Scorpio Full Moon has Nasties

Some nasty aspects are attached to the full moon pattern for mid May-mid June 2014
Taurus-Scorpio energies combine issues of safety, security, assets, income, finances, power, empowerment and their antithesis
The body and its other non-physical existence are reflected in the two opposing energies.
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At the time of writing, news is airing re a mine explosion in Turkey with mass fatalities
This event typifies the potency of a full Moon in Scorpio [the death indicator] with associated nasties.
Scorpio's planetary force, Pluto is in exact 90 degree square to Venus+Uranus. = a sudden massive force [Pluto-Uranus] impacting on relationships [Venus]

Mars [in Venus' sign Libra] is in a stress angle to the sun-moon. 
Mars is troublesome in Libra -anger, aggression and arguments affect relationships.

Pluto-Venus-Uranus is also problematical for human interactions since the potential is high with this combo for major power abuse, violence and sex attacks.

Neptune closely linked to Mars brings in drug and alcohol fuelled aggression and drug demand fuelling violent acts of dishonesty

The full moon coincides with the New Zealand national Budget, just a day after that delivered controversially in Australia.
Monetary matters in all aspects are emphasised by Taurus-Scorpio -the personal and the collective pool of wealth and assets are under discussion.
The stress factors added into this lunar period will result in some fiery feedback, debates and arguments both public and domestic.
Scorpio under stress has the sting, the revenge, the abusive tendencies and vindictiveness you want to avoid.
Especially avoid people with this sort of profile.

A local bank was held up today in Auckland by a man with a builder's tool - a nail gun - this is another event very consistent with the energies aroused.
Banks ought to up security this mid May-mid June and people take more domestic precautions against burglary & home invasions.

[update May19: via NZ Herald
& May 18  South of Auckland:  36 yr old man stabbed in home invasion
Both these examples reflect the vicious & lethal energies activated in particular people under the prevailing influences
Both incidents involved stabbing [Mars], and both occurred in domestic situations [Moon, Cancer]

Full Moon in May 2014 is at 19.17 Universal Time on the 14th.
The layout therefore varies with location.
Auckland New Zealand has the solar-lunar energies exact across the horizontal axis and therefore strongly accented.

Full Moon happens every month and full moon in Scorpio once a year, when the Sun is in Taurus.
A standard full moon without the nasties places the issues under the spotlight in a neutral to positive manner.
When other planetary positions occur at the full moon that indicate stress and conflict, the issues will be under the spotlight in a negative way.

May 14 report UK Cambridge uni students filmed on march glorifying rape
May 23-24
Two incidents in global news reflect the ongoing "nasty" potency of this full moon
US: British-born Californian man goes on a self-described "retribution" rampage ending in muliple deaths, injuries  Profile of killer

Multiple fatalities at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium

One NZ item from May 24:
Auckland mother feared abducted - this news was soon followed by the discovery of a woman's body in a cemetery and a swift arrest.
The victim, Blessie Gotingco had been walking home in the early evening after exiting a bus in her local suburb -report


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