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Jools and Linda 2009
New Zealand’s beloved Topp Twins have just celebrated their 56th birthday in May 2014 and brought a further extension of their talents into the public arena, courtesy of a made-to-fit series called Topp Country

Combining food, travel, singing, fun & socialising in rural settings is a dream job for these enduring Kiwi favourites.

Born and raised in a rural farming environment these talented gals soon catered to their itchy feet and began a lifestyle of great fun and adventure, both within New Zealand and in various offshore gigs.
A major event affected them in 2006 which threatened to rewrite the script, but eight years later the Topps keep stretching the boundaries of their personalities.

What makes them tick?
Twins are a fascination to many: the close bond, the similarities, the simultaneous thoughts, actions or responses.
Astrology provides an in-depth analysis system based on the type of energy prevailing when a person is born.
Though a birthdate and place are known for the twins, their actual birth-times are not. 
This prevents a complete analysis but many of their qualities are evident on the day they were born in May 1958.
This graphic shows where the planets were in relationship to Huntly, New Zealand on the twins' birthday. 
Birthday planets are placed on a standard chart beginning 0 Aries when times are unknown.
This view shows where everything was at Noon
The Moon being fastest moving is the least precise in a non-specific chart.
Moon in Aries is assumed for the Topps
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Jools and Linda are Taureans – the zodiac sign of the Bull
Taurus relates to the neck and throat as potential vulnerable zones. The important thyroid gland is found there
Singing is a skill often associated with Taureans
Taurus energy is earthy, so the land and natural environments like rural settings are the most suitable home territory for people of this sign
[Of course not all rural dwellers have Taurus as their Sun sign – the range of other possibilities include Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn in Taurus]
Food is high on the list of life’s priorities for Taureans since they are the sign most attuned to the 5 senses. 
Hedonism or pleasure-seeking through sight, sound, taste, touch and smell is their daily mission.
By virtue of their opposite zodiac sign Scorpio, they also gain entry to the 6th Sense Club: being more “exra-sensory” or psychic than most of the population.

The natural twin sign is Gemini but not all twins are Gemini born. 
Gemini is the sign expression of the communications planet Mercury and it would be expected that all twins have a strongly activated Mercury [ giving them a lot of mental energy]
The Topps have Mercury in the volatile, energetic fire sign, Aries, bolstered by Mercury-Pluto and Mercury-Jupiter connections as well as a modifying Mercury-Saturn link.
This translates as strong activity on the mental plane; enhanced insightful perceptions , wide-ranging interests, lots of communicating and people connections.
The Aries factor can rear its head in impatience, irritability, friction, arguments.
Jupiter is the humour planet and so features in their comedic talent
Saturn is the opposite state of mind. This is a serious, even negative or serious state of mind which contrasts the buoyancy and optimism of Jupiter’s influence.
In addition, Saturn here allows for - behind the scenes - a much deeper level of thought, study, philosophical questioning and spiritual enquiry than might be expected of the jovial pair.
So here the typical bright chatty Gemini/ twin mental energy is combined with much more depth at their disposal when/if they choose to use it.
Not surprising then that the duo attracted honorary degrees from two institutions [2010,2011] making them both Masters and Doctors.

This depth of mind of course has some connection to the extent of social activism the Topps are known for –traversing social justice issues for women, lesbians, Maori, health and environmental causes including breast cancer and ecological issues.

Uranus and Aquarius are the indicators of being associated with unconventionality, alternative lifestyles, support of issues relegated to the fringes by the mainstream machine. The Topps have been "out" as lesbians and in publicly gay partnerships through their adult life.
Jools and Linda 1981

The Topps have:
Venus [the planet of Taurus] connected closely to Uranus =relating in a quirky or unconventional way 
Chiron [a healing energy] in Aquarius –connected closely to Jupiter in Libra = healing the masses via both music and comedy. 
This is the hallmark of the widespread popularity of the Topp Twins. They are good for your health.
Jupiter in Libra – in addition, endows them with extensive positive social interactions, growth through partnerships; growth & success through music

