1, increasing to 2.5 degrees by the end of March and gradually widening in 2016 to around 4 degrees at year's end.
This is still a close enough energetic connection to generate further upheaval until at least 2017 gets underway - especially when a new cycle involving Uranus kicks in in December 2016 -Uranus at 20'34 Aries will be in exact opposite alignment to Jupiter at 20'34 Libra. The most recent prior event point for this particular cycle was January 2011 when both Jupiter and Uranus reached 27 Pisces. Global news soon resonated with two relevant events  - major earthquakes in Christchurch New Zealand and offshore from Japan -the latter bringing a major tsunami - but excess water via liquefaction was also an issue in Christchurch. Neither of the devastated zones in those countries has reached recovery.
In Dec 2016 the elements of Air [wind] and Fire will relate to the environmental activities of Jupiter & Uranus bringing heatwaves, drought & wildfires in vulnerable zones - but in socio-economic terms balancing the books, evenness and fairness [Libra] will be significant issues to rebalance the selfishness [Aries] of greed.
Libra and Aries are the classic indicators of peace and war and the struggle to find a middle ground or resolution amongst various opposing factions across the globe has been intensified since the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 0 Aries in June 2010 - conflicts at a personal or local level, within and between nations are all to the forefront making it critical that the escalation is halted and the suffering is reduced across humanity.

If by December 2016 there is not significant progress made in the redistribution of power so that elitist regimes - even in so-called democratic nations - have had their excesses curtailed then the struggle for greater equality may well reach even greater intensity in December 2016 and the early months of 2017 when Pluto's position in Capricorn interacts strongly with Jupiter in Libra by 90 degree square. 

The Full Moon of January 2017 sees the Sun and Moon at 22 Capricorn-Cancer; Pluto nearby at 17 Capricorn; Jupiter at 22 Libra at odds with those 3; Uranus at 20 Aries affecting all others and finally Saturn in Sagittarius at 22 degrees. 
Time is needed to ponder the implication of all that - so updated commentary will be added.

Understanding that the energetic forces expressed through the symbolism of planets and signs, is critical here and that the known thematic expressions have multi-level applications
This means that individual as well as the smaller network and larger collective of humanity are all affected, as is the planet earth itself, the environment, the natural world in total, as well as all things and systems created.
It takes particularly powerful effects to have widespread impact such as a global recession -experience points to the involvement of Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter commonly paired or in a trio with Saturn or Mars.
The general rule is, particular people and places are most affected by any ongoing pattern of energy due to their vibrational resonance with that energy field. 
The rest of us are affected on a lesser or indirect level - eg the person experiencing an injury in an accident is most affected; a passerby who helps that injured person gets some emotional or psychological effect; those who watch a news report showing the accident are indirectly affected as well if they feel sympathy or shock.
In this respect, the system of astrology identifies the who and where of karma being manifest, paid off or burnt up -effectively a good thing, though experienced as bad - because the balance has more chance of shifting one's life to a better place after that type of purging or debt payment has been made

[update September 5 2013]
As revealed by Edward Snowden -the UK Guardian reports on the widespread misuse of power by global security agencies in collusion with internet service providers to enable invasion of privacy re millions of people's online activities and communications -report

                                                      SHOCK DOCTRINE
                                                             MICHAEL TALBOT

update January 2015
The UK Mail online reveals the pace and extent of land dispossession in the period 1776-1887, suffered by Native Americans at the hands of European colonizers, revealed in a stunning time-lapse video accounting for the loss of 1.5 billion acres.
This cultural annihilation represents a clear case of collective power abuse.
By 1800, Native American land amounted to just 15%, having lost 85%.
The energy igniting this oppression was the square between Pluto and Saturn -an exact square from Pluto at 26 Capricorn to Saturn 26 Libra in November 1776 -again in cardinal signs [2012 -2016 also cardinal emphasis]  - shows very clearly the dominant collective political forces enforcing an unjust rebalancing.
view here


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