PISCES profile: Judith Collins MP

PISCES is a sign not usually connected with the ugliness political ambition but New Zealand has had a few unusual fish in the aquarium.  MP Judith Collins is one of those.
This analysis focuses on those most relevant aspects of the MP's character which have led to her current difficulties over conflict of interest claims by political opponents. A full personality profile is not offered in the light of no time or location of birth being known. Influences prevailing on the day of her birth are however highly relevant.
Those with close Piscean associates may struggle to identify the classic sensitive, dreamy, softie who is in this world but not of it, in the publicly hard-nosed member of parliament, regarded generally as a high-flying right-wing political aspirant in the upper echelons of power.
Judith Collins has notched up a bunch of lifetime Google entries this past week which she will need to rapidly smother in order to progress any higher political ambitions

So how did a PISCES get into this mess?
Politics is the natural stamping ground of Capricorns, Saturnian types, Plutonic sociopaths: people of finer sensitivities tend to get chewed up and spat out rather promptly or remain in long-term suffering servitude in dogs-body roles.

To be a long-term Piscean politician takes exactly the sort of grit that Judith Collins possesses. but it's not all good news.
Were she to reach a higher level of power the risk of megalomania looms large.
Pisceans are very prone to being religiously or spiritually inclined so it is an interesting trivia note that the initials are JC and that more seriously, Judith was born on a day when there was a major cross pattern in the heavens
The astrological set of 12 zodiac signs is more meaningfully grouped into like-minded sets - so there are 3 sets of 4 - and each set acts differently to the other but signs in the same set have a lot in common
The sets are
Cardinal: Aries Libra Cancer Capricorn
Fixed: Taurus Scorpio Leo Aquarius
Mutable: Pisces Virgo Gemini Sagittarius
and there are two pairs of complimentary opposites in each set
 eg Aries-Libra, Cancer-Capricorn

Judith was born under a Pisces Sun when the full set of mutable signs were occupied in a tight angular relationship, forming a mutable cross
A graphic representation shows Sun in Pisces on the left opposite Pluto in Virgo
Then Jupiter in Sagittarius at the top is opposite Mars in Gemini at the bottom.
Degree positions in the cross range from one to six degrees
These 4 factors create a tightly arranged mutable cross -an actual astronomical event which is subject to long-established astrological interpretation
Judith's pattern is given a further accent by having Saturn at 5 Capricorn and  Neptune at 7 Scorpio - in position to effectively link energies with all the prior noted positions
Each factor represents distinct energies based on the vibrational patterns & the synthesis and resulting effects is what is determined through analysis.

A cross pattern in the chart creates a highly dynamic energy & a strong personality - and with forces opposing and at right angles the likelihood of battles, conflicts , anger, irritations is a lifelong theme
The cross containing mutable signs is regarded by longstanding researcher Alan Oken as the hallmark of the group of people who are least evolved, conformist, instinctual and due to a highly unconscious operating level - lacking in insight. They have a desire for an extremely broad range of intense experiences

Next, looking at the planets inhabiting the signs provides another layer of information.
Judith happens to have most of the hard-core players at her disposal:
Pluto, Mars, Sun, Jupiter - all of which have bovver-boy status in numerous circumstances.
Judith's saving grace? She is a woman. Any more testosterone would be scary.
Secondly SATURN -outside of the cross - which serves as a critical anchor to her capacity for extemism
If Saturn were positioned out of range - say 10 or more degrees - she would lack the capacity to restrain, restrict, modify, control herself.
NEPTUNE is also in range and outside of the cross - which increases Pisces tendencies but its closest link -to Mars is not a positive. Neptune in Scorpio blended with Mars in Gemini lends towards sneaky, secretive and deceptive communications
Evidence of her conduct shows that Saturn does not always manage to pull the reins tightly enough on the recklessness and supreme confidence engendered by Mars in Gemini opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius or silence the verbal aggression of Mars square the Sun. The bully style typical of Pluto square Mars, Pluto opposite the Sun is unacceptable in contemporary social mores -but Judith is known to be allied with a male with the antisocial qualities she restrains. In psychological terms this process of projection allows others to carry out your dirty work.
Pugnacious [Mars square the Sun], full of herself to the point of arrogance [Jupiter square the Sun], snipey and manipulative tendencies with a DNA strand devoted to the odd bit of cruelty  [Pluto's toxic scorpionic elements] Judith has a lot to keep the lid on.
It serves her well to have others acting as a controversial mouthpiece.
Jupiter in Sagittarius, the eternal optimist factor enables Judith to come out smiling. Formerly a lawyer [Jupiter] = a battleground of minds [Mars opposite Jupiter], Judith now operates within the realm of the nation's administrative power [Saturn-Pluto] where battles are also the stuff of the day.