The Topp Twins’ capacity for continual reinvention [Farm girls, territorial army recruits, singers, comedians, social activists, actors, honorary degree holders, food-travel hosts] comes from  Scorpio – the polarity sign energy positioned directly opposite Taurus - via its planetary force Pluto - enabling ongoing [evolutionary] transformations within one lifetime
We all have an opposite zodiac sign and energy from both polarities flows back and forth. Other birth planets or their influences in transit can shift the balance so we may seem at times more like our opposite sign. This is common, natural and totally consistent with polarized energies.
Jools with Anne early 1980's
This factor leads to the issue of why twins are either very similar or quite different. 
Differences in birth time will provide subtle differences but the overall twin effect comes from two processes: the twins share the available energy so that they may both use some aspects and also divide up the rest –according to writer Liz Greene.
She also refers to the polarising -where a need can arise to be different or opposite in order to create a separate identity. This is a dynamic process over the lifetime with further reversals and changes occurring. 
The other process involving polarity means each twin can use either the sign the planet was in at birth or its opposite sign – just like a magnet having a positive and a negative pole, astrology signs operate in a polar manner, with the two opposites both attracting and being intrinsically connected.
The “personal planets” Sun to Mars are particularly considered in this polarity process
Eg with the twins the options are
Sun expressed through Taurus  -or Scorpio
Moon in Aries-  or Libra
Mercury through Aries -  or Libra
Venus through Aries -  or Libra
Mars through Pisces -  or Virgo

Sun: We know both twins sing, love food and country life. [Taurus] One or both may also be quite jealous/possessive, controlling & intense in their private realm [Scorpio]

Moon-Mercury-Venus [in Aries] create passionate emotions, ideas and ways of relating. Fiery exchanges are not unusual.
One or both may tend to be less warlike and more the peacemaker, preferring balance, harmony, mediation and compromise [Libra] over selfish demands.[Aries]

Mars [ in Pisces] will express as playful involving fantasy, escapist fun –such as the dress-ups and characters; tolerance, sensitivity & spiritual acts are positive choices versus the escapist substances and addictive habits Pisces is at risk of succumbing to; disorganised, messy.
Or with the Virgo polarity: one or both will also show a flair for detailed craftwork; be prone to niggling criticism, nit-picking, be rather modest even shy; clean neat & tidy.

Due to the special nature of twin psychology, during their development they work out issues such as dominance or leadership and it seems that they divide up the spoils of their personality potentials.
It seems possible that people with very similar energy look alike – so if twins are very closely identical they may be more likely to use the polarity form of energy sharing, compared to less alike-looking twins who could be taking parts of the chart each as well as sharing.

In 2006 Jools Topp was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. 
Subsequent chemotherapy was also part of a radical transformation [Pluto effect]
Linda Topp did not suffer the same medical crisis but was undeniably changed and deeply affected mentally and emotionally.

This event and the fact that the Topp Twins look quite different and have different physiques suggests that they are utilising and being affected by different aspects of their shared energy.

One example of this is the contrasting use of Saturn and Jupiter both linked to the Sun in their chart

Jupiter-Sun = weight gain = Linda is more prone
Saturn-Sun = weight loss  = Jools is more prone
Jupiter personality = Jools generally more manic
Saturn personality = Linda  shares the Jupiter, but also shows Saturn = more serious stage personas, bossy Camp Mother, deadpan style of comedy

The twins have the type of quality in their birth pattern which indicates the potential for intense periods of crisis as a necessary point of change and growth
This pattern of growth –sudden and intense –versus slow and gradual- is created when several birth planets are closely connected.
The twins have 6 planets ranged between 22 and 30 degrees, meaning that the middle position 26 degrees is a powerful trigger in both directions –back to 22 and forward to 30
This trigger is released when a planet currently orbiting in the solar system passes over the sensitive degree position[s]
In addition if  several planets are passing through the larger territory of 22-30 degrees in any sector of the 12 sectioned zodiac, they will simultaneously be activating the multiple connected planets.
This is when major life changes occur

October 2006 after Jools mastectomy several transiting planets activated the array of birth planets for both twins.
In transit:
Pluto was at 24 SAG
Saturn at 23 LEO
Jupiter 23 SCO
Moon’s Nodes 25 PISCES-VIRGO
Sun & Mars – 27 LIB

These positions triggered the birth positions of 

The healing ability they have [Chiron] is based on their own inner wounds [which few would know of] and this wounding-healing dimension was implicated critically in the health crisis of 2006

By 2014 the Topp Twins have well and truly rebounded, delighted to be promoting the joys of rural New Zealand life while having the opportunity to be totally their Taurean selves.

All the best from a former flatmate

Oscar winner Cate Blanchett is also a May 14 Taurus - 11 years younger than the Topps
Her charisma comes from Neptune opposite the Sun; Jupiter trine the Sun, Pluto trine the Sun - providing a heady, appealing mix of bewitching characteristics.


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