Earth forecast for November 2014

Imbalances in the natural environment
Extremes affecting biological systems
Noting the combining effects of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn adversely angled to Uranus in mid November producing much heat, volatility, pressure and structural strain affecting environmental, terrrestrial and biological systems.
Heat in some areas offset by opposite extreme temperature.
Weaknesses, fractures and undermining effects will in some cases be readily overt, but in others, silent and secretive -so in the context of seismic shifts may become evident with the application of further terrestrial strain with the waxing New Moon of November, from the 19th: the Mars-Pluto combination is adversely angled to the Sun-Moon. 
[update Nov 17 M6.5 earthquake offshore New Zealand]
The added complication is Mars-Pluto at 90 degrees offset to the lunar nodes which is likely to be profound in effects as a result of the contacts made in the period from Nov 19-Nov till the end of the month.
The Mars-Pluto-Nodes situation has Cardinal group energy and therefore is defined by the issue of BALANCE /IMBALANCE.
This issue underlies extreme weather events and is also very relevant in human personal, interpersonal and collective affairs.
Personal relationship dynamics, use/abuse of power in all contexts; political extremism, ruthless ambition

Mars also adversely contacts Neptune which indicates water-related effects -dissolving, flooding, soaking and swelling structures.
Mars-Neptune elevates trickery, deceit, fraud, illusion, magic, dirty tricks

All combined, the second half of November 2014 has much intensity in human affairs as well as the environmental issues noted

The influences of Scorpio and Pluto during November are accentuated by Saturn also in Scorpio, increasing the depth of challenges related to literal death, loss and transformational experiences

Effects can be initiated under a particular energetic influence and remain silent or latent until a secondary influence triggers the manifestation - so dates of exact planetary interactions do not automatically show the event described. It depends what prior building conditions were in effect.

see the full 2014 report here


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