Her Pisces Sun and Mercury enable the unconscious traits and achillean denial to drown out reality. Guilt by omission tripped her up in March 2014

Why did this all blow up in March 2014?
The position of Neptune now in the solar system is 5 Pisces
Anybody on the planet affected by that energy point with have some manifest effects as determined by their own unique template.
With the core of her planetary energy in the range from 1-7 degrees, transiting Neptune is in domino mode, setting off a chain reaction which goes to the heart of who Judith Collins is and who, at a higher level of consciousness, she could be.
This is undeniably a wake-up call -and not just a pot-hole in the road - Judith Collins needs to give this personal readjustment issue high priority in the extended timeframe to the end of 2015 -or more will come back to bite her.

Recommendations from an elder: Judith Collins needs to do those hardest of things. Back down, retreat, reflect, resolve to be a better person

Summary news report:
Prime Minister Puts Collins on Warning

update April 16 2014
It comes as no surprise to hear that further controversy implicating Judith Collins has arisen.

May 1 2014 Also read Zombie Apocalypse March of the Pisces -the link between Collins, Williamson & Dunne
May 6 2014   Judith Collins under renewed pressure
Transcript of aspects of the visit by Collins to Oravida in China
May 14 2014 pressure continues to be applied on Judith Collins, coutesy of adversary Winston Peters -read his Aries profile here

June 13 2014 after a self-imposed Twitter hiatus, Collins perked up with photobombs of her behind or aside of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in London.

It's a pity that at home in New Zealand Ms Collins is part of a right wing government that has a very poor record on supporting women in violent situations.
In addition, sexual offending has risen during their current 6 year tenure.
Celebrity photo ops may serve to provide reflected glory for the politically ambitious but the activist couple are not likely to be impressed by this government's disinterest in social justice.
No word from Ms Collins re Ms Tania Billingsley & her complaint that Malaysian diplomat followed her home, entered her home and allegedly commited the charges of burglary & sexual assault -report

July 15 2014
NZ Herald editorial:
"Foolishly, Ms Collins has assumed the disclosure came from the Labour Party and dismisses the subject as "politically motivated". Her assumption was simply wrong, not that the source of the information matters nearly as much as its substance."
Judith Collins has questions to answer about burglaries

August 2014
Judith Collins implicated in dirty politics exposed by journalist Nicky Hager in his book Dirty Politics involving  National government personnel and their media conduits 
Dirty Politics summary of main points

High profile Auckland magazine, Metro, has a feature by Simon Wilson re the fallout for the National Party and Judith Collins as one of the politicians most deeply embedded in Dirty Politics -read here

September 4 2014
Judith Collins resigned her portfolios on Sept 30, though remaining a campaigning MP - in order to clear her name.
Further revelations of the depth of her involvement with blogger Cameron Slater make it unlikely she can resuscitate her political career
December 2015 In keeping with the prevailing and dominant right-wing grip on NZ politics, Judith Collins' political career was resurrected, returning her to cabinet and police-Corrections portfolios. Such is life.


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